Exercises for the pelvis for women. Training of the muscles of the small pelvis

Exercises for the pelvis for women will help to maintain the tone of the perineal muscles, since the health of the genitourinary system directly depends on how reliably it is protected from the effects of the external environment. In addition, they help prevent:

  • the emergence of bacterial vaginosis;
  • abaissement of the uterus and vagina at a later age;
  • of urethritis;
  • of a cystitis.

In addition, training helps maintain the vaginal muscles in tone after pregnancy and childbirth. In addition to gymnastics, you must strictly observe personal hygiene and regularly visit a gynecologist.

Recommendations before classes

Practically all exercises for a small pelvis for women can be performed at home independently, without the use of complex devices and simulators. Elasticity and elasticity in the intimate zone is difficult to achieve, but regular training will necessarily give the desired result.

Exercises for small pelvis for women When starting a set of exercises, you should definitely follow certain rules and requirem

ents that will help to achieve a very good result, that's why:

  • training should be regular;
  • can not be eaten an hour before they are held;
  • should be dealt with when the empty intestine and urinary;
  • needs to breathe properly.

Before you start doing pelvic exercises for women, you must first preheat the body, perform a small stretching. It is best to choose a certain time for training and practice at the same time.

Who needs to conduct gymnastics

Exercises for pelvic organs of women help to maintain muscles:

  • uterus;
  • of the bladder;
  • of the small intestine;
  • of the rectum.

This training will help prepare for pregnancy and mild labor without pain. Gymnastics will help to learn to relax the muscles, which often hinder the birth of a child. In addition, the classes are useful for the prevention and treatment of incontinence problems.

exercise for the pelvic organs of women Exercises will help to restore tissues that are stretched during the delivery process much quicker, and they are suitable for maintaining intimate health and preventing inflammation of the genital area.

General rules for performing the exercises

You must always follow the rules of personal hygiene and visit the examination room. When performing exercises for the pelvis for women, there is absolutely no need to have special equipment. The complex of trainings can be performed at any convenient time, but at least 2 times a week. It is very important that the exercises are regular.

Exercise Technique

Exercises for pelvic organs of women will help to strengthen the muscles of the perineum. To perform them, you need to be in the most convenient position. It is necessary to tightly squeeze the anus and the muscles of the vagina so that you can feel the way they are drawn inside. At the point of maximum stress, stay for a few seconds, and then slowly relax the muscles.

kegel simulator To do an exercise for blood flow in a woman's small pelvis, there must be a gym mat or a hard bed. You need to sit in Turkish, and then strain the muscles of the vagina and buttocks as much as possible. Together with this, you need to draw in your stomach. This gymnastics also helps to strengthen the walls of the vagina.

Basic exercises

When you are stiff in a small pelvis, exercise will help to normalize the functioning of the genital organs and strengthen the muscles. It is very easy to conduct gymnastics, but it is worth remembering that there is no need to expect an instant result, since it may take a long time to normalize the state of health.

Very effective is the exercise for the muscles of the pelvis for women "lift".To do this, you need to imagine that there is an elevator car in the crotch area. It is necessary to alternately compress and relax the muscles of the perineum, each time increasing the intensity of the effect more and more.

To strengthen the pelvic muscles, you need to lie on your back, stretch your muscles in the vagina and stay in that position for a few seconds, then relax. Repeat the exercise 10 times. In addition, this group of muscles can be trained, alternately squeezing and unclenching muscles at the fastest pace. This complex should be performed initially for 5 approaches, and then gradually increase the load, as the muscles become accustomed to the load.

exercises for blood flow in the pelvis of a woman To conduct training of the pelvic floor muscles, you need to lie on your back, bend your knees and slightly dilute them. Put your hands on the lower abdomen so that one is located above the other. Periodically, you need to strain your muscles, stay in this position for about a minute, and then relax.

Standing on your knees, you need to arch and draw in periodically the spine, lowering and raising your head. The effect is that you need to strain the abdominal muscles with the involvement of the perineal region in this process. Proper breathing is always required. The number of repetitions must necessarily be about 5-10 approaches.

A good result is provided by the bridge, since this exercise provides strengthening of the pelvic floor muscles. To do this, lie on your back and try to lift the pelvic area as high as possible, trying to reach out with your fingers to the heels. In this case, it is important to maximally involve the abdomen in order to involve the muscles of the vagina. This exercise also helps to pump up the legs and the press, as well as get rid of excess fat accumulation on the buttocks and hips.

Application of the

simulators Special equipment for performing gymnastics will help make it the most effective. Quite often for this purpose Kegel simulators are used, which allow to make exercises more effective. In addition, there are several other types of similar devices.

Widely used device made of special medical silicone - Magic Kegel Master. This is a special simulator for the intimate area, equipped with sensitive sensors that help to measure pressure.

congestion in the pelvis in women In addition, there is a Kegel simulator that helps determine the strength of the voltage. This device allows each time to increase the load more and more, forming strong and elastic muscles of the perineum. His work is based on the impact of special springs, which can be changed as the load increases.

Jade balls are widely used to help increase muscle tone, restore elasticity and elasticity. In addition, this stone has antibacterial qualities. To start using the simulators is possible only after the complex of gymnastics.

Kegel Gymnastics for Lowering the Uterus

Kegel pelvic exercises for women help to prevent the emergence of complex diseases of the genitals. They are used when the uterus is lowered. Increased muscle tone will help normalize the functioning of the intestine. The abdominal press helps maintain the correct position of the pelvic organs, which is very important for maintaining the position of the uterus and other organs. Competent gymnastics when lowering the cervix helps:

  • strengthen the muscular system;
  • increase the tone of the muscular layer of the vagina;
  • strengthening of the abdominals.

With complete or incomplete prolapse of the uterus, the gym is selected exclusively by the treating doctor to prevent injury and tissue damage. The position of the body is not important, but it is much easier for some women to perform sitting exercises.

pelvic floor training It is advisable to synchronize the contraction of the vaginal muscles with your breathing, and also to control the tone of the buttocks and the abdominal press. The stomach must be relaxed, and the navel must remain stationary all the time. Buttocks and leg muscles also should not be strained.

During the training, you need to perform consistent wave movements. The most important stage of such an exercise is tonic tension of the upper parts of the vagina. All this helps to maintain the tone of the uterus.

Exercises for urinary incontinence

Exercises for blood flow in the small pelvis of women become the most real salvation for many. They can be performed sitting on a chair. There are several different exercises, in particular, such as:

  • slow compression;
  • abbreviations;
  • extrusion.

You need to squeeze muscles that might interfere with urination, stay in this position for a few seconds, and then relax. In addition, there is another way of doing the exercise. To do this, you need to squeeze a little muscle, but first just a little. Without unclenching the muscles, you need to increase the compression level to the maximum level, stay in that position for a few seconds, and then relax.

strengthening of the pelvic floor muscles In addition, you need to quickly compress and relax the muscles that are responsible for the process of urination. When carrying out the expulsion exercises, one should imagine the process of urination and try to imagine the maximum increase in the pressure of urine. All these exercises will help to strengthen the bladder.

Complex for pregnant women

Exercises for the circulation of the pelvis for women will help maintain intimate muscle and muscle fibers located in the pelvic floor in a tone. In this case, pelvic floor protrusion is performed. To do this, you need to stand in one of the generic postures and represent the delivery. This allows you to train muscles and will have a good effect on the process of childbirth.

Another type of exercise is the stretching of the Achilles tendons. To do this, you have to sit with your legs wide apart. If the feet turn inwards or sit completely uncomfortable, then the tendons are not completely stretched, so you need to conduct such training regularly.

Kegel exercises after childbirth

Very important exercises are after childbirth so that you can quickly return the old form. In addition, they help prevent the occurrence of various diseases of the pelvic organs. It is necessary to alternately contract and relax the muscles of the vagina, lingering in this position for ten seconds. In addition, you can conduct other exercises, giving each of them about five minutes a day.

To begin the exercise of the exercises best in one to two weeks after delivery, if there are no stitches and other contraindications. Before the gymnastics, you should always consult a doctor.

Training for strengthening the muscles of the pelvic area

After two or three weeks of regular exercise, you can notice a significant improvement, as many have problems with urinary incontinence, the pelvic process is much more effective, and the intimate life is getting much brighter.

For this it is recommended to perform such exercises as "birch", "bicycle", "swallow", "boat".However, it is necessary to strain the muscles of the perineum. Also useful will be the retention of straightened raised legs in the supine position on the back, squeezing the hips and knees of the gymnastic ball, walking in a half-squat. The training regime largely depends on the overall physical fitness of the woman.

Other exercises

The training for Neumyvakin is considered quite popular. In particular, the exercise "walking on the buttocks" will be very effective. Run it simply, you just need to sit on the floor or bend your knees and in this position move around the apartment. This is a very good exercise in incontinence. It is also used as a prophylactic agent for stagnation of urine in the pelvic region.

With the regular performance of such a complex of gymnastics you can achieve a very good result and strengthen the muscles.