What if the baby's stomach hurts and the temperature is 38 ° C?

In children, the body often "catches" new infections, reacts sharply to certain types of foods. An upset of the digestive system leads to a pain in the child's belly and a temperature of 38 ° C lasts for a long time. Parents need to respond quickly in case of acute ailments of the baby, in order to avoid serious consequences for his health.

Sources of problems

If the child has a temperature of 38 and hurts his stomach, what should I do? Komarovsky states several ways of problems:

  • Digestive problems in the child cause prolonged constipation. From this stagnation in the body can begin an internal inflammatory process.
  • Discomfortable sensations are accompanied by the following conditions: the child has a temperature of 38 without symptoms( 4 years), the headache is the only sign of a malaise. These conditions often occur in the preschool age.
  • After the treatment of the child with medicines, the stomach is often weakened and restored for a long time. Feeding milk during this period provokes unpleasant painful symptoms. Return to the normal state should take place with limited consumption of dairy products.

aching baby

With the development of soreness in the abdomen in children, you should immediately go to the doctor to determine the true cause of the ailment. Independent treatment is not recommended in all cases.

Development of symptoms in children

Discomfort when feeding in infants at the beginning of life is normal, the stomach gets used to new food. But if the abdomen of the child hurts and the temperature is 38 ° C, then this indicates an acute inflammatory process. The cause must be established immediately, otherwise a dangerous disease can begin.

If the baby is of a small age, then it is possible to establish soreness only if his reaction to palpation of the abdomen is acute. If the child has a temperature of 38 without symptoms, 4 years is the age when he can point to the area of ​​inflammation. Sometimes, he experiences unpleasant sensations on the left or on the right - this becomes a testimony of the heavy running stages.

Babies often have soreness in the navel, which is a manifestation of abnormalities in the digestive system. Only the doctor will be able to find the problem areas and put the correct diagnosis.

the child has a temperature of 38 and hurts his stomach and vomit

Diarrhea often becomes a reaction to new bacteria, it goes away after 4 days, and this is a normal reaction of a young organism. Longer symptoms of ailment should be monitored by the attending physician. The abdomen of a child often begins to ache due to the activity of pinworms. Mass accumulation of parasites leads to severe consequences.

Simple hygiene rules help reduce the effect of bacteria and microorganisms on the intestinal microflora. Preventive measures will prevent the development of future relapses.

Additional provokers of malaise in toddlers

Provocators become the cause of what hurts the abdomen of the child and the temperature of 38. These sources include:

  • Inflammation of the appendix. It leads to the development of nausea and vomiting. Soreness develops gradually to acute pain, in which it becomes impossible for a child to endure even lying down.
  • Acute symptoms are diagnosed by vomiting, pain, and prolonged nausea. These kinds of ailments require urgent inpatient treatment.
  • Often with improper feeding, the child has pain due to stones in the bladder.
  • Poisoning stale food causes similar symptoms: vomiting, diarrhea, constipation.
  • Tenderness in the navel can occur with prolonged crying of the child. However, such a state passes without raising the temperature.
  • The result of soreness is the umbilical hernia or blockage of the stomach.

Cause in food

The child has a temperature of 38, and the stomach hurts, and vomiting does not give rest due to taking stale foods. Often acute symptoms arise as a consequence of using the following types of food:

  • sweets;
  • spicy dishes;
  • of salted preservatives: cucumbers, tomatoes;
  • fatty and smoked products;
  • complementary feeding in children of small age;
  • dyes and food additives cause gases in the intestines.

A suitable diet should be selected for the child. Nutrition along with adults need to start at a later age. Constipation may arise from new products that have not yet been found in the life of the baby. Take this food should be small portions, until the stomach does not begin to cope without the appearance of acute symptoms.

the child has a fever of 38 without symptoms

Doctors recommend not to resort to feeding children to fast foods. This food has a high carcinogenicity. Not every adult stomach is able to withstand the attack of fats. For children under 7 years of age, natural products containing vitamins and minerals are required. They are very necessary for a fast-growing organism.

What are the additional symptoms?

The child has a temperature of 38 without symptoms rarely passes. You need to pay attention to additional signs that help in diagnosing the general condition of the body. Some of them require urgent medical assistance. We list the main:

  • bloating occurs due to constipation;
  • skin discoloration on icteric shades;
  • should pay attention to color and inclusion in feces and urine, these conditions may be the cause of the active activity of intestinal parasites;
  • pallor of the face, changing its color to pale pink or crimson;
  • painful sensations are the result of taking a product or entering the infection through dirty hands after a walk, a trip to the cottage, rivers;
  • pay attention to the duration of the disease.

the child has a temperature of 38 and hurts the stomach what to do

Physicians are interested in all the details of previous events in order to narrow the search for the source of the disease.

Dangerous conditions of

There are symptoms that may require urgent medical attention. Minute procrastination in such situations leads to an irreparable loss of health. When a child has a temperature of 38 and his stomach hurts, what can I do? First of all, immediately pay attention to the following state of the baby:

  • presence in vomiting, feces and urine of bloody inclusions;
  • temperature continues to grow, antipyretic agents do not help;
  • to stop vomiting does not work at home;
  • prolonged diarrhea is usually associated with a parasitic infection;
  • downed breath, followed by dyspnea;
  • alternating soreness around the navel, its periodicity can be established only from the words of the baby;
  • cough accompanied by phlegm.

the child has a fever of 38 and has a stomach ache what to do mosquito

All of the above symptoms occur in the acute phase of severe illness, as well as during infection. Assistance must be forthwith. A frequent companion of conditions, when the child has a temperature of 38 and hurts his back, becomes appendicitis or constipation.

The first steps of the surgeon in the survey are aimed at excluding these versions. But there are no less dangerous conditions that require immediate assistance.

When should I resort to emergency help?

More adult age of children is always accompanied by new experiments on their stomach. Overeating occurs with inattentiveness of parents, and active mobility provokes the formation of conditions called gut flaps. This painful complication is eliminated by surgery, it is impossible to delay the call of the ambulance.

the child has a temperature of 38 and hurts his back

It happens that the abdomen is hurting the child and the temperature is 38 due to the development of diverticulitis. An unpleasant condition is caused by a branch of the intestine. In these cases stagnation of undigested food occurs, and as a result, constipation occurs.

Urgent care is needed for unconsciousness in the child, vomiting and changes in respiratory rate. It can be the development of a stomach ulcer.

Independent assistance to the baby

Before visiting the clinic you need to help the child reduce the impact on the body of acute symptoms. For this purpose it is possible to carry out treatment with folk methods in case of constipation. Relieve the intestines will help beets and salads from it, also suitable fresh vegetable soup. They include sour-milk products, such as kefir, ryazhenka, yogurt.

When diarrhea is recommended oatmeal, chicken broth with breadcrumbs. This diet is observed for two days. Helps a dried apricot in several pieces at a time. Include in the diet compote of dried fruits. Accordingly, remove from the diet flour, sweet, high-calorie. The glycerin candle helps to adjust the stool, it acts gently and painlessly.

the child has a temperature of 38 without symptoms 4 years

Mothers need to remember that a hot water bottle can not always change the situation for the better. Sometimes it is contraindicated with internal bleeding and can lead to disastrous results.

It is necessary to avoid self-administration of medications, to reduce pain better by natural means. If the child can not tolerate such a condition, then it is allowed to give him one pill "No-shpy."Spazmolitik will eliminate a wave-like malaise and help to sleep peacefully. But in the morning you need to visit a doctor and find out the cause of acute symptoms.

How not to proceed?

If the child has a fever of 38 without symptoms, do not take antipyretics alone. Increased body heat is the response of the body to external or internal effects. Assess the condition of the baby will help the doctor with general tests.

You can start the development of a serious illness in a few days, and with the infectious nature of inflammation, it takes a few hours before the irreparable loss of health.