Cream "Dexpanthenol": reviews, instruction

Cream "Dexpanthenol" is usually used to treat small ulcers and wounds. This preparation is also available as an ointment and aerosol. The properties of the drug do not depend on the form. The drug is effective both in the form of a cream, and in the form of an aerosol. Feedback about this medication is positive. After all, the medicine rarely causes side effects. dexpanthenol reviews

At what lesions this drug is prescribed?

"Dexpanthenol", a cream, whose reviews indicate its effectiveness, can be used for various injuries of the skin. Most often the drug is prescribed:

  1. For the protection and treatment of dry areas of the skin, as the main source of dexpanthenol and neutral fats.
  2. For the therapy and prevention of inflammation and cracks in the nipples of mammary glands in nursing mothers.
  3. For the treatment of diaper dermatitis in children. And also for an early healing in them of minor irritation after sun bathing, x-ray and ultraviolet irradiation, small scratches. For the prevention and treatment of diaper rash.
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  5. To eliminate adverse effects on the skin of the environment.
  6. For the treatment of inflammation: trophic ulcers located on the lower limbs, boils, dermatitis. The drug perfectly cares for the skin around the colostrum, gastrostom and tracheost.
  7. In cases of skin integrity disorders that have been caused by surgery, temperature, chemical or mechanical factors, for example, burns of any origin, wounds, abrasions, scratches, skin grafts that do not heal well, postoperative aseptic wounds. ointment dexpanthenol reviews

Pharmacological properties of

So, how does dexpanthenol cream work? The reviews show that the preparation can significantly improve the regeneration of any tissues. Use it as an external agent. The main component of the drug is a derivative of pantothenic acid. This substance is a water-soluble vitamin belonging to group B, which, in turn, is one of the components of coenzyme A. As evidenced by expert reviews, this component stimulates the regeneration of the skin. In addition, dexpanthenol allows the normalization of cellular metabolism and increases the strength of collagen fibers, which has a positive effect on the skin and contributes to the early healing of wounds.

But this is not all the qualities that the "Dexpanthenol" ointment possesses. Feedback from experts suggests that the main component of the drug has an optimal molecular mass, low polarity and hydrophilicity. Thanks to such properties, the cream easily penetrates into the deep layers of tissues. As a result, the drug has not only a weak anti-inflammatory, but also a regenerating effect.

In case of contact with the skin, dexpanthenol is absorbed quickly enough and converted to pantothenic acid. In skin tissues, the main component of the cream binds to certain plasma proteins, for example, with albumin or with beta-globulin. dexpanthenol cream reviews

Composition of the drug

Positive effect of the drug "Dexpanthenol", reviews which are useful to study before use, is explained by its composition. The main component is dexpanthenol. In addition to the main component, the cream contains purified water, propyl parahydroxybenzoate, methylparahydroxybenzoate, isopropyl myristate, vaseline oil, cholesterol, petrolatum.

Side effects and contraindications

As with any medicine, the cream "Dexpanthenol" can cause side effects. This phenomenon is extremely rare. What explains the popularity of this drug. In some cases, an allergic reaction may occur. As a rule, it is always weakly expressed.

Among the contraindications, only individual intolerance to any component of the formulation was noted. dexpanthenol instructions for use review

"Dexpanthenol": instructions for use

Reviews of this drug show that not everyone knows how to correctly apply the drug. Treat affected areas of the skin should be up to four times during the day. If necessary, the procedure can be carried out more often. Apply the drug "Dexpanthenol" follows a thin layer, gradually rubbing it into the skin.

If you need to lubricate the ointment with an infected area of ​​the skin, it should be pretreated with one of the antiseptics. Only after this, you can apply Dexpanthenol cream.

Experts say that the drug can be used during pregnancy and lactation. Do this with extreme caution and only after consulting a doctor. If the nursing mother has cracks in the nipples and they are inflamed, then this medicine can be used. Apply "Dexpanthenol" after each breast-feeding.

According to reviews, this drug can be used to treat diaper rash in infants. In this case, apply the cream after each water treatment and during the change of clothes.