How and where to take the test for sexually transmitted diseases?

Given the number of infections that are transmitted sexually, the analysis for sexually transmitted diseases is one of the most urgent. It is this laboratory test that makes it possible to detect the presence of pathogens and begin timely treatment.

What are the ailments related to sexually transmitted diseases?

Modern medicine diagnoses more than 30 sexually transmitted infections. Some of them can lead to death, others - cause significant harm to the body. In the list of the most dangerous diseases are:

  • HIV infection;
  • hepatitis B, C;
  • syphilis.

That's why for any reference to a health care institution where you will be treated, it is necessary to pass tests for sexually transmitted diseases from this list. This is an obligatory measure for all citizens receiving medical care. It is due to the fact that, in addition to sexual transmission, these diseases can be infected through the blood. Thus, this measure is designed to protect patients who go through both inpatient and outpatient care in medical institutions.

analysis for sexually transmitted diseases

In addition to the diseases listed in the list, there is another group of infections that are sexually transmitted. They are much more than 30, but the current level of laboratory research allows you to detect only a given amount. An analysis for sexually transmitted diseases from this group is not mandatory, it is given only on its own. However, considering that the presence of any infection in the body can cause him significant harm, it is desirable to periodically take this analysis in time to detect it and begin treatment.

When should I undergo a laboratory examination?

The analysis for sexually transmitted diseases should be submitted in the following cases:

  • partner change and unprotected sexual intercourse;
  • planning and the onset of pregnancy;
  • characteristic sensations in the genital area( burning, itching, discharge);
  • infertility;
  • abnormal course of pregnancy( miscarriage);
  • preparation for surgical intervention in the genitourinary system;
  • monitoring of the course of treatment of the venereal disease.

Methods for conducting the analysis

You can perform this laboratory examination in several ways, choosing the most convenient for yourself. So, tests for sexually transmitted diseases can be passed:

  1. By collecting a smear from the urethra, cervical or urethra, and also the vagina. The advantage of this method is that the analysis can be handed over directly during the visit to the doctor and get the result in a short time. However, this method of collecting the material may not reveal any infections, which will lead to unreliable results. In this case, an additional analysis will be assigned.
  2. By taking blood, when it is necessary to clarify the results of the smear. However, it should be taken into account that antibodies to infection are not developed immediately, and since the composition of the blood determines precisely their presence and quantity, this method will be ineffective in the short period after infection.
  3. By collection of bacteriological culture. This method is used to confirm the diagnosis, as well as to identify the level of susceptibility of the pathogen.

tests for sexually transmitted diseases

Analyzes for sexually transmitted diseases in men and women

Given the fact that the number of partners in the male half is usually higher than that of a female, the need for this laboratory examination is higher for them. The penetration of infections of this group into the body in the absence of treatment passes into a chronic form. Men are at risk of prostatitis, early impotence and, possibly, infertility. delivery of tests for sexually transmitted diseases

The last risk factor is also present in women. To pass analyzes on venereal diseases at men it is possible three by the ways listed above, considering reliability of everyone. If the result is positive, then after the complex treatment, it is necessary to once again undergo laboratory tests to make sure it is effective.

Where can I take tests?

When you are faced with the problem of having an infection in your body, a natural question arises where to pass tests for sexually transmitted diseases.

To date, this laboratory examination can be performed not only in the state polyclinics, but also in private medical centers. At the same time, if necessary, you can submit the analysis anonymously, since this service is provided by Russian law.

If you decide to apply to a state institution, you need to have a passport, SNILS and a medical certificate. As a rule, the delivery of analyzes of such a plan involves a visit to the dermatovenerologic dispensary at the place of residence. First, consult a doctor who will carefully examine you and then write a referral to the laboratory tests that you need.

tests for sexually transmitted diseases in men

If you contact a private clinic, you will only be required to pay for the procedure if you give the analysis anonymously. Otherwise it is necessary to have a passport with you. In a private clinic, tests for sexually transmitted diseases can be submitted without referral from a doctor, on their own.

However, in both cases, specialist consultation is required both during the initial examination and when interpreting the results. It is due to the fact that the doctor, based on your condition and complaints, will determine which tests should be taken. And their results can be correctly interpreted only by a medical worker, since in this case one should pay attention to a number of nuances on which the duration of infection and its degree depends.

Preparing for

analysis To obtain the most reliable result, before visiting a laboratory, it is necessary to observe several rules. So, if you have to take tests for sexually transmitted diseases, you need:

  • to avoid sexual contact two days before a visit to a doctor;
  • refrain from urinating 1.5-2 hours before taking the test by taking a smear;
  • not to eat spicy and salty foods, and also to refrain from drinking carbonated drinks, alcohol and, if possible, smoking.

express tests for sexually transmitted diseases

Compliance with such simple rules increases the reliability of the results, accordingly, you receive timely treatment and avoid the need for re-delivery of tests.

Waiting for results

When the analysis for venereal diseases is ready, depends on the availability of your own laboratory in the place where you decided to take it. If the material is not transported anywhere, the results can be obtained the next day. If the analysis is carried out in a third-party laboratory, the time is extended. Then you can expect the result to be up to 3 days. However, modern medicine offers such a service as rapid tests for sexually transmitted diseases. As the name implies, in this case the result can be obtained very quickly. In some centers this is 20 minutes, and the maximum interval that is given for this type of analysis is 2 hours. This is a great way to save time, but it is worth considering that the cost of such a service will be higher than that of the usual method.

where to pass tests for sexually transmitted diseases

Thus, the timely delivery of tests for sexually transmitted diseases - this is one of the most reliable methods of taking care of their own health. Also, it should be borne in mind that if an infection is found in one of the partners, it is present in the other too. That is why it is necessary to conduct joint complex treatment.

Aware of the importance of timely detection of infections, many health problems can be avoided. Moreover, at the present stage of the development of medicine, the passage of such studies is simplified as much as possible. And given the existence of such services as rapid tests for sexually transmitted diseases, the time it takes to find out your diagnosis is minimal.