How correctly to do an enema?

The enema has been used for centuries as a universal and most effective means for cleansing the intestines. The use of enemas is quite widespread. They are used in preparation for various types of medical research, for example, radiography of the abdominal organs, sigmoidoscopy, colonoscopy, etc. Often cleansing enemas are used for constipation and fecal obstruction, even small children are shown holding an enema in the absence of defecation for several days.

It surprises me sometimes that many people do not know with what regularity we, "wise people", are supposed to defecate. So maybe for some of you this will be a revelation. A person should normally empty his bowel at least once a day, and it should be done in the morning, immediately after sleep. Here and so. And if you are late for work, and do not have time, then the reflex is slowed down, and you can skip this moment. Thus, many people bring themselves to the state of persistent chronic constipation. Do I need to do an enema in such cases? Of course. After all, this is one of the emergency rescue methods( but not for permanent use) - a cleansing enema.

Also, enemas are actively used by the fair sex in the struggle to get rid of excess kilograms. In this area, many different combinations have been developed.

However, today we will figure out how to properly do an enema at home for therapeutic purposes. This skill can be useful to everyone, especially if you have children.

How to make an enema correctly.

Enema is different: purifying, medicinal, hypertensive, etc.

We are interested in how to make a cleansing enema, since it is most often used in practice.

This procedure requires an Esmarch mug, but if you did not buy one, you can use a regular rubber hot water bottle. To the neck is attached a rubber tube with a disposable tip, which are sold at the pharmacy. The Esmarch mug is filled with 1.5-2 liters of boiled water at room temperature. Then, on the bed of the patient, you need to lay an oilcloth under the lower half of the trunk, and the patient himself is asked to lie on his left side and press his knees to his stomach. After this, a trickle of water should be removed from the tip so that the air that is there does not enter the intestine.

The tip is inserted into the anus at an angle in the direction of the navel of the patient to a distance of 10 cm( if this is a child, then less).At the same time Esmarch's mug should be at a level below the bed of the patient, and after inserting the tip, the mug is raised higher. If a person at the same time feels uncomfortable, then you can reduce the pressure of water by reducing the level of the mug.

The patient must keep the incoming water until he can tolerate( usually ten minutes).And only after that go to the toilet and emptied. It happens that sometimes one enema is not enough to completely wash all the stool stones, then it is worth repeating this procedure.

However, an enema is not as harmless a method as many think. Together with the feces and slags, the intestinal microflora is washed out from the intestine, which may lead to dysbiosis and even greater digestion disorders. So do not abuse this method and use it every time you have a problem with the stool. Try to normalize your daily routine, diet, sleep and rest, go in for sports, finally. Of course, the knowledge of how to properly make an enema can help you at the right time, but it's better, all the same, to provide this case to professionals in medical institutions.

Now you know how to properly do an enema at home and this knowledge you can use at any time.