Professional blocker of calories "PBK-20": reviews of doctors

Are you also puzzled by the topic of losing weight? Then certainly had time to study all available drugs for easy and safe weight loss. There are a lot of them, from the most harmless supplements containing plant extracts and fiber, to serious medicines that contain sibutramine.

If you do not have medical education, then it's best to contact a professional nutritionist to choose exactly what will be the most suitable option.

Today we want to talk more about such a preparation, as a blocker of calories "PBK-20".Reviews about it so far can only be found on the official website, and those are not too many. And since on the eve of the New Year holidays attention to such drugs will only grow, it is necessary that everyone has enough information.

blocker calories pbc 20 reviews

From the history of the preparation

This information is on the official website, through which the drug is sold. On behalf of experts in the field of dietetics and weight loss, it is told that all previous experience in the production and use of drugs for weight loss was used to develop a completely new tool that has become a universal solution for all people. Whatever the reason lies in the fact that there is excess weight, you will help the blocker of calories "PBK-20."Reviews that you can find, fully confirm this, but as far as you can trust them, let's understand together.

About the preparation of

What is a blocker of calories "PBK-20"?We leave the doctors' comments for the time being, while we become acquainted with the information provided by the manufacturer. So, this is a revolutionary tool. Admission allows you to abandon diets, questionable pills and teas for weight loss. That is, in front of you - another magic tool that makes it possible to eat cakes and lose weight. But this is not all that the "PBC-20" calorie blocker gives. The reviews inspire hope that it will be possible not only to lose weight, but also to keep the figure in perfect condition, while still not denying yourself in cakes or donuts. Plus, the drug is completely natural and safe for health. It's tempting, but what provides such a fantastic result?

professional blocker of calories 20 pbk 20

Drug from inside

This is the first snag. It is not so easy to find information about what constitutes a blocker of calories "PBK-20".The reviews say a lot about the overall safety of the drug and the well-being after its application, but this ends all data. You can read that taking the drug completely compensates for the body's need for fiber and pectin, that is, according to the producers, the capsule is an analogue of a basket with vegetables and fruits, as well as plates of germinated seeds. Of course, vegetable fiber is an important component of dietary nutrition, but its reception does not guarantee weight loss without a low-calorie diet.

The composition of the preparation

The most complete information that we managed to find suggests that the composition contains pumpkin fiber, as well as a number of vitamins, namely A, E and C, and a complex of minerals. A logical question arises: "And if you take a separate pumpkin fiber, which costs only 200 rubles, and any available complex of vitamins and minerals, for example," Duovit ", whose price is about 150 rubles, will not it be a complete analog of this original drug?".Of course, the manufacturer does not give an answer to this question. But still it is doubtful whether such unconditionally useful components can give the promised effect, namely, weight loss, regardless of the amount of food that enters the body. Maybe, we still do not know everything about the professional blocker of calories 20 - "PBK-20"?Go ahead.

blocker of calories pbc 20 reviews of doctors

Properties of the drug

The list is really impressive. Reading it for the first time, you involuntarily begin to believe that you have found a real elixir of youth and health. The professional blocker of calories 20 - "PBK-20" allows to lower the level of cholesterol and completely get rid of the slags. In addition, the chair quickly enough normalizes, because constipation very often becomes a harbinger of a set of excess weight. But that's not all. Taking this medication, you will improve the metabolism several times. The drug also allows you to lower blood pressure and improve the functioning of the kidneys, normalizes the motility of the biliary tract and promotes the removal of all worms that live in the body.

Conclusions of


Of course, dieticians monitor the appearance of new drugs on the market and analyze their effectiveness. Not an exception - and the blocker of calories "PBK-20."Its composition is criticized, since it is certainly beneficial to the body, but can not provide the effect that the producer promises.

According to leading experts in the field of dietetics, this is another useless drug that offers a cure for all existing diseases. An impressive list can impress anyone, and therefore, most people, without hesitation, will acquire this tool. The composition will not be analyzed by all. However, it is worth doing this, because against the backdrop of such a list of health problems that the drug treats, even weight loss looks nothing more than a pleasant addition. Can fiber and vitamins provide such efficacy? Doctors are sure not. Reviews on the official website say the opposite.
professional blocker of calories 20 pbk 20 reviews

The effect of active ingredients on the body

We will discuss in more detail how the "PBC-20" calorie blocker works. Comments of doctors warn people against believing blindly to the manufacturer. It is impossible to lose weight without changing your habitual way of life, which most often is the reason for the appearance of extra pounds. However, a person is so arranged that it is easier for him to believe in a magic pill than to make real efforts.

So, the first stumbling block. We have already described the difficulties faced by a person trying to find out what the effect of such a means, as a blocker of calories - "PBK-20", is based on. The composition is not specified exactly, but manufacturers repeatedly refer to the use of fiber for health and figure. Based on this, we conclude that the effect of the drug is based on the properties of the dietary fiber. Let's take a separate look at their effects on the body.

blocker calories pbc 20 composition

Dietary Fibers

You should not mislead yourself and believe that you can continue to lie on the couch, and the ideal figure will be provided to you by a professional 20 calorie blocker - "PBK-20".The doctors' reviews confirm that insoluble dietary fiber does not interfere with the assimilation of calories, they act in a completely different way. These coarse plant fibers, getting into the stomach, absorb a lot of liquid and increase in volume. That is, instantly a feeling of satiety, and if you consider that these fibers are insoluble, then we can assume that it will last much longer than usual. That is, you can eat very little and add volume at the expense of such a miracle remedy, as a professional blocker of calories 20 - "PBK-20."Dietitians' testimonies confirm that such drugs can help to adhere to a low-calorie diet, eat less and do not experience hunger, but you can choose a similar source of these essential fibers, the price of which is much lower.

What other properties are there in dietary fiber? They prolong the feeling of satiety, and also mix with other food and somewhat reduce the rate of assimilation of nutrients. However, the effect of dietary fiber on body weight should not be overestimated, it is rather moderate. But talking about losing weight without any effort and diets do not go. That is why it is worthwhile to question the information that the manufacturer distributes about such a remedy as the blocker of calories "PBK-20".The comments of dietitians tell us that, without changing their eating habits( food without a regime, an abundance of sweets, fatty and heavy food), it is impossible to start to lose weight. Therefore, you should not believe advertising, that by simply drinking the capsule once a day, you will turn into a inch.

blocker of calories pbk 20 reviews of gynecologists

Instruction for use

Based on all the above, we can conclude that the "calorie blocker" PBK-20 is not so effective at all. Reviews of gynecologists say that very often women are approached to them with a request to prescribe a drug to stabilize the weight, which began to increase due to age-related causes. However, none of them recommend this drug, since it is only ancillary. This is how the "PBC-20" calorie blocker should be perceived. Its composition is not something radically new, but the cost is greatly overstated, there are many similar drugs in pharmacies, the price of which is much lower. An example is the "MCC"( microcrystalline cellulose) and some others.

So, you get a cardboard box, on which it is written: a blocker of calories "PBK-20".How to take this drug, you can read on the leaflet. The package contains 100 g of powder. How much there is a dietary fiber, while it remains a mystery, there is no information on the site, it may be indicated on the packaging itself.

Now you need to decide on the reception scheme. It is very simple, you should take 15 g in three divided doses, that is, usually in the morning, at lunch and in the evening. So it is recommended to take a professional blocker of calories "PBK-20".The instruction says that the course is at least one month. If you take into account that the packaging is enough for you only for a week, you can conclude that the cost of the course is impressive.

blocker calories pbc 20 how to take

Where you can buy

It is not for sale through pharmacies or in stores. That is to buy this revolutionary tool, you need to place an order on the site. The purchase is paid after receiving the parcel at the post office. The cost of one package is about 1200 rubles. However, always consult a therapist and a nutritionist before ordering a "PBK-20" calorie blocker. The comments of gynecologists tell us that there are a lot of other means, no less effective, but much more affordable. In addition, you can replace the drug with a large number of fresh vegetables, sprouted wheat grains or other sources of dietary fiber. professional blocker of calories 20 pbk 20 composition


Reviews on the network are very few, mostly they are concentrated on the official website. They describe the real miracles, and even acting as an expert dietitian, a person writes that the main cause of obesity is the lack of dietary fiber. Apparently, overeating is not taken into account. In general, you yourself can draw a conclusion about whether to believe or not believe in such a tool, as a professional blocker of calories 20 - "PBK-20."His composition is not bad, nutritionists confirm that really increasing the consumption of fiber reduces the risk of obesity and helps to lose weight, and always. But for this it is necessary to take the product regularly, as well as drink plenty of water and adhere to a low-calorie diet.