"Revlimid"( lenalidomide): analogues, price. How cheaper to buy Revlimide 25 mg?

Let's look at the elementary situation - you have serious health problems, and the need for medicines is increasing every day. But after all, if you are not a very rich person and, at the moment, you are not yet fully able-bodied, it is quite possible that buying another money can become a serious problem for you. What to do? That's where the generics come to the rescue.

Generic is a drug having absolutely the same composition and effectiveness as the advertised brand product, but it is much cheaper. One of these drugs, representing a new class of immunomodulators, is manufactured in India by Natco Pharma Ltd. The official generic of the drug "Revlimid" - Lenalid.

Its main active substance - lenalidomide - has, in addition to immunomodulating, also a pronounced anti-angiogenic effect.

Let's consider the use of the preparation "Revlimid" and its most popular generic drug to date.

Where can I buy Revlimate

Generics, despite the complete analogy of composition and effectiveness with the branded drug, have a lower cost, since the company that received the license for their production does not spend money on technology development, testing, etc. Due to this, it is able to maintain its profitability at a lower price of manufactured medicines.

Because often buy "Revlimate"( brand drug) the patient simply can not, the benefit of this approach can not be overemphasized. Judge for yourself, the Swiss drug "Revlimid" price, depending on the dosage, starts from 270 000 rubles, while his generic, manufactured by the Indian company "Natko", costs 55 000 rubles. The difference is very noticeable!

Revlimate buy

As well as the brand drug "Revlimid", the price of which, of course, can not fail to shock, an available Indian analogue can be ordered on the retail site of a large Indian company with a 5-year-old reputation WWW.ONKO24.COM .The condition of providing services is the availability of appropriate documents that can confirm the need for modern treatment.

About Natco Pharma, the generic

The Indian company Natco Pharma, producing this generic, is known all over the world. It has its own achievements and developments in the field of pharmacology and besides it regularly increases the number of medicines issued under license.

Drugs produced by Natco are certified in accordance with the strictest world standards, including ISA in the UK, FDA in the USA, and PIC in Germany. They are a true panacea for many patients, because all Natco products, while meeting international standards, have a low cost, which means they can save health, and even the lives of many people suffering from serious illnesses.

Indications for use

The described drug is prescribed for myelodysplastic syndromes, and with the diagnosis of "multiple myeloma", treatment with "Revlimid" can significantly alleviate the condition of the patient.

This disease is, in fact, a tumor belonging to the immune system of plasma cells that are formed in the bone marrow. A reception of Revlimid together with a small dose of the dexamethasone steroid, based on the data presented at the congress of the American Society of Hematology, stopped the development of pathology for a longer period than with the use of Dexamethasone alone.

treatment with relimid

How to use "Revlimate"

The described agent is intended for oral administration only. Gelatin capsules can not be chewed or broken. Generally, both "Revlimid" and its generic take strictly according to the doctor's prescription, at a certain time, shortly before meals or immediately afterwards. The capsule should be washed with water.

Features of application of

The initial dose of the drug is generally 25 mg once daily for 1-21 days of each 28-day cycle."Dexamethasone", with which this drug is prescribed, is taken 40 mg once a day for 1-4, 9-12 and 17-20 days for 4 initial cycles, and then 40 mg once a day for 1-4day.

In case of intolerance to the drug, only the attending physician should adjust the dose!

Interaction with other


Mutual influence on the metabolism of other drugs and lenalidomide is not found.

A decrease in the effectiveness of oral contraceptives taken in the course of the described treatment, due to the effect of "Dexamethasone", which is prescribed with "Revlimid", is noted.


As well as "Revlimate", its analogs are contraindicated:

  • during pregnancy;
  • breastfeeding;
  • , if necessary, preserve childbearing potential;
  • in childhood;
  • with hereditary lactose intolerance( it contains capsules of the drug);
  • hypersensitivity to its components.

Side effects of

Treatment with Rewlimide and its generic may cause adverse reactions. Most often they appear in the form:

  • neutropenia( 39.4%);
  • muscle weakness( 27.2%);
  • asthenia( 17.6%);
  • constipation( 23.5%);
  • muscle cramps( 20.1%);
  • thrombocytopenia( 18.4%);
  • anemia( 17%);
  • diarrhea( 14.2%);
  • rash( 10.2%).

In this case, the development of thrombocytopenia and neutropenia has the greatest dependence on the dosage of the drug, which makes it possible to control these processes by reducing the dose.