The preparation "Toad stone"( capsules): reviews, instructions and price

Alas, one of the main articles of expenditure in the family budget are medicines. The modern person prefers to be treated not in the hospital, but at home, as he does not believe that the medicine is free and doctors can disinterestedly put their feet on their feet. Is it so? There is no single answer, but self-medication is not an option at all. The only thing that doctors do not tire of saying is that you can not prescribe medicines yourself. Only against dietary supplements they do not object so much. An example can be "Toad stone", capsules. Reviews the drug receives a variety of, and mostly because of its not very euphonious name.

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What is it?

According to the beliefs, the mythical blue stone, called toad, lies from many diseases and served as an antidote. They say that they found this treasure in the head of a toad. Hence the name went. There was also a froggy stone - batrahit, which was found in the heads of frogs. A stone was used to treat epilepsy, but faithfully believed in the magical abilities of the stone. Now people remember the toad stone. Capsules with this name have the original composition: glucosamine sulfate and chondroitin sulfate. In one package 30 capsules. What to say about this product? This is a chondoprotector, that is, a group of drugs is very ambiguous. As for its application, there are still disagreements. It is the chondoprotectors that act when the hyaline cartilage is destroyed, that is, when the joints are damaged. In fact, we can not say that the category of drugs is "Toad stone."Capsules are a dietary supplement to food that positively affects the condition of the joints. The drug is taken in the treatment of arthritis, arthrosis, osteochondrosis. In the capsules - a whole complex of components, actively used in official and traditional medicine.

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The main ingredient in the composition is glucosamine sulfate. It restores chondrocytes, improves metabolism, increases bone and cartilage tissue. With such an assistant, cartilage begins to regenerate, and fluid within the joints also improves. In the end, glucosamine sulfate has anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects.

When the body is healthy, its articular tissue produces chondroitin sulfate. This is a specific component of cartilage, responsible for the production of collagen and phosphoric-calcium exchange in articular cartilage. In other words, if the body is healthy, the joints do not hurt, do not lose mobility. Otherwise, there is a noticeable loss of calcium, and the joints remain defenseless.

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Joint damage

Disease of the joints is a pathology. This group includes atroses, arthritis and osteochondrosis, as well as a whole list of such troubles. Medicine, of course, moves forward, but not in every concrete case it can really remove pain. In a number of situations, chondoprotectors help, to which the capsules "Toad stone" belong. The instruction for use is quite simple, and the history of the hondoprotectors makes it possible to verify their effectiveness.

Why do our joints collapse? Because of the vulnerability of the cartilage, which quickly become inflamed, hurt and destroyed. In the worst case, the cartilage is destroyed, and coarse connective tissue grows. This is the so-called ankylosis. In such situations the capsules "Toad stone" are shown. The drug's instruction defines it as a method of concomitant treatment for diseases of the joints and spine. Possible application for fractures, especially if a callus is formed. Sometimes a remedy is used to prevent diseases.

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How to take?

I must say that there are groups of people who can not take the "Toadstone".Capsules reviews are received with a negative coloration, if as a buyer comes a person with an individual intolerance to the components of the product. Also in the risk zone are pregnant and lactating women. Alas, their sick backs have to cope without the help of dietary supplements! The drug should be drunk for 4-6 months. One capsule should be drunk three times a day during meals. The drug can cause allergies, so it is recommended to use it after consulting a doctor. One package is enough for 10 days, so it's better to immediately determine for yourself the duration of the course and purchase the required volume. Is it real to buy a drug "Toad Stone" in the pharmacy? Capsules, the price of which ranges from 120 to 200 rubles, are available almost everywhere, but the pharmacist can inquire about the availability of a doctor's recommendation.

Effect of

Chondoprotectors are characterized by some special factors. First, it should be noted that the effect of the drug is cumulative, and it takes more than six months from the start of treatment to influence the cartilage tissue. If it is a case of diseases of cartilaginous tissue, then only in the early stages will help "Toad stone".Capsules reviews get negative also because people at all stages of the disease tend to believe in the miraculous power of the drug and then rip off anger at the manufacturers when the effect is not seen. But at the stage of cartilage destruction the drug is useless.

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Classifications of

chondoprotectors First, drugs can be divided by the time they are introduced into medical practice. Thus, there are three generations of chondoprotectors: rumalone, glucosamines, hydrochloride with chondroitin sulfate. According to the second classification, the drugs are divided according to the composition. Here the first group is based on chondroitin sulfate, the second - preparations from cartilage and bone marrow of animals, the third - mucopolysaccharides, the fourth - preparations of glucosamine, the fifth - preparations of complex action, and the sixth - the unique drug "Artrodar".

Why it?

Why should you choose the "Toadstone"?Capsules reviews get diverse, but you can not argue about the composition of the drug;Here comes the grass of the field jelly. The product itself is produced not only in the form of capsules, but also in the form of an ointment and balm with a butterfly oil. Of course, you can not choose a single hondoprotector, the best and the most universal in action. Therefore, you need to consult a doctor to prescribe a scheme of its use together with other means. A person should feel comfortable during the reception. Do not be led to a beautiful box. Many men and women who take hondoprotectors talk about overall improvement of well-being, reduction of pain in joints. Positively respond about BAD those people who understand that this is not the main treatment, but an attendant, so you can not rely only on him.

Far from being a panacea for all troubles - "Toad stone"( capsules).Instruction, feedback and even the duration of the procedure - it all depends on the patient himself, but on condition that he understands what he is doing and sincerely believes in the success of the conceived. There are also rave reviews of people completely cured with the help of hondoprotectors. But there are also negative opinions of people who are convinced of the uselessness of the drug. But according to statistics, those who start treatment and reception on early terms, approve the drug, do not neglect exercise therapy and observe a diet. Its role is played by advertising, convincing in the rapid action of the drug, when in practice it is necessary to wait six months.

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Price of the question

Which one can be summed up? Chondoprotectors are not a cheap pleasure. For the course will have to lay out to four thousand rubles, but the game is worth the candle, if you approach the treatment deliberately. This is the only way to rationalize the investment of money in the "Toadstone"( capsule).Reviews( the price in this case also affects people's opinion) is full of details and actual terms. You need to listen to your body to assess the effect of the drug.

It should be noted that the drug can be shown and four-legged, contained in urban conditions. For dogs, there are special chondoprotectors that are good for giving for prophylaxis. In addition, there are analogues for cats and horses.