Liver cancer: how much to live? Symptoms, causes and predictions

Liver cancer is the formation of a malignant type that occurs in the cells of the organ of the same name and its structures. In this case, the symptoms have some peculiarities and appear due to the action of such causes as the disease with viral hepatitis, cirrhosis of the liver, and also because of excessive consumption of foods containing an excessive amount of aflatoxin.

General information

Statistics show that such a cancer occurs in women several times less often than in the representatives of the opposite sex. And the age of the patient basically exceeds the mark of 40 years. In children, this disease is much less common.

It is important to know the types, factors of development, symptoms and ways of treating such a dangerous malignant disease as liver cancer. How much to live with such a disease, how to avoid it - all these questions concern not only the patient, but also the healthy person.

There are two types of ailment:

  • primary;
  • secondary.

The primary species originates from cells that make up the structure of the organ itself. More common is secondary liver cancer. How much to live with this form? Experts conduct numerous studies, but the findings are disappointing.

In the secondary form, there is a proliferation of already existing tumor metastases, which are based on malignant cells affected by the disease, so this form most often leads to death.

Factors causing liver cancer

There are certain reasons that increase the possibility of forming liver cancer:

  • 50 years of age and older;
  • male sex is more at risk of liver cancer;
  • viral hepatitis( chronic, often B and C);
  • cirrhosis;
  • smoking, alcohol;
  • use of contraceptives( in this case, contraceptive pills);
  • use of pain medications.

Symptoms of formation of liver cancer

The first signs of liver cancer include:

  • constipation;
  • vomiting, nausea, loss of appetite;
  • sharp weight loss;
  • weakness.

Symptoms of liver cancer include:

  • tumor in the liver;
  • pain in the right hypochondrium;
  • itching, yellowing of the skin, the appearance of vascular asterisks;
  • intra-abdominal hemorrhage;
  • disorders of the endocrine system.


A preliminary diagnosis is made based on the patient's general complaints, examination of the patient, percussion and palpation of the liver, as well as the availability of an available laboratory test. In addition, great importance is also paid to ultrasound scanning, and in controversial cases - to computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging.

Laparoscopic examination allows for an external examination, and when a change occurs on the surface, material is collected for histological analysis. There is also a method for testing the presence of a malignant tumor, such as hepatology.

Healing from liver cancer

To date, liver cancer is considered one of the most complex diseases.

When treatment implies surgical intervention, you need to know the following:

  • if the size of the tumor site is small, it is usually removed to prevent subsequent sprawl to other organs and lymph nodes;
  • tumor destruction is performed by embolization;
  • does liver transplantation;
  • it is important to follow a diet.

Forecast of Lifetime in the Presence of Disease

How many live with liver cancer? This question, unfortunately, is becoming more urgent for the population. Diagnosis of the disease at an early stage, as a rule, gives positive results. As soon as surgery is possible, there is a chance to save the patient's life. Moreover, it will give an opportunity to live for at least five years.

And yet, how many live with liver cancer? An exact answer to this question does not exist, because the life expectancy with this disease depends on such causes as the severity of the flow and its stage, the age of the patient.

One of the most dangerous diseases, which ranks third among all malignant ailments, is liver cancer. It is not known how much to live for a patient suffering from this terrible misfortune. Most often, the ailment is susceptible only to surgical intervention. But, in addition, there are methods of radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

Even the most experienced specialists who study such a disease as liver cancer can not answer unequivocally. How much remains to live patient - in many respects will depend not only on the above reasons, but also on his psychological attitude. A miracle always happens to someone who sincerely believes in it. Sometimes only care and attention of relatives can give the patient strength, patience and hope for a good outcome of events.

How to prevent liver cancer?

  1. Get vaccinated against hepatitis B.
  2. Eliminate alcohol.
  3. Do not take iron supplements without consulting a specialist.

The prognosis of recovery and survival in this disease is completely unfavorable. Along with other ailments, one of the most serious is liver cancer. How much to live, what forecasts and methods of treatment are important questions. But, in spite of everything, you need to be able to tune yourself in the best and do not give up. Annually specialists of this field come up with new methods of treatment, and people sincerely believe that someday one will certainly be invented such that it will help to easily defeat this terrible disease.