Panchakarma at home. Program to cleanse the body of toxins and restore health. Ayurvedic medicine

To keep the body healthy, there was cheerfulness and a good mood you need to cleanse from time to time. Pachakarma at home is one of the best methods of purification. It is based on the dogmas of Ayurvedic medicine. Improves health, helps a person to feel strength and energy.

What is panchakarma?

Panchakarma is an ancient method of Ayurvedic rejuvenation aimed at getting rid of stress and defect of physiology. It relaxes the mind and body, cleanses of toxins and toxins. It restores the functioning of the immune system, improves the activity of the cardiovascular and lymphatic apparatus. Allows you to take extra care of your body and think about life.

"Pancha" translates as "five", and "karma" refers to "activity", which means five treatment directions. It is a component of Ayurvedic medicine, balances bioenergy.

According to Ayurveda, a person is born with an ideal genetic structure called "prakriti".Incorrect way of life, work that takes a lot of time, stresses and other factors cause an imbalance of bioenergy and lead to the emergence of various diseases.

Panchakarma evokes the body's ability to excrete toxins. Some of them are removed from the body by a large amount of water, as these substances completely dissolve in the liquid and exit through the kidneys and skin. There are toxins that can be removed only by oil-containing fluids and they go through the gastrointestinal tract and skin. It is for this purpose that panchakarma at home offers the use of oils for different types of body. This, according to the Ayurvedic system, brings the mind and body to equilibrium, rejuvenates the body and saturates it with nutrients.

Phases of medical purification

Panchakarma at home is divided into three stages, it is:

  • preparatory stage - purvakarma;
  • therapeutic stage - passchat-karma;
  • support procedures.

Duration of cleaning at home - 10-14 days, under the supervision of a specialist, it lasts 21 days.

The first stage of

panchakarma at home

Panchakarma at home begins with internal oiling. This stage lasts three days. Throughout these days, on an empty stomach, 50 grams of liquid pre-heated ghee( this melted butter) are consumed, washed with hot water. According to the constitution type in ghee, other substances are added:

  • cotton - a little salt;
  • pitta - accept oil without additives;
  • Kapha is a mixture of ginger, black and red peppers.

After receiving the melted butter, you can after 30 minutes. This is due to the fact that before food enters the body ghee must be absorbed in the stomach and intestines. If it's difficult to immediately drink 50 grams of melted butter, then you can take ghee two tablespoons fifteen minutes before the meal.

According to ayurveda, ghee helps to carry out internal oiling, which facilitates the withdrawal of ama( toxins and wastes) into the gastrointestinal tract.

With increased triglycerides, high cholesterol or sugar, ghee is replaced with linseed oil. This product contains fatty acids and helps reduce cholesterol. It should be consumed for three days, two spoons, fifteen minutes before meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Ayurvedic medicine recommends a purification procedure on a growing moon. After all, it is the moon that affects all processes occurring in the body.

To prepare ghee, take a good quality butter( 82.5%) and heat it. Then remove the white foam and sediment.

The second stage of

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After carrying out the internal oiling, it is necessary to proceed to the external one. It is possible not to wait for the internal oiling to end, but at the same time begin to do the external oiling.

For these purposes, select the oil for massage. Which is better to choose? This product is used, based on the type of constitution of the body. For cotton wool, sesame will suit, for pita - sunflower, and for kapha - corn or mustard.

If a person has a mixed personality type, then the oils mix together. If an imbalance is disturbed in one of the doshas, ​​you should take more oil for it. During the week, preferably in the evening, two hours after a meal, about 200-250 warmed oiled unrefined products are applied to the body. Oil for massage( which is better to choose, advise experts on Ayurveda) rub about 15-20 minutes. Apply it in the direction from the head to the toes.

In a room where self-massage is done, it should be warm. The body after the treatment with oil should not cool down. After rubbing the oil in the skin, take a shower or bath with hot water, without detergent. If a little oil remains on the surface of the skin, then it should not be removed. It is necessary for effective oiling and must be absorbed deep into the dermis.

For seven days( this is how much external oiling lasts) and two hours after the evening meal, you need to take two teaspoons of trifal churna. This Ayurvedic drug can be purchased in esoteric online stores.

The dosage of trifal churna is selected independently. Stool after taking the drug looks softened or slightly liquid. Feces should not be completely liquid. If there is no desire to go "big" in the morning, then after eating breakfast, another portion of trifal chupna is drunk. Beforehand, the product is poured into a glass of boiling water, everything is mixed well and drunk without neglecting the precipitate. Trifal churna is a gentle laxative product. It tones up the body and stimulates the activity of internal organs.

The third stage of

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Ayurvedic medicine, the third stage of pancakarma, is assigned to purgative enemas. They are doing the last three days together with external oilings, after taking a shower or bath.

For an enema, an Ayurvedic collection called dashmoula is taken. One spoonful of the vegetable mixture is poured with half a liter of boiling water and subjected to a boiling process for five minutes. The broth is cooled to 36 - 37 ºС, filtered and used for enema.

With a cotton constitution, the broth of dashmools is mixed with sesame warm oil( 150 ml).Instead of dashmoula, you can use a composition of fennel, aira and ginger, taken in the same amount. The broth should be in the intestinal environment as long as possible, preferably at least twenty minutes. The liquid may not go out or enter the intestinal tract. More often this picture is observed in people of cotton wool type, having a large intestine, which is often dry and dehydrated.

Nutrition during cleansing

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None of the body's health improves without proper nutrition, panchakarma at home is no exception. During the procedures you should follow a vegetarian diet. There is a special kichri dish. It is allowed herbal tea with the addition of various spices and honey. The plants that can be used for making tea include basil, thyme, dandelion root, mint leaves, medicinal chamomile and burdock root. From spices to tea add ginger, black pepper, cinnamon, clove, cardamom.

From the fourth to the ninth day there should be only kichri. If external and internal oiling is done simultaneously, then kitsch is eaten from the first to the seventh day.

Do not recommend fasting during the performance of panchakarma, so kitschri should be eaten so much that there is no feeling of hunger. On the first day after the completion of panchakarma procedures, only kachri with vegetables is eaten. From the second day, it is recommended to switch to dietary nutrition, corresponding to the constitution.

Preparation of kachri

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Panchakarma causes health improvement. The main dish that is used for this program is kichri. For its preparation take rice, preferably basmati. Mix it with a mache in the same amount. In the dish, add a little curcourm, ginger, cumin, coriander, and also mustard seed. Addition of rock salt is allowed. Mash the day before soak. In the morning, water is drained, poured clean and cooked with the rest of the ingredients. The chopped and yellow mung beans are not soaked.

Kichri can be cooked both in a pressure cooker and in a saucepan. To prepare the dish in a saucepan place rice, mung bean, salt and spices. All pour water and bring to a boil. Boil for five minutes, then reduce the fire, and boil the boil for another 25-30 minutes, until all the ingredients of the dish become soft. Serve with two tablespoons of melted butter.

Kichri can be liquid and thick. The more water is used to prepare a dish, the more water it gets. This food can have any consistency.

Practical advice

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Panchakarma( cleansing the body) even at home gives good results. It takes a lot of effort to conduct it. In the days of these procedures it is better to stay at home. The mind and body must rest. Do not at this time expose the body to excessive physical and mental stress. If possible, the work schedule should be made less stressful. It is better to spend panchakarma on vacation days.

Exit the program should be gradual. In the early days the body should be protected from overexertion, stress, overeating and from the negative influence of the environment.

Contraindications to the procedure of

Restoration of health using panchakarma gives good results. But you can not resort to this system if you have health problems. Feeling weak, a decline in strength, there is depletion of the body. It is strictly forbidden to do panchakarma during pregnancy.

With the release of toxins from the body can open the mental clamps that are expressed in the old suppressed emotions and experiences. This part of purification has a positive effect on a person. It allows you to remove past grievances and mental blocks that cause many diseases. At this time, you should drink herbal tea with a sedative effect.

How often should punchakarma be done?

Panchakarma home procedures are recommended to be performed twice a year, during off-season, in spring and in autumn. If the purification system is carried out in a special Ayurvedic center, then it is repeated once a year.

Panchakarma: reviews

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Reviews about the ayurvedic system of cleansing are the most positive. People say that the procedure cleanses the body well, brings the mind and body into a state of balance. It relieves many, even the most chronic grievances and diseases, rejuvenates. Gives a charge of vigor and energy, relieves stress. You need to spend it on the growing moon. Many after this method lose weight. It is advised to add yoga to oil manipulation. So the results will be more effective.

People note and negative points in this system. This is a difficulty with the use of ghee, especially if the procedure is performed for the first time. After external exhaustion, there is a strong relaxation. Cleansing herbs and enemas in this system are a necessary, but extremely unpleasant procedure. There are people who at the beginning of the practice felt unwell, but it later passed.

Those who practiced panchakarma can no longer live without it and resort to it regularly, 1-2 times a year.