Sanatorium "Metallurg"( Essentuki): reviews, prices

Russian land is famous for its amazing ecology, rich natural resources and various balneological resorts. In particular - the city of Essentuki in the Stavropol Territory. It is considered to be the most suitable for a comfortable stay and recovery. In a special presentation, the resort zone does not need - mineral springs No. 4, 17 have been used for a long time for GIT and metabolic therapy.

Healing mineral waters have turned the city into a world health center. Essentuki is a well-developed resort, a green oasis filled with intoxicating aromas of exotic plants. Here the tourist focus is at a high level. The infrastructure is represented by a whole complex of dispensaries and specialized sanatoriums.

health resort metallurgist essentuki

Among the many recreational facilities, the sanatorium "Metallurg"( Essentuki) stands out for its hospitality, quality services and modern medical procedures. The visiting card of the health resort is an individual approach to each guest and guaranteed recovery of patients.

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General information

The departmental health resort celebrated its 51st anniversary. During its existence, it has not lost its popularity. The sanatorium has repeatedly received awards and honorary titles for high achievements in the field of medical activities. Is not this an indicator of quality?

sanatorium metallurgist essentuki reviews

One of the main advantages of the dispensary can be called a close location to the healing mineral pump rooms. In walking distance are cultural and historical sites, shopping galleries and the railway station( 1.5 km).The distance to the airport is only 35 km. Almost from all sides surrounded by greenery, the sanatorium "Metallurg"( Essentuki).Telephone, address for information and booking: Lenin street, house number 30. Free number for all cities of the Russian Federation: 8-800-100-16-56.Preliminary order number is 8-879-37-27-900.

Accommodation terms

On a well-maintained territory of 6 hectares and the sanatorium "Metallurg"( Essentuki) is located. Prices directly depend on the time period: from 2750 to 7500 rubles.per day for one person. The housing stock is represented by five buildings that can accommodate up to 350 tourists. In the main 7-storey building there is a registration service with rooms. A four-story building, a two-story building named "Mother and Child", two one-storey cottages of a class of lux are also for habitation.

health resort metallurgist essentuki prices

The categories of rooms vary from standard rooms to luxury apartments. All rooms are decorated in warm colors, equipped with a private bathroom, furnished with exquisite furniture and appliances. More than half of the rooms have balconies with wicker furniture. From their windows guests can admire the stunning natural landscapes, the park area. Daily cleaning is included in the price.

Power concept

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Balanced and harmoniously selected food is a guarantee of good health. This rule and adhere to the health resort staff. There are three meals a day for a custom menu in a large dining room, divided into two rooms. Patients who come to the sanatorium "Metallurg"( Yessentuki) with various diseases are selected a separate menu that satisfies the tastes of guests. You will be pleasantly surprised by the delicious dishes of local cuisine: meat, fish delicacies, fresh vegetables, seasonal fruits, pastries and drinks are available.

Specialization of the health resort

A diagnostic and treatment center has been built not far from residential buildings. The institution carries out modern methods of therapy on the basis of medicines and natural factors. The medical base is one of the best, and the specialists are highly professional. Adopts adults and children from the age of six, the sanatorium "Metallurg"( Essentuki).

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Guest reviews are extremely friendly and enthusiastic. People spoke in a good way about the impeccable service, the aspiration of the staff to help. After the procedure, positive dynamics was observed very quickly. The main direction of the dispensary: ​​

  • pathology of the digestive system;
  • nerve and endocrine disorders;
  • urological and gynecological diseases;
  • diseases of the respiratory system and the musculoskeletal system.

Therapeutic procedures and equipment of the medical center

All balneological sessions are performed on weekdays( weekends and holidays - do not work).Widely used mineral water and mud. Natural factors help in the elimination of many pathological processes. Healing water is used inside, it is enriched with useful elements.

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In addition, a mineral liquid is used for irrigation, bathing, washing. From the therapeutic mud make wraps, applications that help restore the epidermis. Sanatorium "Metallurg"( city of Essentuki) has a physiotherapy department where the following procedures are carried out: electrosleep, acupuncture, magnetotherapy, etc.

Diagnostic measures

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The health resort has a powerful diagnostic base equipped with innovative equipment and laboratory. Those who stay can take a biochemical blood test, conduct a cardiogram, X-ray. The center carries out research of the intestine( colonoscopy, sigmoidoscopy), hollow organs, lungs, heart, urogenital system with the help of the newest equipment. Sanatorium "Metallurg"( Essentuki) offers a consultation of narrowly specialized doctors: urologist, neuropathologist, gastroenterologist, ENT, gynecologist, dentist, psychotherapist. There is a department of pediatrics for young guests.

Sports and leisure leisure

In leisure from the procedures, tourists can spend leisure fun and interesting. For fans of active pastime, excellent conditions for cycling tours are created on the territory. Fields for volleyball, football, basketball are equipped. In the health resort there is a tennis court and a billiard room.

indoor pool

In the pool there are gymnastic classes with an instructor. Everyone will be able to visit the gym. The services of an experienced fitness trainer are available, which will make an individual exercise plan based on your physical indicators.

There is a dance school for adults and children. Not far from the dispensary are horse centers, an aviation club and many more. For children the sanatorium "Metallurg"( Essentuki) offers classes with a teacher, active entertainment on the playground.

Cultural program and additional service

To services of visitors - library with a reading room and a wide choice of literary works of a different genre. In the evening, a show program begins with dances, contests and jokes. Connoisseurs of art can visit the concert hall and video salon.


Love karaoke - come to the bar. Here you can relax, have a lot of sing and talk with your colleagues. Do you dream of exciting excursions? Sanatorium "Metallurg"( Essentuki) is happy to offer visiting cognitive tours to outstanding sights. The most popular are Chegem and Honey waterfalls, Tersky stud farm, General Makarov's dacha, Eagle's Nest, Elbrus.

Sanatorium "Metallurg"( Essentuki): feedback from people

No one remained indifferent after spending a vacation in this amazing corner of paradise. The main part of the tourists was enthusiastic about the impeccable service, well-planned leisure program and quality treatment. All these aspects make it possible to relax as much as possible away from home. Sanatorium "Metallurg" in Essentuki is a leading balneo-mud complex that helps people to gain vitality, to restore psycho-emotional and physical health.