Kislovodsk, "Fortress"( sanatorium).Reviews of visitors about the sanatorium

Today we will discuss in detail the sanatorium "Fortress"( Kislovodsk), reviews about it, its advantages and disadvantages, and much more. Ready? Then we begin!


Hurry to get to Kislovodsk, "Fortress" is a sanatorium that awaits you every day!

The next year has come, within the framework of which in the near future you will have to decide where this time you will go on vacation.

Кисловодск, "Крепость" (санаторий) In any case, you want something new and unusual, despite the fact that the southern exotic resorts give a lot of emotions and vivid impressions. And if there was a need to improve health, the city of Kislovodsk, "Fortress"( sanatorium) is the best option for this purpose. It is considered one of the best hospitals in the Caucasus for many reasons.

Thus, you not only combine relaxation in warm exotic lands, but also enjoy pure mountain air and healing properties of mountain and mineral waters. With this rest you will get to the maximum everything that you can get from it!


Every year thousands of tourists gather in one of the best sanatoria in the Caucasus, and confident people leave here, charged with the energy of the mountainous Caucasus and the warm Caucasian summer.

For treatment of cardiovascular diseases, as well as stomach diseases, there is all the necessary equipment. Only professional professionals work in the sanatorium, which will do their best to make your health state normal.

Each cabinet has the most modern equipment that will effectively take care of your health, and for a rest period in a sanatorium you will get a decent result, leave it full of strength and cheerful spirit.

Санаторий "Крепость" (Кисловодск) When preparing a course of treatment, a specialist will find an approach to each patient and will carefully monitor his condition throughout the course of treatment.

Sanatorium "Fortress"( Kislovodsk) is the place from which you will definitely be delighted!


The interior of the sanatorium is so cozy and warm that you will be impressed with it literally right away. The most interesting is that no photograph can convey all its beauty - you must see and evaluate it yourself and, of course, be imbued with it.

To see and appreciate the atmosphere, pay attention to the "Fortress" - sanatorium( Kislovodsk), a photo of which is presented both on the official site of the hotel, and in our article. But, nevertheless, to appreciate all its beauty and beauty of the city, you should definitely be there!

From the windows of the sanatorium you can see most of the city. And what could be better than enjoying the charm of the surrounding nature and clean air?

All the rooms of the sanatorium are comfortable enough, and they create the best conditions for the stay of tourists. To see this, look at the photos, and you will certainly want to visit this place!

Advantages of

Kislovodsk( sanatorium "Fortress", in particular) is considered one of the best places in the Caucasus not by accident. Such a statement is provided with a large number of benefits that you will feel while resting there:

  • new medical technologies and a diverse approach to treatment;
  • comfortable rooms at affordable prices;
  • mountain nature and the opportunity to visit mineral springs;
  • stunning views;
  • only the most delicious breakfasts, lunches and dinners;
  • is a friendly and welcoming staff who will take care of your holiday.

Санаторий "Крепость" (Кисловодск): отзывы If you are planning a vacation, then try to combine in it not only pleasant, but also useful. And this means that you can not only improve your health when visiting a popular place like the sanatorium "Fortress"( Kislovodsk), but also admire the charm of the picturesque landscapes of the city and at the same time afford a sea of ​​entertainment both within the sanatorium and outsidehim.

The advantages of rest in the sanatorium are undeniable - the hotel staff does everything possible to make it bear the name of the best, and vacationers visited it more than once.


Every holidaymaker who plans to visit any of the health resorts of Russia, always cares not only about comfortable rest in his rooms, but also about nutrition.

I must say that it is far from everywhere and is not always of high quality and delicious enough, as many would like. As for the sanatorium "Fortress", the food there is not only very tasty, but to some extent even has medicinal properties, since the sanatorium, first of all, is wellness.

If you are going to rest in a sanatorium, then the food should be ordered immediately upon purchasing a voucher. It is here three meals a day - breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Г. Кисловодск, санаторий "Крепость" For each individual in the preparation of nutrition, the recommendations of dietitians are taken into account so as not to disrupt the course of a particular course of treatment.

Preference is given to meat, fish and vegetable dishes. In addition, the chefs give the guests a meal of cereals.

The chefs of the sanatorium have their own popularity among holidaymakers: both rich and other, including dietary.

The order of food and payment are made at set prices before arrival at the sanatorium.


Sanatorium "Fortress"( Kislovodsk) provides a fairly large range of services. For guests in the sanatorium there are special offers and pleasant discounts that will only please the guests!

Attention of visitors is offered a discount upon arrival on Friday and discount to regular customers. With all the conditions and opportunities can be found on the official site of the sanatorium "Fortress".

Visitors and reviews of

Most visitors who have already visited the sanatorium compare it with other health resorts in the Caucasus, and indeed in Russia. They are satisfied with the prices and cozy rooms, and, of course, food.

"Крепость" - санаторий (Кисловодск): фото Visitors always pay attention to the friendly staff, in most cases, he is the face of the institution, opening the door to a comfortable and cozy holiday.

Surprisingly, the Sanatorium "Old Fortress"( Kislovodsk) stands in the park zone of the city. And this means that nature and clean air are an integral part of a successful treatment outcome.

Leisure in the sanatorium is also at the highest level. There is a large dance hall, high-quality equipment. For the guests there are themed evenings, discos and various cultural events. In the sanatorium there is still a library in which visitors note the friendliness and responsiveness of librarians, as well as its warm atmosphere.

Address and schedule

To find out all information about treatment and rest in a sanatorium, and also to make a reservation, you can call:( 8-879-37) 2-46-47.

There is a sanatorium "Fortress" in the Stavropol Territory, the city of Kislovodsk at the address: Prospekt Mira, house number 9. It works and receives calls from visitors around the clock.

Rest and correct your health this year in the Caucasus in one of the best sanatoriums of such a beautiful place as Kislovodsk!

Sanatorium "Fortress" is the best health resort in the Caucasus. The mountain nature, warm and mild climate, mineral waters and treatment at the highest level by doctors of medical sciences, the best doctors of Russia - all this is at your service here!

Summing up

Санаторий "Старая крепость" (Кисловодск) Allow yourself to have the most unforgettable vacation this year at the "Fortress" sanatorium at the best prices, which will pleasantly surprise you!

Come to the sanatorium yourself, with family and children, feel the effectiveness of the offered treatment courses and the maximum rest from everything that is so tired!