"Isoprinosine" and alcohol: compatibility, consequences

Isoprinosine with alcohol can I drink? This is a common question. Let's go into more detail."Isoprinosine" is a medicinal product that is an immunomodulator, as well as an antiviral agent, its active ingredient is purine derivatives. This drug is produced in the form of tablets that have a slight odor and white color.

Isoprinosine and alcohol are compatible

This drug acts as a stimulator of lymphocytes( T-helpers, T-suppressors), and also enhances the synthesis of IgG, interferon and interleukins."Isoprinosine" is active against influenza viruses, poliovirus, cytomegalovirus, and also measles virus. In addition, the antiviral effect of the drug is based on the fact that the synthesis of RNA viruses is suppressed.

In the blood plasma, the active substances of the drug are detected after 2 hours, and they are excreted by the kidneys.

Compatibility of "Isoprinosine" and alcohol is of interest to many.


The drug is contraindicated in children under 3 years old, as well as people suffering from kidney failure, c

ardiac arrhythmia, urolithiasis and gout. It is unacceptable to use the drug in cases of drinking alcoholic beverages.

Side effects of

The most common side effect of this medication is manifested as digestive disorders( nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, stomach pain).People taking medication may experience headaches, dizziness, and sleep disturbances.

tablets Isoprinosine and alcohol

"Isoprinozine" and alcohol compatibility

The instructions to the medication state that when taking it, you need to monitor the level of uric acid, in cases of prolonged use. Such control is also necessary when taking drugs that can disrupt kidney and liver function. Ethyl alcohol also has the property of destroying liver cells, so drinking alcohol is extremely dangerous in combination with this drug.

Exposure to the liver

Like alcoholic beverages, the drug "Isoprinosine" increases the activity of liver enzymes, the so-called "transaminases."These enzymes metabolize inside cells, and an increase in their concentration promotes the development of hepatosis, as well as cirrhosis of the liver. So, against the background of taking "Isoprinosine" you can drink alcohol?

In a combination of alcohol with a drug, the level of one more liver enzyme - alkaline phosphatase - increases. Ethyl alcohol contributes to a sharp increase in the amount of this substance, and a joint action with an antiviral agent leads to the fact that the liver of a person experiences a double load.

This action of ethyl alcohol and active ingredients of the drug is accompanied by active death of liver cells and the development of acute liver failure. So the answer to the question, whether it is possible to drink alcohol and Isoprinozin, will be the word "no."

Isoprinosine with alcohol can

Effects on the kidneys

Alcohol, possessing the properties of a diuretic, contributes to the violation of not only the functions of the liver, but also of the kidneys. In combination with the components of the drug "Isoprinosine", the uric acid level in the human blood sharply increases, which is caused by the diuretic property of ethyl alcohol. Alcohol, as is known, actively removes liquid from the body, increases the concentration in the blood of a dangerous substance such as ammonia, which greatly impairs the condition of the kidneys and disrupts their function to remove excess fluid.

The reception of the drug "Isoprinosin" causes an increase in the synthesis of gamma-interferon in the body, which is a substance that enhances the effect of alcohol and its metabolites of ethyl alcohol.

Among other things, the joint intake of "Isoprinosine" and drinks containing ethyl alcohol, triggers the emergence of depression and suicidal thoughts.

Exposure to the nervous system

The use of the drug "Isoprinosine" in combination with alcoholic drinks adversely affects the state of the central nervous system of man, since the main action of this drug is to increase the immune defense, and ethyl alcohol is known to affect the brain, which contributes to slowing downits work processes. This provokes heavy loads for the whole organism as a whole, it can not resist the disease, and the medicine is powerless.

with isoprinosine can I drink alcohol

In addition, alcohol inhibits mental reactions, as well as this drug, which contributes to disorders of the nervous system.

Influence on the condition of people suffering from gout

People suffering from such a disease as gout should especially avoid joint intake of the drug "Isoprinozin" with alcohol, as the disease is caused by the fact that the human body violates purine metabolism, and this medication, as indicatedin the instructions, is a derivative in the synthesis of purine.

We have described the compatibility of "Isoprinosine" and alcohol, below we give the possible consequences.

Possible consequences of

With concomitant medication and alcohol,

  • can be triggered by a sharp decrease in immunity;
  • gout attack;
  • a sharp increase in the blood content of uric acid, which threatens the body with the development of renal failure.
    Isoprinosine and alcohol

After what period of time after taking the drug, you can drink alcohol?

After taking the drug "Isoprinosine" should pass at least 4 hours. After the expiry of this period, you can drink beverages containing ethyl alcohol. This is because the half-life of this drug is 3.5-4 hours, depending on the characteristics of the body. People suffering from gout, alcohol can be consumed only two days after the last reception of the drug, that is, since its full elimination.

After taking alcoholic beverages, "Isoprinosine" can be taken only after the time it takes to remove the ethyl alcohol from the body. This time interval varies depending on what kind of alcoholic beverage was used, and you can calculate it using a special alcohol calculator.

This is the compatibility of "Isoprinosine" and alcohol.


The recommendations of doctors are unambiguous - during the use of the drug should refuse to take drinks that contain ethyl alcohol, which either reduces the effect of the medicine, or distorts it, which has a direct focus on damage to vital organs and systems of the human body.

Reviews about the compatibility of "Isoprinozin" and alcohol

The opinions of people confirm that it should not be combined with alcohol. For the body, this is fraught with serious consequences. Those who tried to do this, reported that the state of health deteriorates sharply, there is nausea, dizziness. Therefore, taking medication should be done separately from alcohol.