Healing from serious illnesses. Mikhail Kryzhanovskiy - the Bearer of Good

When a person is faced with a serious illness, he is in a state of stress. The search for possible means of treatment begins, and usually they are not limited to traditional methods alone. Many people fall into the clutches of charlatans. But there are well-proven healers. One of these is Mikhail Kryzhanovsky. All the books of the author are very popular.


There are not many facts from Mikhail Kryzhanovsky's biography. It is known that he was born in the small town of Kolomyi in Ukraine in 1958.Immediately after graduating from the faculty of foreign languages, Chernivtsi State University starts working for the KGB.After the collapse of the USSR, the Ukrainian State Security Committee is reorganized into the Security Service, where Kryzhanovski continues to work until his departure for a guest visa to the United States.

Now a former counterintelligence officer reveals the secrets of his service, gives interviews and prints books on this topic. Known thanks to the work "Special Guide to the White House", telling about the US Congress.

"Healing from serious illnesses." Mikhail Kryzhanovsky is the first video in which he reveals his healing talent. Now he lives in the United States engaged in political science, gives interviews in Russian editions.

Healing from serious illnesses Mikhail Kryzhanovskiy

The essence of the method

According to Mikhail Kryzhanovskiy, treatment is quite possible for serious diseases, it is only necessary to fully open and trust the doctor. Once the author together with the 12th laboratory of the KGB developed a method that allows to work on the patient without contact and treat such a grave illness as cancer. With this himself, Mikhail Kryzhanovskiy argues that his method does not reject traditional medicine( surgery and chemotherapy).

Principle of action: through the optical system of the eye by the laser beam method. The method is clearly demonstrated in the film "Healing from serious illnesses." Mikhail Kryzhanovsky.

Mikhayil Kryzhanovsky severe diseases treatment

Health video of

On the web a few years ago there appeared a video with a promising title "Healing from serious illnesses." Mikhail Kryzhanovsky. It is a small movie in a few minutes. In it, you are invited to look at a unique device developed in the US that acts on human organs through radiation. Thus, every cell of the body, according to Michael, heals. All the while, as the viewer looks at the device, quiet music plays. Video should be viewed for three days in the evening, before going to bed. According to the author of the technique, he can sleep. The pain will go away gradually, day after day.

Healing from severe illnesses Michail Kryzhanov

Reviews on the treatment of

People began to try and comment on the technique "Healing from serious illnesses." Mikhail Kryzhanovsky. Reviews have appeared the most different. There are skeptics who claim that Mikhail Kryzhanovsky has one goal - to benefit from the number of video views. Those who believe in treatment, are relieved after a few views.

According to those who watch the movie every day for a long time, you can see a tendency to lower blood pressure and blood viscosity, improve the heart. Video has a positive effect on the nervous system, the audience feels calm and slightly drowsy. If you watch a movie at night, then the next morning, working capacity increases.

In general, the audience notes that the video helps to be treated without medication! Despite all the critical reviews, people are waiting for the author to be able to help at least one person.

Michail Kryzhanovsky all books

The real effect or placebo effect?

There are still discussions about whether the video "Healing from serious illnesses." Mikhail Kryzhanovsky really helps. The author of the methodology makes it clear that healing is possible only with deep faith. He cites Kashpirovsky as an example, he cured by suggesting many sick people. From the biography of Kryzhanovsky it is known that while still serving in the KGB, he learned to influence people. One way or another, it is not so important how people achieve remission or complete cure for the disease, whether it is self-suggestion or the use of a unique device - the result itself is important. There is the expression "By faith and given to you".And people believe that the method really works! The main thing is to be open to everything new.

Mikhail Kryzhanovskiy gives chance to the needy. Severe disease treatment now does not seem so complicated.