Honey, lemon and garlic: cleaning the vessels at home

lemon and garlic cleaning vessels

The need to clean the vessels can occur at any age. It depends on the level of cholesterol in the blood, which, with large clusters, provokes the appearance of atherosclerotic plaques. At home, the procedure will help lemon and garlic. Cleaning the vessels with the use of these ingredients has few contraindications and gives good results. Why are these components included in the mixture? Garlic very well cleanses blood vessels, removes cholesterol and salt deposits. In addition, it destroys parasites and adversely affects microbes and viruses. Lemon juice well complements the action of garlic. It dissolves cholesterol plaques due to the high content of fruit acids. Also in it you can find a powerful natural antioxidant - vitamin C. In some recipes, an additional component is honey, which has been used for many years as a general strengthening property. It also increases the body's resistance.

Lemon and garlic: cleaning of vessels from cholesterol and

lemon with garlic for blood vessels salts. To clean the vessels at home, it is necessary to prepare a remedy from peeled and finely chopped garlic cloves and 4 carefully washed lemons( together with zest).All components are crushed in a blender and placed in a three-liter bottle, and then poured with cooled boiled water to the top. The infusion should stand for three days at room temperature, with each day it will need to be shaken. After it will be necessary to filter the liquid with gauze and pour it into a clean, better sterilized bottle, and then put in the refrigerator. This amount is enough for about 10 days. Take this tincture you need 3 times a day for 50-100 ml. The maximum dose that is allowed( 100 ml) can be taken provided that you do not have serious illnesses. If you suffer from chronic or temporary ailments, you should not exceed the dose in the amount of 1-2-st art.l.2-3 times a day. This is enough to lower the level of cholesterol, and thus there will not be a load on the organs of the digestive system and in general on the body.

Effective cleaning of blood vessels: garlic, lemon, honey

Cleaning the vessels with lemon, honey and garlic is slightly different from the previous method. In order to prepare this compound, you need to take 6 lemons with skin, 350 grams of honey and 4 heads of peeled garlic cloves. The method of preparation is the same: you need to cut finely peeled cloves of garlic and 4 lemon washed with zest. The resulting gruel should be mixed with honey and placed in a bottle or other container of dark glass and put for a week and a half in a dark place at room temperature. When the syrup is ready, it must be decanted and the
cleaning vessels of garlic lemon honey should be poured into another dish. The syrup is consumed as follows: 1 tbsp. Spoon should be diluted in 200 ml of warm water and eat twice a day.

Additional recommendations

If you use lemon with garlic for fasting vessels in the morning, then cleaning will be more effective. After taking the medicine it is recommended to drink a glass of water at room temperature with lemon juice, and during the day you need to drink plenty of liquid.


Who is contraindicated in lemon and garlic? Vascular cleaning with these components is forbidden for pregnant and lactating women, people with kidney disease and with a tendency to allergy to components. In any case, before you are going to carry out this procedure, it is not superfluous to consult with doctors.

Reviews of experts

So, honey, lemon and garlic. Cleaning the vessels with their help is a fairly effective way, as it is usually well tolerated by the body and does not cause side effects. After the course of cleansing is completed( and it is done once a year), there will be a surge of strength, the vessels will be freed from cholesterol plaques, the well-being will improve, the pressure will normalize.