How to make a self-liquid for an electronic cigarette? The recipe for the proportions

Electronic cigarettes are already tightly integrated into our lives. To meet a person who smokes it is not a novelty, people ceased to be surprised at such innovation. Now there is a large number of ready-made mixtures that differ from each other not only by the amount of nicotine, but also by taste, smell. For lovers, every time you try new and new flavors, you can prepare self-liquid for electronic cigarettes.

self-liquid for electronic cigarette

Advantages of the

self-house Among the advantages we can single out:

  • low cost of liquid as a result( cost 30 ml of self-dress approximately 30 rubles);
  • at self-preparation it is possible to be absolutely assured that structure will be only natural( it is necessary to notice that the liquid for electronic cigarettes does not demand obligatory certification, so, there is no guarantee in its safety);
  • can independently choose the ratio of steam and taste;
  • it is possible to produce absolutely any volumes for future use( for example, if a long trip is planned);
  • choice of taste depends only on your preferences, you can safely combine the aroma of kiwi, coffee and liquorice, as well as those that are completely incompatible with each other.

Disadvantages of the

Self-Assembly Despite all the advantages, the self-liquid for electronic cigarettes has some drawbacks, because of which many prefer buying already prepared compounds. These disadvantages include the following:

  • to achieve the taste of the liquid of a favorite brand will be almost impossible;
  • manufacturing process requires a lot of time;
  • because one and the same taste can be bored, the assortment should have a large number of different flavors for mixing.

Composition of the mixture

Before making a self-liquid for electronic cigarettes, it is necessary to prepare the main components for it, which are only five:

  1. Propylene glycol. A colorless liquid of viscous consistency with a sweetish flavor. Absolutely safe component( even with accidental ingestion), which is authorized for use in many countries of the world. In the liquid for electronic cigarettes performs the function of transporting nicotine and flavorings. This is possible due to increased absorption. The more this component in the smoking liquid, the more pronounced the taste, you want to smoke less and less. However, the pair will also be smaller.
  2. Glycerin. This ingredient is needed in order for the immiscible ingredients of the samouzes to be mixed, and to create steam. However, a large amount of it can dull the taste, which means that the consumption of flavors will increase. In addition, the density of this self-dressing will not allow the wick to soak completely, which can lead to its sticking.
  3. Nicotine. This component for the liquid for electronic cigarettes is obtained by extraction from tobacco chips. It's worth noting that each brand uses its own tobacco, which is why the taste of cigarettes is so different. When choosing this ingredient you can not hurry and immediately acquire large volumes. In addition, nicotine requires the creation of special storage conditions, in particular, it is necessary to limit access to light, heat and oxygen.

    how to make a self-liquid for electronic cigarettes

  4. Water. It should not be usual from a tap, but distilled. This component is necessary to give a less dense consistency after mixing the other ingredients. If you get distilled water problematically, you can use boiled, but remember that there may be undesirable impurities in it.
  5. Flavors. They can be natural( obtained physically and fairly expensive), identical to natural( some components are obtained artificially, but correspond to natural ones), artificial( obtained by chemical synthesis, one of the ingredients does not exist in nature).

Finding these ingredients will not be difficult, since they are all publicly available. That's why samozames liquid for electronic cigarettes( recipes will be given below) can be an excellent alternative to ready-made mixtures.

Basic toolkit

In addition to liquid ingredients, you will need

  • vials of different volume( the most convenient are 10 ml, 30 ml, 100 ml);

proportions of self-emplacement for electronic cigarettes

  • Pasteur pipettes( they are graded);
  • medical syringe with a volume of 20 cubes.

It is allowed to use and improvised means, but you need to be sure of their safety for health, as well as compliance with the conditions of storage.

How to make self-liquids for electronic cigarettes: recipes

There are three main ways of self-dressing, which differ from each other by the amount of steam, flavor and the presence of nicotine.

correct self-liquid for electronic cigarette

The proportions of the self-liquid for electronic cigarettes in the first case guarantee an average amount of steam, however, if desired, they can be slightly adjusted( glycerine responds to steam).Use only clean dishes. The proportions are as follows:

  • 35% glycerol;
  • 55% propylene glycol;
  • 10% water.

For the accuracy of measurements, it is recommended to use a syringe or a measuring pipette. First, glycerol and propylene glycol are mixed, and then flavorings are added to the mixture( it should be remembered that natural flavoring needs much less than artificial flavoring) and water. As for nicotine, then you need to be careful. For 10 ml of a smoking liquid with a content of 6 mg / ml, add 0.6 ml of nicotine( concentration 100%).

Water makes the mixture more flowable, as a result of which the wick is completely impregnated with liquid and does not burn.

These proportions are considered to be traditional, that is the so-called correct self-liquid for electronic cigarettes.

how to make a self-sampling fluid for electronic cigarettes

If you do not like a lot of steam and want to maximize the taste of a normal cigarette, then the recipe for Ice blade is right for you. This composition is characterized by a small amount of steam, strong taste and a pronounced blow to the throat. The proportions are as follows:

  • 95% propylene glycol;
  • 5% distilled water.

How to achieve a large amount of steam?

There are fans who use electronic cigarettes exclusively for the sensation of steam. However, in such mixtures the taste will be weak. To obtain such a composition it is necessary to mix:

  • 80% glycerol;
  • 20% water.

These proportions are generally accepted, but they can easily be adjusted by selecting the ideal composition for yourself.

Nicotine content

The amount of nicotine can also be easily adjusted. You can safely prepare self-liquids for electronic cigarettes( recipes without nicotine do not differ from others), absolutely devoid of nicotine, however, the taste will be little like cigarettes.

Strength of electronic cigarettes is as follows:

  • 0 mg / ml - complete absence of nicotine;
  • 3 mg / ml corresponds to cigarettes marked as White or Platinum Blue;
  • 6 mg / ml - Silver;
  • 12 mg / ml - Blue;
  • 18 mg / ml - Red;
  • 24 mg / ml - Captain Black.

In addition, in some cases a mixture is made that contains 36 mg of nicotine, but only as a base for the preparation of weaker liquids.

self-liquid for electronic cigarette recipes

Basic rules of

In order to make the self-liquids of liquids for electronic cigarettes( a lot of steam can be obtained by adding glycerin), it is recommended to follow the basic rules:

  1. It is not recommended to immediately prepare a lot of liquid if you just start trying such experiments,flavor or nicotine. This is due to the fact that each person has a different perception of taste, which is why the same proportions can be perceived in different ways.
  2. After mixing all the ingredients, the mixture should be shaken thoroughly. In addition, the liquid must be at least a night, although it can be longer.
  3. It is recommended to use accurate measuring instruments to be sure of observing the proportions.
  4. All mixing operations should be carried out only with gloves.
  5. If liquid is stored for future use, store it in a cool place, preferably a refrigerator. In addition, the packaging should be airtight, as well as hidden from sunlight.

If after the mixture has been cooked, you realized that you are overdone with flavors or nicotine, you can still fix it. In the first case, the problem can be solved by dilution, in the second - the addition of flavors - menthol or cherry.

self-liquid for electronic cigarettes recipes without nicotine

Using calculators

In addition to the classic recipes, you can use the help of special calculators that will output the formula of the mixture depending on your wishes. They can either be downloaded to a computer or used online. It is these calculators that will allow you to choose the ideal variant almost immediately for you. And remember, there must be a measure in everything.