"Silibor": instructions for use. Description of the drug, indications, contraindications

The human liver is a large filter that constantly cleanses blood from harmful substances. Especially hard after the festive feast. After all, it is necessary to neutralize alcohol and cope with harmful food. These substances cause a serious blow to the liver and lead to the death of its cells. And since the organ does not contain painful ends, the process of destruction occurs imperceptibly. No wonder they say that the liver is an organ that suffers "silently".The preparation "Silibor" helps to protect and restore cells. The instruction to the preparation gives an opportunity to get acquainted with this medicine.

silibor instruction

Description of the drug

The drug "Silibor" instruction characterizes as a hepatoprotective agent. It is a herbal medicament that contains flavonoids derived from the fruits of a plant such as spotted milk thistle.

The drug is characterized by the following effects:

  1. Protects the liver from a variety of toxic lesions.
  2. In case of damage, it provides recovery of hepatocytes and organ function.
  3. Inhibits the oxidation of lipids.
  4. Protects the membranes of the cells of an important organ from destruction.
  5. Provides neutralization of free radicals.
  6. Improves metabolism in hepatic cells.
  7. Provides a rapid process of hepatocyte regeneration.
  8. Prevents penetration of hypoxic substances through cell membranes.
  9. Has a slight anti-inflammatory effect.

The drug "Silibor" helps to improve the overall condition of patients who are diagnosed with liver disease. Doctors say that during the administration of the drug, patients complain of loss of appetite, vomiting, and reduced itching. In such patients, weakness is less pronounced, the feeling of heaviness in the right hypochondrium is eliminated. Favorable results are confirmed by the normalization of laboratory indicators.

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The drug in the digestive tract is absorbed slowly. The duration of its half-absorption is 2.2 hours. After a single use of the drug, the maximum concentration is observed in half an hour.

The preparation is made in the following types:

  • tablets "Silibor 35" - 35 mg;
  • capsules "Silibor Forte" - 70 mg;
  • capsules "Silibor Max" - 140 mg.

Indications for prescribing

The instruction "Silibor" instruction recommends the use in the following cases:

  • chronic hepatitis of various origin;
  • liver steatosis, triggered by impaired metabolism or exposure to toxic factors;
  • transferred hepatitis( acute infectious or toxic);
  • cirrhosis;
  • long-term intoxication of the body, associated with harmful activity;
  • liver damage( drug and toxic).

silibor 35

Recommended dosage

This medication should be given to a patient by a doctor. The specialist sets the necessary dosages and determines the duration of therapy.

The instruction recommends the use of the tablets "Silibor 35" as follows:

  1. Take pills before meals. Do not chew them. It is recommended to drink the drug with a small amount of liquid.
  2. Adults and children from 12 years of age are prescribed thrice daily 70 mg of the drug - 2 tablets.
  3. In the case of severe disease stages, the daily dosage may be increased to 420 mg. This amount must be divided into 3 receptions.
  4. For children aged 9-12 years, the drug should be consumed twice a day. The dosage is 70 mg.
  5. Children 6-9 years old take medication once a day. The dose is also 70 mg.
  6. Duration of treatment with this drug lasts mainly 30 days. If necessary, it can be increased to 3 months.
  7. Repeat therapy is recommended after 1-2 months.
  8. If the remedy is used for prophylactic purposes, then take it 70 mg 1-2 times a day. The duration of such therapy is 1 month.

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Side Effects of

Tablets "Silibor" are capable of provoking some undesirable phenomena. Analyzing the reviews of patients who use this drug, and taking into account the instructions of the medicine, the following side effects can be identified:

  1. Allergic reactions. Some people face rashes on the skin or itching.
  2. The appearance of diarrhea.
  3. Increased diuresis.
  4. Appearance of dizziness. This symptomatology is typical for people suffering from violations of the vestibular apparatus.

In case of occurrence of any undesirable reactions it is necessary to tell necessarily about the arisen symptomatology to the attending physician. He either completely abolish this drug, or reduce its dosage.

Contraindications to the admission

The medicine "Silibor" instruction prohibits the use of such categories of people:

  • children under 4 years;
  • people who have individual sensitivity to the drug.

Can a drug be administered to pregnant women? In some cases, the drug is really recommended for use by the expectant mother. However, only a doctor can prescribe this remedy, carefully weighing the risk ratio for the baby and the benefits for the woman.

Cost of medicine

What is the price of the drug "Silibor"?How much will the patient cost with this medication?

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For tablets "Silibor" the price for 1 package( 25 pcs.) Is 1050 rubles.

Opinions about the drug

In general, people leave positive remarks about the preparation "Silibor".Most patients who have experienced this drug, confirm its high efficiency.

The drug helps fight a wide variety of liver diseases. People who use this drug, confirm that their condition has improved significantly. The weakness decreased, nausea receded, the appetite regained, the heaviness in the right hypochondrium receded.

Often the medicine is prescribed for preventive purposes to people whose work is associated with harmful production. Such patients also confirm the effectiveness of the drug. They indicate that unwanted symptoms, which significantly violate the quality of life, quickly passed.

But do not forget about the side effects. Patients' feedback indicates that some people experience undesirable reactions during therapy. However, their occurrence is most often associated with individual intolerance.