Is it possible to eat figs while breastfeeding?

During pregnancy, most women do not limit themselves to anything. Future mothers eat that food and in the amount they want. However, after birth, you have to radically revise your diet and diet. Often newly mummified mothers want to eat something tasty and unusual. This is where the question arises whether it is possible to breastfeed a fig. This article will help you find the answer to it. You will learn how to properly eat figs during breastfeeding and who should refrain from this product. Experts' opinions and women's comments about such nutrition will be presented to your attention.

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Doctors disagree

Can the figs be breastfed? What do the doctors say about this? There is still no unified opinion. Some experts believe that fresh figs with breastfeeding can become an allergen for mother and baby. They also say that this exotic fruit is quite dangerous. Other doctors say that if a woman used this food during pregnancy, then she can eat during lactation. How is this really the case? Can a newly mummy eat figs and feed a child without fear of consequences? Let's try to understand this issue in detail.

Nutrition of a woman in the first months after childbirth

Is it possible to eat figs when breastfed right after delivery? In this issue, the opinions of experts have converged. Physicians report that in the first three months after the appearance of the baby the mother's diet should be special. From the diet it is necessary to exclude all allergens, even if the woman does not react to them in any way. It is also recommended to refrain from eating fresh fruits and vegetables, including figs. This can lead to increased gas formation in the baby. It is in the first three months of life that babies have problems with digestion.

can I have figs in breastfeeding?

The opinion of dieticians about figs when lactating

Physicians who follow the weight of their patients, say that the figs when breastfeeding will be an excellent tool for normalizing body weight. The product helps to improve digestion due to the high content of fiber in its composition. Also, nutritionists note that regular use of figs during lactation normalizes the stool and regulates the balance of salts in the body.

Often newly mummified mothers have to use laxatives. With daily use of figs you can forget about such problems forever.

Use for vessels and veins of nursing mother

The fig when breastfeeding helps to normalize blood pressure, improve heart function. All due to the fact that it contains magnesium and potassium. Also these elements strengthen the nervous system, which is important for the newly mummy. The fruit improves blood circulation, it increases the tone of the vessels and strengthens their walls.

Phlebologists and cardiologists say that the fig when breastfeeding becomes an excellent preventive tool. Regular consumption of this product can avoid the development of varicose veins, hemorrhoids, hypertension and other pathologies.

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Vitamins and their benefits for the mother and newborn

The fig when breastfeeding can be useful not only for mom, but also for her baby. This fruit contains vitamins A and C. They are involved in the formation of immune defenses of the body. As many people know, in the first six months of life, the crumb does not have its own immunity. He receives protection directly from the mother's milk. Also, the newly mummy needs reliable protection. After all, during lactation you can not take almost no medications.

Also in this fruit contains calcium. He is often in deficit in a nursing mother. All because of the fact that the baby is actively growing. To do this, he needs calcium, which he receives from the mother's body. It is worth noting that, with a lack of this substance, the crumb begins to take it from the hair, nails and bones of its parent. That's why so often after the birth women complain of hair loss, fragility of teeth and nails.

The figs contain B vitamins, including iron. Their normal amount in a woman's body contributes to the proper functioning of the liver and hematopoiesis. The lack of iron often affects the appearance of a young mother. She becomes pale, tired, and circles appear under the eyes.

It is worth recalling that all the useful substances mentioned above penetrate the breast milk and in a small amount get to the baby. All this has only a benefit in the growth and development of the baby.

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Opinion of breastfeeding specialists

Is it possible to eat figs when breastfeeding? Feedback from experts in this matter, the following information is reported: this fruit is not only not harmful, but also useful. You can consume it right from the first day after the birth. However, it must be done wisely.

Breastfeeding specialists say that mom has this product better in the morning hours. This will save you from a sleepless night in the event of a negative reaction to the fruit. Figs can be consumed in an amount of one piece. After this, lead a customary for you regime, feed the baby, as usual. Watch your reaction carefully. If nothing unusual happened, then the next day you can eat two figs. Remember that in everything there should be a measure. Only in this case, the use of figs during lactation will bring you and your child a benefit, not harm.

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Alternative use of figs

The use of figs during lactation leads to the purification of the body. The fruit is an excellent antioxidant. Many cosmeticians recommend using it not only inside, but also make facial masks from figs.

It is worth noting that if the use of figs did not lead to negative consequences, then the masks from this product also will not have a harmful effect on the baby. Depending on the type of your skin, you can add sour cream, egg white, nuts and other products to the flesh of the fig. Such skin care products will be much more useful than purchased products.

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When figs can not be taken with lactation?

So, you already know that the fig, which is used during lactation, brings exceptional benefits to the mother and baby. However, there are individual situations in which you should not eat this fruit.

You should not eat dried figs when breastfeeding, if you have a risk of diabetes. Also, the initial stages of this disease exclude such food. Despite this, you can eat fresh berries. After all, they contain much less sugars.

It is worth noting the use of figs in lactation, if you have stomach and intestinal diseases in the acute stage. So, the fruit is contraindicated in ulcers, colitis and various inflammatory processes.

If you have a tendency to an allergic reaction to this fetus, then it can develop in your baby. That is why such food should be limited or completely excluded for security reasons.

It is forbidden to eat stale fruits or figs of doubtful origin during lactation. This can lead to poisoning, which is very dangerous for the child. If you grow figs yourself, this will be the best option for feeding a nursing mother.

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Instead of concluding

Now you know that you can eat figs when breastfeeding. If you still have any questions about nutrition during lactation, you should seek help from a counselor. You can also take advice from pediatricians and midwives. They will tell you exactly whether you can use this or that product in your individual case. Eat right and stay healthy!