"Kuban"( sanatorium), Anapa: description, services and reviews of tourists

The sanatorium "Kuban"( Anapa) was originally created for those who went through all the horrors of the war in Afghanistan. They were invited here for rest and rehabilitation. However, later the circle of visitors was expanded, and now the health center accepts all comers.


Some holidaymakers agree that the sanatorium "Kuban" is a resort. Anapa can boast of the presence of many health resorts and sanatoriums, in which one can really feel like in paradise. And the sanatorium "Kuban" has everything to pretend to such a level, however, as the reviews of the majority show, it does not use it.

Sometimes there is an opinion that the sanatorium "Kuban" is a sanatorium "Neftyanik Kubani"( Anapa).However, it is not. The latter is located in the village of Dzhemete, and "Kuban" - in the heart of Anapa. It is surrounded by a large number of green trees on Pushkin Street, 30. The windows of the modern nine-storey building offer a wonderful view of the Black Sea. That's why they like to come here on holiday from all corners of our Motherland. According to the administration, the sanatorium "Kuban" in Anapa has everything you need for proper rest and treatment. Its infrastructure allows meeting all the needs of guests. Is it really? Let's find out. And first of all, let's look at the information provided by the sanatorium administration.

sanatorium kuban in anapa

General information

The health resort "Kuban" in Anapa is oriented to family rest. Here there is not only a medical base with everything necessary for the improvement of adults and children, but also a children's camp. To fully restore the strength and health specialists of the institution develop an effective individual treatment program. In addition, the location of the health resort allows you to use natural resources for healing.

Sanatorium "Kuban" is one of many in the Caucasus. Experts, according to the official website, he is recognized as the best on the Black Sea coast. Here, the most effective use of healing springs, sea water, the local wonderful climate and abundance of vegetation.

Therapeutic base

The sanatorium "Kuban" in Anapa on "TopHotels" is described as a health resort providing treatment for all who have gynecological diseases, pathologies of the digestive system, respiration( in cases of non-tuberculous nature), nervous system, musculoskeletal system, skinallergic and chronic ailments. Also, all those who have problems with the circulatory system are invited here, suffering from metabolic disorders and diseases of the cardiovascular system.

On the basis of the sanatorium of patients, qualified doctors are accepted. After a thorough examination, they prescribe a treatment. Among the professionals working in the health resort there is a therapist, gynecologist, urologist, otolaryngologist, gastroenterologist, physical therapist, neurologist, manual therapist, cardiologist, pediatrician, endocrinologist, dermatologist, orthopedic trauma specialist, acupuncturist, endoscopist, dentist, functional diagnostician, nutritionistand cosmetologist. sanatorium kuban anapa reviews and details


In the sanatorium "Kuban" the effectiveness of treatment is guaranteed by the presence of intestinal procedures, magnetolaser therapy, inhalations, massage - manual and mechanical. Here there is the only equipment in the south of the Russian Federation with the computer system Biodex. Due to the high quality of this equipment, the consequences of injuries and injuries are eliminated. In addition, "Kuban"( sanatorium, Anapa) offers a healthy capsule with aromatherapy, microsauna, vibromassage, mud and hydrotherapy rooms, a galakamer, a bathroom unit, a dentistry department, and ultrasound and functional diagnostics offices. Also in the health resort you can go through apitherapy, acupuncture and peloid therapy.

"Kuban"( sanatorium, Anapa) gives an opportunity to undergo drinking treatment with mineral water, it is possible to order irrigation of the intestine. The bathroom offers herbal( coniferous and sage), vortex, pearl, 4-chamber, mineral( salt and iodine-bromine), marine and dry carbonic baths. There are also Charcot's showers, circular, underwater, ascending shower-massage.

Methods of treatment

In addition to all of the above, all travelers on the prescription of a doctor are available:

  • mud treatment( galvanic mud, mud applications, electric mud, "general" mud);
  • psychotherapy( electrosleep);
  • inhalation( oil, herbal, medicinal, alkaline);
  • paraffin-ozokeritotherapy;
  • terrenkuroterapiya, exercise therapy, therapeutic swimming;
  • apparatus physiotherapy( paraffin therapy, microwave resonance therapy, phototherapy, UHF therapy, electrolight treatment, electromyostimulation, low-frequency therapy, inductothermy, heat therapy, EHF-therapy, UZT-therapy, magnetotherapy, laser therapy);
  • colonoproctology.

The massage department, which the sanatorium "Kuban"( Anapa) boasts, reviews are positive, because there is a huge number of services. Holidaymakers are offered a zone or general therapeutic classical massage, pinpoint, relaxing, drainage, vibrating, manual, vacuum( with LPG or canter), mechanical and vibromassage. There is also a thermal massage bed. sanatorium kuban resort anapa

Special programs

"Kuban"( sanatorium, Anapa) offers vacationers to take advantage of the opportunity and choose a special program for themselves. The assortment is big enough. There are programs aimed at solving dental problems, urological, gynecological, rehabilitation programs to eliminate the consequences of accidents, as well as programs of a wide range. Here are just some of them:

  1. "Health at any age".
  2. "A new view of the world."
  3. "Healing mud".
  4. "To be beautiful is to be healthy".
  5. "Healthy skin".
  6. "Union of Medicine of the West and East".

There are also programs that make it easier to get rid of itchy dermatoses, universal skin itching and osteochondrosis.

Number fund

"Kuban" - sanatorium( Anapa), which first opened its doors in 1988.Then it was built its nine-story building. It can simultaneously accommodate 450 people. For convenience, there are 2 elevators. Holidaymakers are offered a choice of three categories: suite, junior suite and apartments. All of them are double, and each has a TV, mini fridge, refrigerator and split-system. However, it is worth considering that the establishment will soon celebrate its 30th anniversary, and it seems that it has not been done for a long time. Later, considering the reviews, we will touch on this issue. sanatorium kuban in anapa on topostels


On the health resort's website it is indicated that all conditions are created for those who want to spend time in the sanatorium "Kuban".Any guest can rent a beach, sports, household equipment, book an excursion. Active rest on the territory is also encouraged. There is a gym, a gym. You can sign up for exercise therapy.

In a pleasant atmosphere, you can eat in a comfortable dining room located in the sanatorium. In addition, there is a summer cafe, a dining hall and a main restaurant on the basis of the health resort "Kuban".And to maintain beauty, you can always visit a massage and cosmetology rooms and a hairdresser.

For young visitors, there is a playroom in which the children are supervised by the caregiver. Also, children will certainly enjoy a specially designed entertainment program for them. For adults, concert programs and evening animation are also organized.

In addition to all of the above, an ATM, parking( right next to the building), a library, an indoor pool and an open guarded parking lot are located on the territory of the sanatorium. For a small fee, the personal transport of vacationers is always under supervision. sanatorium kuban anapa reviews

The cost of

Often in the competition for the title of the city, where you can afford an inexpensive rest, Anapa wins. Sanatorium "Kuban" prices are relatively low, what attracts many. So, for a night in a room in the "junior suite" category, one adult and one child under 12 years old will pay 2 169 rubles, two adults - 2 411 rubles. If this is a "luxury", then it will be necessary to pay 2,937 and 3,274 rubles, respectively. In "apartments" for a day two adults will pay 3 506, and the adult with the child - 3 137 rubles.

The cost of the tour includes accommodation, three meals a day on a buffet and treatment. For the summer period, vacationers also pay accident insurance and in case of a sudden illness.

Children in the sanatorium are admitted from 1 year. However, treatment is only available when they reach the age of four. For a child under 4 years of age a day, you have to pay 250 rubles. health resort oilman kubani anapa

On this "official part" ends, and we turn to the reviews. Just want to notice that they are different, and crucially. It is difficult to say why the evaluation institution gets such contradictory. Perhaps one of the reasons is the fact that people are resting here both on social permits and on commercial vouchers.


And no matter how wonderful the sanatorium looked in the description, it is better to see once than hear a hundred times. As it turned out to be true, for most holidaymakers this one time was unforgettable, unfortunately, not in the best sense. If you study the comments( and they are many), you can understand that many do not like the sanatorium "Kuban"( Anapa).Reviews and services, and meals, and rooms get mostly negative.

The latter, as the holidaymakers say, is not in the best condition. The pipes are rusty, on the walls and ceilings are streaked. Because of this, all the impression of rest is not spoiled not only in adults, but also in children. Also, judging by the angry reviews, linens in most rooms do not change during the entire period of the tour.

Air conditioners. Although they are in every room, nowhere, except for the administration rooms, do not work, even at an air temperature of about 40 degrees. Because of this, many guests are forced to argue with the leadership, which leaves only negative impressions.

Sea view. Present. But, according to the assumptions of holidaymakers, the windows have not changed since the construction of the sanatorium, so there are two fingers thick in them, so the rooms are cold and constantly sketching. And here is the first contradiction. Some, as you can understand, reading reviews, was lucky: they were placed in good rooms, where they cleaned regularly, cosmetic repairs were done and all the equipment was working. Thus, among the set of negatives, one can also find positive statements about the sanatorium.

Power. Declared delicious food in the dining room - just words. In reality, judging by the reviews, the diet is meager, portions are small, and the food is not tasty. And again, there are also positive reviews. Quite a lot of people say that the assortment is quite sufficient, there are always fresh vegetables, fruits, and cooks are just masters of their craft. How this difference is explained is incomprehensible. One can meet the opinion that a huge role is played by the financial factor. Maybe it all depends on the shift. We do not aim to blacken or, on the contrary, whitewash the administration of the institution, but only state the information received.

kuban sanatorium anapa

Service. On the staff reviews are also mixed. Someone expresses enormous gratitude to the administration, maids, doctors and nurses. Often praise individual experts. Others, on the contrary, argue that the staff does not meet at all, not always polite and unskilled, and treatment is of poor quality. To be fair, we note that there are more positive comments on this point.

Recommendations of

So, what do we have in the end? Alas, many people do not advise going to the sanatorium "Kuban"( Anapa).Most authors of the reviews write that the rest here does not meet the declared on the official website and advertised by the tour operators. On the other hand, people who, according to them, do not have a different opportunity to rest and get better( disabled people, pensioners, participants of the Second World War, low-income citizens, who want to take the children to the sea), do not make any special claims, moreover, thanks to the administration and personnel, and the negative comments are answered: "Are not you ashamed? The sanatorium is good."Of course, it is not possible to compare Kuban with 4- or 5-star complexes of recognized resorts in the world. Agree, expect from a health resort still Soviet times the level of Tunisian, Egyptian or Turkish hotels - nonsense. However, there is a negative, and administration, of course, should take this moment into account and do everything possible to make positive responses more.

For our part, we note that, as in other life situations, in choosing a sanatorium one should not blindly rely on someone else's opinion. There are many comments in which people write that, after reading the "horror stories", they were upset and even wanted to abandon the trip. But, after arriving at the health resort, they found that everything was not so bad. So do not blindly duplicate the negative. Who has the opportunity to relax on a broad foot, it is possible to go to Turkey or Egypt, who does not have such an opportunity and is not too picky, judging by the reviews, will enjoy the stay under the tender sun of Anapa.