"Electrolyte Human": instructions for use

The dehydration syndrome, that is, dehydration, is one of the common life-threatening and health conditions. Diseases that cause different degrees of dehydration include all diseases accompanied by repeated vomiting and diarrhea. It can be both intestinal infections, and acute respiratory viral infections with severe abdominal syndrome. Many somatic diseases can also be accompanied by indomitable vomiting and diarrhea.

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Humana Elektrolyt

The difficulty of replenishing the liquid lost in such cases by the body is due to the fact that the organism leaves the vital microelements simultaneously with water. At the same time, the body that has lost its water-electrolyte balance falls into a situation of energy shortage.

Specifically adapted rehydration mixtures help adequately compensate for the loss. The pharmaceutical market offers a number of substitutes, one of which is Humana Elektrolyt.

"Electrolyte Human" for children( and also for adults) - low osmolar solution for oral rehydration. It is designed to restore the energy, water and electrolyte balance lost in diarrhea and exsicosis.

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The drug is designed and manufactured in accordance with the standards of the European Society of Pediatricians and Gastroenterologists( ESPGAN) of the World Health Organization relating to the composition of oral rehydration mixtures.

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Pharmaceutical forms of the drug

The German pharmaceutical company HUMANA produces a preparation in the form of batch powder doses of 6.25 g to prepare a solution packed in hermetically sealed bags. Packages go on sale in boxes of 12 pieces.

Two types of powder forms are produced:

  • "Humaine Electrolyte" with fennel for use in children from 3 months of age, and in adults;
  • "Humaine Electrolyte" with the smell and taste of a banana for use in children from the age of three and adults.

Portion packets contain a powder for dilution in a quarter liter of boiled water. The received medical drink is used at will in hot or in a cold kind.

Drink prepared from a helping of powder is guaranteed only for one day. After this period, the unused liquid is destroyed.

electrolyte of human

Composition of powder portion

Powdered portion "Electrolyte Human" with fennel, in addition to potassium and sodium citrates, contains sodium chloride and glucose, and as an inert auxiliary maltodextrin. Organoleptic properties are due to the presence of extracts of cumin and fennel, as well as fennel oil.

Powdered portion with odor and taste of banana contains the same elements, as well as potassium sweetener acesulfame. As an auxiliary inert substance, maltodextrin is included in the dose. Organoleptic properties of the drug are due to the presence of the corresponding natural flavor in the powder.

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Comparative Advantages Humana Elektrolyt

  • Instant recovery of lost fluid and electrolytes.
  • Coping both the degree of severity and the duration of the dehydration syndrome.
  • Excellent organoleptic qualities.
  • Comfort cooking and drinking.
  • Versatility for use in pediatric and general therapeutic practice.

According to its advantages, the drug is actively in demand in the pharmaceutical market. Successfully applied both versions of the drug "Human Electrolyte", reviews of patients, pediatricians and general practitioners in medical forums are reliable evidence of this. The positive perception of solution by children is especially noted. This is not surprising, because the tea "Human Electrolyte" is a pleasant taste.

Scope of application

"Electrolyte Humaine" is recommended for use in patients both in outpatient and in inpatient settings.

Equally successfully applied:

  • with the first symptoms of diarrhea for the prevention of dehydration;
  • for relief of severe acute and chronic diarrhea of ​​any origin;
  • with diarrheal syndrome, combined with emetic syndrome, up to the development of I-II-degree exsicosis.

Depending on the severity of the syndrome developed in a patient, it can be prescribed as a monotherapy or as part of a comprehensive treatment.

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Mechanism of action

"Electrolyte Human" provides prevention in mild cases of diarrhea and neutralizes dehydration in severe cases. Optimum relative content of sodium and glucose and low osmolarity of the solution ensure its rapid absorption in the gastrointestinal tract. This is what determines its effectiveness in the fight against exsicosis and the progression of the dehydration syndrome. As a result, water-electrolyte and acid-base balances are restored, patients manage to avoid the threat of an outcome in metabolic acidosis.

The glucose contained in Humana Elektrolyt, in addition, stimulates the penetration of potassium and sodium through the mucous membrane of the small intestine, which as a result quickly normalizes the water-salt balance and metabolism.

The quantitative content of sodium in the finished solution is intentionally approximated to the average statistical value of sodium loss in diarrhea of ​​various origins. The quantitative content of potassium in the solution corresponds to the physiologically needed for the organism, as a result, prophylaxis of hypokalemia occurs in persistent diarrhea.

Humana Elektrolyt also prevents weight loss during illness. The quantitatively balanced presence of glucose and maltodextrin optimally provides energy to the patient's body, preventing weight loss during rehydration. This prevents complications, possible with forced starvation, which has the property to adversely affect the process of digestion and metabolism.

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"Humaine Electrolyte": instructions for use

After preliminary dissolution, the drug is used as a fractional therapeutic substitute drink. To do this, the powder content of the packet should be diluted in a mug of warm water( 1/4 liter).

The resulting solution is considered ready for use, it can not be further tasted, salted or sweetened, it can only be cooled or heated, according to the wishes of the patient. Additional dilution or sweetening will uncontrollably change the osmolarity of the "Human Electrolyte" solution, the instruction for use warns against this.

The solution obtained as a result of the dilution of the powder is used portion by piece, according to the scheme, regardless of the time of meal. The timely and immediate start of treatment at the time of diagnosis of diarrhea before the onset of obvious signs of dehydration is timely.

The daily dose is calculated individually according to the degree of dehydration, and in cases with children according to their age. Substitution therapy should continue throughout the syndrome of diarrhea, until its persistent elimination.

The total volume of replacement therapy should correspond to the volume of fluid loss during the entire period of diarrhea. During treatment, a guide to the adequacy of replenishment of dehydration is thirst.

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Scheme for use in children

Children aged 0 to 3 months are prescribed fennel "Human Electrolyte."Instructions for use recommend drinking during the day from 200 to 800 ml of a replacement solution for 3-8 receptions, depending on the degree of severity of the dehydration syndrome, and in accordance with the volume of fluid lost with the stool.

Children aged 4 to 5 months should receive also fractional 300-700 ml of a similar solution per day based on the calculation formula: 50-100 ml / kg of the patient's weight.

Children aged 6 months to a year give 375-1200 ml of a replacement solution per day for 3-8 receptions. The daily amount of medical fluid is calculated by the formula: 50-150 ml / kg of the child's weight.

At the age of 1 year to 3 years, children receive 200 ml of a solution of "Human Electrolyte" with fennel from 2 to 8 times a day. The daily amount of nutrient fluid is determined by the formula: 50-150 ml / kg of the child's weight.

Children over 3 years of age and schoolchildren should receive 1-2 tablespoons of solution every 10 minutes for the first five hours before quenching their thirst. Then they are given 100-200 ml of a solution of "Human Electrolyte" with a banana 2-8 times a day. The daily volume of the replacement fluid will be 50-150 ml / kg of the weight of the sick child.

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Adult Application Scheme

Adults, that is, patients older than 15 years, the first 5 hours should drastically drink up to 1 liter of solution, until they feel completely thirsty. In the following hours and days of illness, the patient should take 200 ml of replacement fluid after each episode of diarrhea. The total daily amount of a solution of "Human Electrolyte" should be calculated by the formula: 20-40 ml / kg of the patient's weight.

Substitution therapy should continue until a steady cessation of diarrhea occurs. The total volume of the medicinal solution drunk during the period of illness should correspond to the volume of moisture lost by the body with liquid stool.

"Electrolyte Human" is not an etiotropic drug. Replenishing the lost water-electrolyte balance, it does not affect its cause, that is, the underlying disease that caused vomiting and diarrhea. It can be used only as a symptomatic, that is, an auxiliary for replenishment of lost fluid and trace elements. The main, etiotropic, that is, affecting the cause of the disease, treatment should be appointed by the doctor during the visit to the patient.