Treatment of cancer and hepatitis C in India. Ayurvedic treatment in India: reviews

In this article we will consider treatment in India. Recently, this country began to develop at an incredible speed, so no wonder that the popularity of healing and healing in it is rapidly gaining momentum. India is the cradle of medical science - today it is able to provide a high level of medical services and provide exceptional methods of therapy. Every year the number of clients wishing to get help from Indian doctors increases. In this country patients are coming not only from Africa and Asia, but also from Western Europe and the US, where medicine has a high level of development.

In India, the quality of medical services is constantly monitored by government agencies - the Medical Tourism Board, the Ministry and the Federation of Health. Most of the clinics in this country are accredited by JCI and ISO.

Healing from a Dangerous Disease

What is cancer treatment in India? Oncology is a division of medicine that studies tumors, their pathogenesis and etiology, mechanisms and patterns of appearance and development, methods of treatment and prevention.

Indian doctors have world-class experience, access to advanced medical technologies and knowledge in the field of oncology. They successfully treat malignant tumors with modern equipment at the same level as the United States, Israel and the leading countries of Western Europe, but the cost of their services is several times lower.

cancer treatment in india

Cancer treatment in India is carried out using integrated methods. Doctors diagnose neoplasms use the most modern means. The choice of treatment regimen depends not only on the degree of disease, tumor localization, the presence of metastases and other things, but also on the age of the patient, his general condition, symptoms, and so on.

A group of doctors with different specialties works with the patient. They are engaged in the development of an optimal treatment plan. Such teamwork is popular and is a strong point of Indian healing of cancer patients.


Indian doctors perform immunotherapy, chemotherapy with the use of new generations of medicines, intricate operations, radiation therapy and other methods of healing, popular today in Israel and the United States.

What else is India famous for? Cancer treatment in her clinics is carried out using ultramodern equipment, necessary for examination and surgical interventions. It is in this state that the design of stereotactic radiosurgery CyberKnife is used to remove metastases and tumors. The non-contact operation is carried out here with the help of a robotic device.

High doses of radiation destroy the tumor without damaging nearby healthy tissues of the body."Cyber ​​knife" allows you to eliminate neoplasms that are inaccessible to other means of surgery.

Treatment of diseases of this type in India is also carried out with the help of IMRT, Gamma-knife and others. Specialists of hematological departments successfully perform bone marrow transplantation. In this country, the high quality of cancer treatment is combined with financial accessibility. The best oncology clinics in India are:

  • Medantta Institute.
  • The hospital of Dharamshila( New Delhi).
  • «Apollo Hospitals».
  • Oncological clinic "Amala"( Thrissur).
  • National Hinduja Medical Center( Mumbai).
  • Memorial Cancer Institute "Kidway"( Bangalore).
  • Memorial hospital "Tata"( Mumbai).
  • Oncological clinic "Apollo"( Chennai) and others.

Alternative methods

ayurvedic treatment in india

Treatment in India attracts patients, as in this country first-class diagnostics and rehabilitation are combined with price accessibility. Alternative methods of treating cancer here are:

  • Chinese traditional medicine, Western doctrines( naturopathy, homeopathy), ayurveda;
  • therapy based on biology( vitamins, diets, nutritional supplements, medicinal herbs);
  • medicine of a wise body( meditation, hypnosis, visualization, prayer, music and art therapy);
  • manual therapy( osteopathic manipulation, massage and others).

Goa Clinic

What is hepatitis C treatment in India? In recent years in Goa Clinic, the number of patients who have got rid of this terrible disease has reached 97%.Indian specialists were able to get such a high result thanks to modern pharmaceuticals, the latest diagnostic and treatment protocols.

In Goa Clinic patients receive compulsory psychological support, versatile support during the entire period of healing. Specialists use only innovative medicines.

treatment of hepatitis c in India

Treatment of hepatitis C in India begins after a complete analysis and determination of the general well-being of the patient. The basic directions of therapy are:

  • The use of drugs that increase the level of platelets.
  • Use of interferon of the highest purification degree and other drugs.

Doctors of Goa Clinic diagnose liver pathology using innovative techniques. They can identify a person with hepatitis C in just four working days.

The cost of

What else attracts patients to India? Treatment of hepatitis C in this country is not only conducted at the highest level, but also has price accessibility. It is this factor that captures the attention of people from the US and Western Europe. After all, prices in India are seven times lower! Such a reduction in cost is explained by the impressive flow of patients and the use of effective management techniques by medical centers.

india hepatitis c treatment

Treatment in India is inexpensive also because of the availability of medications, the excellently developed pharmaceutical industry. This state is one of the largest countries producing generic and original medicines, which are in great demand on the world market.

Beginning of

Among people there is an opinion that treatment in Kerala( India) is most effective. And this is not surprising, because it was here that the doctrine of an impeccable way of life appeared, which was called "Ayurveda".What is this science? Ayurvedic procedures consist of a special diet and massage with fragrant oils. The most popular resorts practicing such treatment are Varkala, Trivandrum, Kovalam.


Do you wish to treat in a heavenly corner of the Earth? India has excellent health resorts, among which is the famous Ayurvedic resort Kovalam. This city was opened in the 60s of the last century by European hippies, who were looking for a corner for blessed seclusion. No wonder that their choice fell on Kovalam, as the weather in these lands is calm and warm throughout the year, with moderate rainfall, which contributes to comfortable rest.

india ayurvedic treatment

Ayurveda is not only from a harmonious diet consists: you will need to practice yoga, attend massage sessions, cleansing procedures. Only after these events you can sunbathe and swim, for example, in Trivandrum on the wide beach of Chovara, in the resort of Kovalam( Lighthouse Beach) or in Varkala on the ocean. Here you can go on a cruise on a floating hotel( they walk on inland waters) or on a guided tour( hundreds of them in Kerala).You can book a trip yourself( you need to go by train to the village of Aleppo) or through a travel agency.

And in the city of Trivandrum you can stroll through the zoological park, visit museums, gardens, numerous palaces, art galleries.


Kerala is an excellent resting place for those who want to lose weight and find harmony. This clean and cozy Indian state is known not only for its beaches and sights, but also for classical medicine, to be more exact, its special section - Ayurvedic therapy.

All local Riviera are considered healing, so people come here from time to time with skin ailments. Sometimes the sea here is stormy, so you need to exercise prudence and not swim. In general, for safe recreation it is recommended to choose lagoons, which you need to reach on a boat.

kerala india treatment

Ancient Cappadus is a deserted beach, hidden from extraneous attention. Once the famous Vasco da Gama landed on this coast. In honor of this historical fact, a column was erected here: a monument that many tourists wish to see.

The beach of Alapuzha is no less famous - it is represented by several small lagoons, near which there are rivers and lakes, drowning in palm groves. In this area there is a delightful Vijaya Beach park, where you can spend time with children.

Varkala is considered one of the most famous places in Kerala. Local beaches, bordered by giant cliffs, help vacationers forget about worldly vanity. Ayurvedic treatments in India offer many centers that you can meet at every step. There are mineral springs hitting from the ground, their water is curative.

The science of longevity

An ancient system of medicine - this is what India is famous for. Ayurvedic treatment in this country is popular and interest in it is growing every year. The science of a harmonious way of life heals people from rheumatism, paralysis, normalizes blood pressure, eliminates respiratory problems and so on. Ayurveda is exceptional because it uses only natural ingredients, it is safe and at the same time very effective.

India, treatment, "Ayurveda" - these topics are of interest to millions of people. Most experts in the ancient system know that in the monsoon period, the procedures are particularly effective. Those who came to Kerala in the summer more than once, it is known that in this state in rainy weather discomfort is impossible to feel, because the street is very hot.

Literally "Ayurveda" means the science of life( "Ayur" - life, "Veda" - science).It appeared in India thousands of years ago. In the ancient Vedic literature written by the sages, it is told how to fight diseases with the help of massages, herbal medicines, diets and refreshments.

Ayurveda and yoga are sisters of science. Ayurveda deals primarily with the state of mind and body, and kundalini maintains spiritual health. Exercises of yogis are famous for their curative and preventive values: they improve endocrine metabolism and normalize the balance of neurohormones, relieve stress. Regular practice of kundalini isolates the mind from all thoughts, worries and worries, increases the flexibility and strength of the body.

Arriving at the clinic, the patient first visits a doctor who determines his Ayurvedic type. Next, the patient is explained by what rules he should eat. Special clinics and hotels are also forbidden to watch TV( doctors worry about the health of their guests).

Vip-level health resorts 5 * dlx and 5 *

Today a lot of people are seeking treatment in India. Reviews of the amazing healing in this country are passed by word of mouth. Let's list the best resorts in India, where patients can go to improve their health:

  • Ayurvedic sanatorium AnandaSpa( Ananda in Himalaya) 5 * dlx is suitable for those who travel to India for the first time and know about ancient science by hearsay. The wellness package and stay in the DBL room( two people, 14 nights) costs 9,193 dollars.
  • Surya Samudra 5 * is a boutique hotel located in the state of Kerala on the beach. It has cozy cottages and villas, surrounded by palm groves. Here, prices range from $ 6,801 and higher.
  • Leela Kempinski Kovalam 5 * dlx is a beach resort located in the state of Kerala. It is suitable for demanding clients who want to combine beach rest with treatment. Here the recovery costs from 2,138 dollars and above.
  • Kalari Kovilakom( "Ayurveda Palace" 5 *) is a health resort for those who wish to undergo intensive, thorough treatment in all the canons of ancient science. There is no pool and sea( during bathing you can not swim and sunbathe).Here the stay costs from 8 186 dollars.
  • Hotel Swaswara 5 * is located in Karnataka on the beach of Om Beach. The specialization of this clinic is meditation, yoga, pranayama and ayurvedic treatment. Here, the recovery costs from $ 4,622 and above.


What attracts people to ayurvedic treatment in India? Reviews about this method, we now consider in as much detail. Patients say that they go to "Raja-Island" not only to relax, but also to improve their health, since the treatment segment of the process is presented fundamentally. Many go to Rajar to not only improve joints, strengthen the immune system, but also to balance the body as a whole( and at the same time to lose weight by 5-6 kilograms).Travelers say that they can achieve this only in three weeks.

What are treatments and procedures? People write that every day in the morning hours, in a posh spa located on the river bank, they talked with a doctor who asked them about their health, measured the pressure, listened to requests and wishes. They claim that each procedure is usually carried out by 2-3 people: massage is performed with the use of oil, after which the skin begins to shine beautifully. Clients say that all sessions are pleasant, after them the body smells of local herbs and spices. And they say that digestive problems are solved by herbs and tinctures, which need to be taken eight times a day. They report that they are used to the taste of these drugs only on the seventh day.

ayurvedic treatment in india reviews

Those who traveled to Rajar Beach Ayurvedic Hospital write that at the first consultation, which lasts 30-40 minutes, the doctor asks about past illnesses, present state of health, lifestyle, physiological needs, preferences and preferences, and so on. They say that they also measure pressure, weight, height and pulse.

Patients say that the first procedures start here at 15:30: a head massage( 15 minutes) and a general body massage using a large amount of oil, which two therapists perform in the "four hands".They really liked the work of specialists - synchronous and asynchronous at the same time. Patients write that at first they thought that the guys had a problem, but later they understood this new( for them) massage technique. This procedure( it is called Uzhichil) lasts very long, about an hour. Clients claim that they were then washed for a long time with oils, using a special body scrub paste( made from some plant and egg white) and a herbal powder-shampoo for the head.

Patients tell us that procedures are completing "ritual" powdering the head and drawing sandal paste on their neck and forehead. They liked the friendly staff: the employees were interested in their state of health and mood every day.

Some write that they were informed at the last consultation that they are absolutely healthy! They are sure that everyone should make a gift at least once in their life - to undergo an Ayurvedic treatment in India. They say that they want to experience these emotions again and again.

We hope that by reading our article, you will want to visit magical India and use the services of its doctors.