Dobrokam: consumer and physician feedback, instructions for use

The prescription of a particular drug often encourages patients to seek feedback about it. It is of course interesting to know the current opinions. Often they are useful. But you can not try it on yourself. What is not suitable for one patient can help another quite well. Today's article will tell you about the medical and consumer opinion about medicines, in particular about the drug "Dobrokam."Feedback positive and negative will be presented for your reference. Also, you will learn how to use this medicine and what is its effect.

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Characteristics of the medicine and its price

About the drug "Dobrokam" customer reviews say that it is inexpensive. You can buy the medicine in an amount of 25 to 100 tablets. Pharmacists report that packs of 30 pills are in great demand. The cost varies from 140 to 220 rubles. The price varies depending on the region, the method of delivery of the drug and its supplier. Patients say that one pack cost them an average of 160 rubles.

Consumers of tablets say that the package contains pills of grayish-white color, with a risk. The instruction states: there is bromocamphor in the composition. Indeed, if you sniff a box of medicine, you can feel the distinct smell of camphor. Some patients, he repels.

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A little from the instruction

The drug "Dobrokam" instruction, reviews of doctors and pharmacists are positioned as a sedative or sedative. If you turn to the annotation, you can find out that the medicine is prescribed in the following pathologies:

  • increased nervous excitability;
  • insomnia and anxiety;
  • asthenia;
  • tachycardia or cardialgia;
  • lability of pressure( arterial).

It is known that the drug is not used in children under 7 years old and patients with high sensitivity to the components. No tablets are prescribed for renal and hepatic insufficiency. Those who wish to use the drug "Dobrokam" are warned by doctors: do not take it yourself. This can lead to unforeseen unpleasant reactions.

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Consumers talk about the method of reception and action of the drug

. What are the responses to the Dobrokam tablets? Patients talk about the convenience of the drug. You need to use it for 10-15 days. The dosage depends on the age of the patient. For example, adults are prescribed medication for 1-2 tablets 2-3 times a day. The course requires 20-100 tablets( depending on the initial state).For children, the composition is prescribed for 1 tablet from 2 to 3 meals a day.

Those patients who took the drug, tell the following information. The drug quickly shows its effectiveness. In the first days of treatment, action is observed. Sleep becomes more calm, it comes naturally and quickly. There is no need to use potent sleeping pills that can be addictive. Also, consumers say that the use of Dobrokam had a good effect on the functioning of the cardiac system. All this data confirms medical opinion. Physicians represent the drug as a medicine acting in the cerebral cortex. Tablets blunt the excitability of the central nervous system.

Negative opinions

Recommends to refrain from driving a vehicle while taking Dobrokam tablets instructions for use. Reviews say that during the use of pills marked increased drowsiness, there may be temporary dizziness. In this state, it is dangerous to drive or perform responsible work.

Negative opinions among consumers are often formed due to adverse reactions. Medication with improper use( which often happens during self-medication) can cause respiratory depression, stupor. In especially severe cases, a coma develops. Doctors warn: if during the therapy you smell camphor in the air, feel nauseated or weak, then stop taking the medicine. Be sure to contact the medical institution for a suitable correction.

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Instead of the conclusion

From the presented article you could learn about the medicine "Dobrokam".Instructions for use, price, reviews are described for your attention. This drug is over-the-counter. It can be purchased without medical advice in almost every pharmacy. Increases the number of self-treatment and affordable prices. Despite the positive opinions emerging about the pill, and its availability, you should not prescribe the drug yourself. Remember that the action of the medicine may manifest as side effects. Often they are allergic. Be sure to consult with a specialist before use and read the instructions. Good health to you!