Laminating teeth: a description of the procedure, reviews

A smile is a business card of a person. Scientists have proved that a person with attractive teeth is easier to establish contact with others than a person with curves and sloppy fangs. However, modern medicine allows you to have a Hollywood smile. Dentists help to make teeth smooth and snow-white due to innovative technologies. For example, lamination of teeth is one of the most popular procedures in aesthetic dentistry, as it allows you to hide defects in the oral cavity and make the smile truly tempting. Let's look at what this procedure is and how it is carried out.

What is lamination of teeth?

Laminating teeth

The procedure is the process of coating the tooth enamel with thin plates of ceramics or photopolymer. As a result, a film of durable material is applied to the teeth, which makes their surface sturdy and gives them a white color. The technology of lamination was invented by American scientists who have found a way to fix defects in the oral cavity without using serious methods of dentistry.

Often lamination of teeth is confused with the installation of veneers, but it should be borne in mind that these are two different processes. The second procedure is used for complete reconstruction of the oral cavity, while the first one corrects minor defects of tooth enamel.

Types of lamination

Lamination of teeth in St. Petersburg

There are two types of procedure, each of them has its own nuances. Let us consider them below.

  1. Direct lamination of teeth is a quick, convenient and effective method of correcting a smile. As a rule, this procedure can be carried out for one visit to the dentist, since it does not take much time. During direct lamination, the doctor removes the enamel from the surface of the teeth and replaces the old coating with a new composite material. After that, he applies a special lacquer. For all materials to harden, an ultraviolet lamp is used. The shortcomings of this method is fragility: in 1-2 years will have to make correction, so that the smile again was snow-white.
  2. Indirect lamination of the teeth - is longer than the previous procedure, but the results are much more durable. The finest ceramic plates are superimposed on the surface of the teeth. To make them you need to make a cast of teeth. After the doctor sets them with a special adhesive solution. Indirect lamination of teeth, the cost of which is much higher than the direct one, lasts for dozens of years.

The type of procedure should be chosen depending on personal preferences and available funds.

Indications for lamination of teeth

Laminating teeth cost

This procedure is recommended in the following cases:

  • Dull enamel or yellow color of teeth. Such a factor, as an unnatural smell of a smile, can spoil a good impression of a person. Lamination will help correct the disadvantage by applying a composite material.
  • Presence of a gap between the teeth. Scientifically, this pathology is called a diastema. In some cases, it may even look nice, but in most cases, the slot only spoils the smile.
  • Small bite defects. If your teeth are slightly curved or one protrudes from the dentition, then lamination will replace wearing braces and plates. But it is worth considering that this dental procedure will help only if the errors in the location are not too strong.

You can also laminate teeth to anyone who wants to improve their appearance and make the smile more beautiful. The average cost of this aesthetic procedure ranges from 3 to 4 thousand rubles.

Reviews on lamination

Laminating teeth reviews

Find out how effective laminating teeth, reviews help. People who have undergone the procedure say that it passes quickly enough and does not hurt. To consolidate the results for a long time, you should save your teeth: do not subject them to excessive stress, do not drink a lot of coffee and at least once a year visit the dentist. The testimonies of people who disregarded these tips show that they had to go for correction more often than those who followed the recommendations.

As for prices, lamination of teeth in St. Petersburg and other major cities of the country is more expensive than in provinces. However, in elite dental clinics, the quality of care is also an order of magnitude higher.