Breath oil: instructions for use, composition, properties

In the pharmacies of our country you can find a variety of drugs against the flu and colds. Such drugs are available in the form of tablets, and in the form of solutions, injections, capsules, tinctures and the like. However, very many people prefer to use a cold remedy in the form of oil. It should not be ingested or rubbed on the skin, and therefore it is absolutely safe for both babies and pregnant women. oil breathing instruction manual

So what is the anti-catarrh oil "Breathe"?Instructions for use, price, reviews are presented in this article.

Composition and means of packing

What does the "Breath" oil contain? Instruction for use informs that the main components of this drug are:

  • clove oil;
  • cajeput oil;
  • peppermint oil without menthol;
  • eucalyptus oil;
  • juniper oil;
  • levomenthol;
  • wintergreen oil.

This product is available in dark vials, which are placed in cardboard packs.

Features of the oil preparation

The "Breath" oil( instructions for use, the price of the product indicated below) has a high therapeutic efficiency, which is related to the natural ingredients that make up its composition.

Carnation is used as an antiseptic and anesthetic. As is known, it has an anti-inflammatory effect, and is also capable of decontaminating air.

Cajeput oil is very often used for catarrhal diseases. It has a toning effect and is an excellent antiseptic.

Peppermint has an analgesic and invigorating effect. This component facilitates breathing with a cold and is used as an analgesic. oil breathing instruction on application price

Surely everyone knows that eucalyptus oil has antipyretic properties. It promotes human resistance to infectious diseases, and therefore is actively used for colds and flu. Also this component depresses the vital activity of harmful bacteria.

Juniper oil prevents the development of colds and increases the resistance of humans to viruses and infections.

Levomenthol is a menthol of natural origin. This ingredient has antispasmodic properties. It eliminates the symptoms of acute laryngitis, rhinitis, bronchitis and pharyngitis.

Wintergreen oil eliminates the inflammatory processes that occur in the respiratory tract.

So, what are the features of the Breath oil? The instruction for use states that this product is capable of disinfecting air and significantly reducing the risk of infection.

Indications for use

When should I use Breath oil? Instruction for use asserts that this agent works well only in the early stages of the disease( cold or flu).It is also used to prevent viral and infectious diseases.

Contraindications to the use of

When should you not use Breath oil? Instruction for use informs that this remedy can not be prescribed only if it is sensitive to its ingredients. oil breathing instruction manual price review

How to use

How should I use Breath oil? Instructions for use( in pregnancy, children and ordinary people) argue that only 2-3 drops of the drug are sufficient to aromatize the air in the room. It is applied to a napkin or tissue surface, and then placed next to the patient.

By the way, it is not uncommon for a medicinal product to be used for acupressure. The medication is applied to the skin and thoroughly triturated.

The duration and frequency of use of this tool are not limited.

Side effects of

The considered preparation with air aromatization does not cause undesirable phenomena. When massage, patients may experience mild redness.

Reviews and price

The cost of an aromatic product varies between 200-250 rubles.

According to patients' reviews, this medication has a huge number of positive points. First, it consists of natural substances. Secondly, this product is absolutely safe for adults, pregnant women and children. Thirdly, the "Breath" medication does not cause side effects, since it is applied by means of a contactless method. oil breathing instructions for use in pregnancy

Specialists report that the drug in question is an excellent preventive medicine against colds. They are very comfortable to use not only at home, but also on the street, in the office, school and so on. To do this, a few drops of the drug should only be applied to the scarf or clothing. By the way, this method of use is very popular among pregnant women who regularly visit hospitals, polyclinics and other public places. The vapors of this medication increase the weakened immunity of the future parturient, and also prevent the development of viruses and infections.