Causes and symptoms of anal fissures. Anal fissure: methods of treatment with folk remedies

Proctological diseases often have a very pronounced symptomatology. All because of the fact that in the intestine and anus are concentrated quite a lot of nerve endings. Such pathologies do not allow a person to lead a habitual way of life. People try their best to get rid of the manifestations of the disease. Sometimes it works out well. However, it is worth recalling that the elimination of symptoms is not the main goal of treatment, because the problem still remains with the patient.

In this article we will consider the symptoms of anal fissures. You will learn about the varieties of this pathology and about the methods of its diagnosis. After reading the article, you will be able to answer the question about what causes anal fissures in an adult, rather than treating them. It is also worth telling about the course of the disease in children.

symptoms of anal fissures

What is an anal fissure?

Symptoms of pathology in each person can be different. It all depends on the pain threshold and the size of the lesion. Before getting acquainted with the main manifestations, it is worth saying a few words about this disease.

Anal fissure is the damage( divergence) of the mucosa of the anus. In this case, it arises usually not inside the intestine, but outside - on the anus. A crack is called a depression having a length of about one and a half centimeters. The distance between its edges can reach one centimeter. The depth is usually measured in a few millimeters. Despite the relatively small size, damage causes a person the greatest discomfort. The bottom of the anal fissure is muscle fibers. The rupture can be longitudinal or oval. It should be noted that over time, the anal fissure becomes wider. Symptoms of the disease become more pronounced.

Varieties of damage to the mucosa

The crack of the anal opening of the symptoms is different. Much depends on its kind. The most pronounced manifestations of the disease in acute flow. All because people are experiencing such discomfort for the first time. However, chronic damage is much more dangerous. Determine what exactly you are dealing with, can a qualified proctologist.

The age of the rumen is always taken into account. Chronic anal fissure symptoms is as follows: prolonged( more than 1-2 months) location in the indicated location. If we are talking about the acute course of the pathology, the wound usually heals on 20-30 days. This is the main difference in damage. You can also determine the type of rumen during the examination. In this case, the acute anal fissure is characterized by even, clear contours. Chronic damage is lined with a coarse tissue, on which the so-called tubercles are formed. It is worth saying that the symptoms of anal fissures are very unpleasant. Some patients are even forced to leave for a sick leave because of such ailment, because the pain does not allow them to live and work normally.

anal fissure in children symptoms

Manifestations of pathology

Many symptoms of anal fissures are known to medicine. However, this does not mean that they should all be in the patient. Also, people all have different perceptions and sensibilities. That is why the manifestation of pathology can differ:

  • Symptoms of anal fissures are always expressed in pain. Without this sensation, not a single damage was diagnosed. Due to the fact that there is a mass of nerve endings in the anal sphincter, damage to the mucous membrane is always felt very acutely. This symptom arises more often towards the end or immediately after defecation. All due to the fact that fecal masses irritate the surface of the intestine and the nerve endings on it.
  • Blood after stool. Anal fissure in children has symptoms more often. If the child does not talk about pain in the backcourt, then the parent will probably notice the baby's blood on the toilet paper. Adult patients may also have this symptom. However, not everyone sees it. Droplets of blood can be present not only on the means of hygiene, but also on the waste of life itself.
  • Acute anal fissure in children may have symptoms in the form of burning and itching. As a rule, in the chronic course of the process, the condition is significantly aggravated, and the child simply can no longer remain silent about the problem. If you notice that the kid is always trying to scratch the anus, you should definitely make sure that it is not a crack. The transition from an acute course to a chronic one can be quite dangerous. Recall that itching and burning sensation in the sphincter area may have other causes.
  • Chronic anal fissure symptoms often have already settled. So, the patient over time begins to fear banal bowel evacuation due to waiting for pain. At the same time, the longer a person suffers, the rougher and harder the stool masses become. During defecation( which is still inevitable), the mucous membrane is even more traumatized. There is a vicious circle.
  • Emotional manifestations. In patients with anal fissure in a chronic form, neural disorders often occur. Due to the inability to normally empty the intestines, such persons suffer from depression, sleep disturbance, deterioration of the skin and hair.
  • Anal fissure in infants with symptoms will have the following: constant anxiety, crying, constipation, stressed state. Also mummy can independently look at the anus of the child and see the described damage. Remember that the baby is not yet able to tell what exactly is bothering him.

If there is a suspicion that you have an anal fissure( symptomatology is present), then it's worth to see a doctor as soon as possible. The acute course of the disease is treated quite successfully by conservative methods, whereas in advanced cases, surgical intervention may be required.

Anal fissure: causes( erroneous opinion)

Often, patients agree that scars are caused by hemorrhoids. Actually, this is wrong. Hemorrhoids( internal or external) and anal fissure are two completely different diseases. However, quite often they occur simultaneously. These pathologies are practically independent of each other. They are treated different methods.

Many patients believe that the removal of hemorrhoids leads to cure cracks. This opinion is also erroneous. You should not guess on the coffee grounds yourself. Address to the skilled expert who will tell to you about the reasons of development of a pathology and will offer modern ways of treatment.

chronic anal fissure symptoms

Why does the damage actually occur?

The main and only reason for the development of the problem can not be named. The occurrence of damage can be affected by a number of factors. As you already know, the anal fissure is damage to the mucous membrane at the entrance to the intestine. It develops as a result of the thinning of the walls and the inflammatory process. So, the first cause of anal fissure can be called dystrophy of tissues and inflammation.

Violation of personal hygiene rules often leads to scar formation. Carry out cleaning procedures after each act of defecation. If you do not, then begin to appear diaper rash. The tender mucous membrane is thinned and inflamed. As a result, it breaks.

Constipation is the main reason for the appearance of a crack. In this case, this fact is a symptom and consequence. That is, the delay of fecal masses is closely related to the formation of scars on the intestinal mucosa.

Damage to shells can be mechanical. Often they arise because of the use of inexpensive and poor-quality toilet paper. Also lovers of anal intercourse often suffer from the symptoms described above.

Pregnancy and childbirth in women sometimes lead to the formation of an anal fissure. However, this does not mean that every future and newly mummy will face this problem. Pressure on the pelvis and clamped intestines are prerequisites for the formation of pathology. It is worth noting that the anal fissure is most dangerous if it occurs in the direction of the vagina just before birth. This kind of scar can cause a rupture of the crotch of the 4th degree.

Medical research( rectoscopy, colonoscopy, and so on) sometimes causes a crack. In this case, rather, it is about non-professionalism and violation of rules during the procedure.

anal fissure symptoms

Treatment of pathology

Depending on which anal fissure has symptoms, treatment should be selected individually. That's why you should not fight the problem yourself and try to try the medications that helped your acquaintances. You may need an individual approach to correction of the scar.

Anal fissure treatment methods is different. The acute course of the disease is usually eliminated by conservative methods. If it is a question of a long presence of the scar and a chronic form of pathology, then surgical intervention may be offered to you. At the same time during the operation, the doctor makes excision of the altered walls of the rumen, after which it grows together independently. Also now there are various minimally invasive technologies that help to cope with pathology.

What can I do at home?

Often patients do not go to medical facilities with this delicate problem. People try to cope with the disease on their own. Someone is pretty successful coming out. However, it is worth remembering that there is no single medicine to eliminate the anal fissure. You will need complex therapy. At home, you can adjust the diet, physical activity, use medicines and resort to folk recipes.

With all this, it is worth remembering that if your efforts did not yield results within 10-15 days, then it's worth to visit a doctor immediately. Otherwise, the disease risks moving into a chronic phase. In this case, the path to your cure will be long and thorny.

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Diet and physical activity

If you have an anal fissure, the ways of treatment( at home) can be different. At the same time, a diet should always be observed and moderate physical activity should be present.

As you already know, a frequent companion of the scar is constipation. It can be acute and chronic. Help to adjust the stool and soften the stool mass can adjust the supply. Refuse spices, salty foods and fried foods. Alcohol and carbonated drinks are strictly prohibited. If you can not do without sweet, then prefer natural dark chocolate to buns. Try to eat more vegetables and greens. Bread should contain bran in its composition. Required liquid food in the form of soups. Contrasting nutrition helps the stomach and intestines to intensify their work. For example, for breakfast you can drink a glass of chilled juice, and after a while use a hot oatmeal.

Moderate physical activity normalizes the work of the whole organism, in particular, the digestive tract. Nobody makes you run the cross. Just prefer walking on foot to work or go home on foot( give up the elevator).With a sedentary lifestyle, the risk of crack formation increases several fold. If you during the day have to sit for a long time at the computer, then somehow you need to compensate.

Rescue for expectant mothers

If an anal fissure occurs during pregnancy, one of the stages of her treatment will be the use of a bandage. This is especially true for long terms. The holding belt will ensure removal of the load from the small pelvis and intestines. Also, prospective mothers can perform simple exercises, with the help of which the blood flow to the pelvis is normalized.

Stand on all fours so that the stomach sags. You are in this position for several minutes. There can be many such approaches in a day. It is worth noting that such exercises not only reduce pressure on the intestines, but also relieve the back, kidneys.

anal fissure symptoms treatment

Use of medicines at home

For the treatment of anal fissure, you can use medicines. However, before this, it is still recommended to consult a doctor. Some formulations may simply not suit you or cause side effects. Currently, the arsenal of the fight against scars are ointments, gels, rectal suppositories and tablets. Among them are the following:

  • Ointments .This type of medication is applied up to two times a day immediately after the bowel has been emptied. Beforehand, it is necessary to clean the area of ​​the anal opening very well. Ointments have a healing, anti-inflammatory, analgesic effect. Among them, the most common drugs are: "Ultraproject", "Bepanten", "Solcoseril", "Metiluratsil" and others.
  • Suppositories .These drugs are perfectly combined with the means for external use. They help to relieve spasm and eliminate discomfort. Also, some formulations have a laxative effect. These remedies include Relief, Proctoglivenol, Metilitacil, sea-buckthorn candles and so on.
  • Tablets .Medicines for oral administration involve the removal of spasm, inflammation, improvement of blood supply to damaged tissues. Among them, the following medicines can be identified: Drotaverin, Spazmalgon, Actovegin, Kurantil, Detralex, Fleobodia and others.

Remember that all of the above medicines have their contraindications. Check with your doctor or instructions.

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Application of folk remedies

What can anal fissures have for the treatment of folk remedies? The task of the patient is to facilitate his condition. For this, it is necessary to relieve pain and inflammation, normalize the stool, increase immunity and provide healing action. Below are some effective recipes to fight anal fissures:

  • Baths. Effectively receive similar treatment with the newly formed crack. To do this, prepare a decoction of chamomile and oak bark in equal proportions. Yarrow and calendula also have a healing and anti-inflammatory effect. Some patients prefer a solution of potassium permanganate. This option is also effective.
  • Take two streptocid tablets, a spoonful of honey and aloe juice. All grind and mix. Apply compresses before going to bed and cover them with a bandage.
  • Prepare one piece of badger oil, propolis and alcohol. Mix everything. Peel the potatoes and give it a thin stick shape. Apply the prepared medicine to the tuber and enter into the rectum for half an hour.
  • Make a concentrated chamomile broth, add sea buckthorn oil. Prepared by the composition you need to do microclysters with a volume of 30 ml.
  • Melt 100 grams of butter. Add 10 grams of propolis and cook for several minutes. The resulting substance should be cooled and used as an ointment.
  • Take the yolk of a chicken egg and mix with the decoction of the bay leaf. Add a few drops of sea buckthorn oil. The obtained composition should be lubricated the damaged area several times a day after thorough cleaning of the anus.

because of what there are anal fissures in an adult than to treat

A short summary of the results

From the presented article you learned about what an anal fissure is, and in what cases it can arise. It is worth making a reservation that when the disease worsens, research manipulation is not allowed. Preliminary it is necessary to cure pathology. If you have such a delicate problem, do not wait. Pay attention that in a month your inaction can translate pathology into a chronic, more complex form. In this situation, all the doctor's efforts to heal you with medicines can be powerless. Watch your health and do not be ill!