Hypertrophy of the clitoris: causes, consequences

Hypertrophy or an abnormal change in the size of the clitoris is generally considered a congenital malformation of female development in the womb. Increased secretion of androgens in a young girl is the reason for contacting a gynecologist, who will be able to determine the sex organ's affiliation to the female morphological type and the degree of its hairstyle.

What is clitoral hypertrophy?

The hypertrophy( the similarity of the female clitoris with the penis) changes in the structure of the reproductive organ of the woman when the labia become a single whole, resembling the external scrotum that closes the entrance to the vagina. Hypertrophy of the clitoris is considered a disease that causes difficulties in identifying the sex. The causes of this ailment and its consequences can be accurately stated only after the difference between the normal structure of the organ and the abnormal development is clear.

clitoral hypertrophy

What does a female clitoris look like?

Female clitoris is the most sensitive zone of the genital organ, which is deprived of the function of urination. In structure, it is divided into three main zones:

  • One of the most sensitive zones is the head, which consists of a large number of blood vessels and nerve endings. With hypersensitivity in some women, stimulation of this zone causes painful sensations. The head is hidden under the fold of the skin, and with sexual arousal it is able to increase in size and be easily discernible. At rest, the head is usually not visible.
  • The skin tissue that connects the labia minora and the surface of the clitoris is called the bridle.
  • The clitoris hood is one of the most recognizable parts that can be identified by visual inspection. This part of some girls is the most erogenous zone.

In normal condition, the size of the clitoris should not exceed five millimeters. If its size exceeds this value, then it is a pathological process or intrauterine malformation. In addition, the visually large clitoris can resemble a male member.

hood of clitoris

Clitoris in excitation state

As mentioned above, this organ has hypersensitivity to stimulation, since it consists of a large accumulation of nerve endings. The body of a woman during sexual intercourse and the activation of this zone is able to behave differently. In general, the degree of excitation and the production of orgasm during stimulation is determined by the excretions from the vagina. If the woman has not yet reached orgasm, the liquid near the clitoris accumulates in large quantities, which increases the pleasant sensations. Before the orgasm itself, the clitoris is slightly compressed, providing a protective function to the most sensitive area. After the completion of the process, it can increase several times due to the influx of blood or to remain the same size. If a woman has hypertrophy of the clitoris, then during its stimulation, no significant changes in the appearance of the sexual organ occurs. Vice can contribute to the occurrence of psychological trauma for most young girls and the fear of intimate relationships. However, according to medical surveys, some do not consider the malformation of the genital organ a problem that should be solved surgically, due to the high sensitivity of the hypertrophied zone.

the effect of androgens

What are the causes of hypertrophy of the clitoris?

Hypertrophy of the clitoris can have many causes, among which the pathologies of intrauterine development are especially prominent. However, hypertrophy can be of varying degrees, and it is found at different life stages: at birth, in childhood or adulthood. Some women are mistaken, believing that a large clitoris is a consequence of prolonged masturbation. This is not true. The defect of the development of the clitoris can only be the result of an innate or acquired excess of the male hormonal background in the body. Excessive influence of androgens - male hormones - on the female body is considered a reason for visiting an endocrinologist or geneticist. The following causes of pathological development and changes in the clitoris are distinguished:

  • Disturbances in chromosomes: partial or complete absence of the seventh chromosome.
  • Syndromes of Herman and Fraser.
  • Congenital malformations.
  • Tumors, for example, gynandroblastoma, which occur in women of childbearing age.
  • Polycystic ovary.
  • Prolonged hormone therapy.
  • Tumor of the esophagus.
  • Tumor of the vulva.
  • Kidney pathology, pathology of genital organs.
  • Admission of potent drugs.

Some of the above-described causes of hypertrophy in reality are extremely rare, but most require immediate medical intervention by a surgeon, oncologist, and geneticist, as they may be the result of severe health problems. If the cause of the appearance of hypertrophy is intrauterine, then in the course of time the girl shows increased deviations from the norm limits in the development of the sexual organ. In this case, the hood of the clitoris can stretch to fifteen centimeters, while the small labia will be within the permissible norm.

large clitoris

Consequences of the disease

Hypertrophy of the clitoris requires treatment if it is caused by internal factors that are dangerous to the health of the patient and prevent it from fully functioning. It is important to know that no medication is able to cure this disease. If the girl at an early age had the above symptoms, you should immediately consult a specialist for advice. Many women are wondering if clitoral hypertrophy can pass with age. Self-hypertrophy can not pass. This is facilitated by various tumors or diseases that occurred during a certain period of life, as well as changes at the genetic level during the development of the fetus in the womb. One of the consequences of hypertrophy of the clitoris is reduced sensitivity and inability to achieve a full orgasm.

can clitoral hypertrophy pass with age

How to treat hypertrophy of the clitoris?

It is possible to eliminate hypertrophy of the clitoris only by surgical method at the request of a woman. Basically, this method is used in the case if hypertrophy reduces sexual function and interferes with sexual activity. The operation consists of circumcision of the prepuce to expose the clitoris and is cosmetic in nature. This surgical intervention is similar to the process of circumcision of the foreskin in men.