Large pharmacy chains in Moscow: rating and reviews

Sooner or later, every person faces the need to go to the pharmacy. The reason can be insignificant - to buy cotton or vitamins, and maybe serious - to buy expensive drugs on which someone's life depends. Pharmacy chains of Moscow are represented by various organizations, which differ from others by pricing, quality of consultations, online service. Which pharmacies should be avoided, and which professional services actually provide? This is in our article.


rating pharmacy chains in Moscow

The permanent representative of the top rows of the rating of pharmacy chains in Moscow is "36.6".The company has earned the trust of customers, thanks to the convenience of service: there is no need to stand in queues, to face the lack of necessary medications, to choose a pharmacy that is far away at the time of filling in the order form. The possibility of online shopping service allows you to place an order without leaving your home, choose the right product that fits all parameters and price. After confirming the purchase, it is enough to come to the pharmacy closest to the buyer and collect the already formed package of drugs.

In total in the capital there are about 1120 points of sale of goods, the central offices are located at:

  • st. Pokrovka, 1/13, building 1;
  • Red Square, 3 /2/2/ 1;
  • Lubyanskiy pr-d, 27/1, building 1;
  • Sretensky boulevard, 7.



The popular Rigla pharmacy chain in Moscow is one of the leaders in the pharmaceutical industry due to the modern approach to servicing, competent marketing policy and unconditional quality assurance, both of the sold products, and the consultations providedpharmacists of pharmacies.

The story of "Rigla" began in 2001.The main motto of the company is customer convenience and an innovative approach to servicing. It was this pharmacy chain in Moscow that was one of the first to place the goods on open shelves and introduced the online ordering of medicines.

Addresses of pharmacies "Rigla in the city center:

  • " st. Nikolskaya, 8/1, p.1;
  • Manezhnaya Square, 1;
  • Pyatnitskaya, 9/28 building 1;
  • Goncharny pr-d, 6, p.1.

In addition, Rigla owns several well-known pharmacy brands, such as Pharmacy, Zhivika, Family Pharmacy Panacea. By the way, in Moscow and throughout the country there are more than 1,700 sales outlets.

There is a loyalty program in this network, which gives great advantages to regular customers, promotions and discounts are offered periodically.


pharmacy chains of moscow

A special place among the pharmacy chains of Moscow belongs to the company "Evalar", which delivers to the medical market its own products developed according to the latest technologies and exclusively on a natural basis.

Each pharmacy employs highly qualified specialists: pharmacists, nutritionists, nutritiologists, who can give free advice directly at the point of sale. In some central branches, robotic pharmacists "Consis" work, which increase the speed of processing orders, delivering the buyer the necessary goods in less than 10 seconds.

In addition to standard medicines, there is a wide choice of active food additives, natural cosmetics, created on the basis of medicinal plants of Altai.

In total, in Moscow, there are about 30 pharmacies, the central addresses are:

  • st. Tverskaya, 4;
  • Zubovsky Bulvar, 13, building 1;
  • Myasnitskaya, 24/7, building 2;
  • Zatsepsky shaft, 14.

Doctor Stoletov

Another pharmacy chain in Moscow, which is almost always positive about reviews, is Doctor Stoletov.

Convenient online ordering service, courier delivery, a wide range of certified products, a wide range of medical instruments, products and supplies are the main advantages that put the company on a high level and help to get ahead of competitors.

For 20 years, the chain of pharmacies "Doctor Stoletov" has been operating on the pharmacological market in Moscow and Russia. But it's never too late to develop, so in 2016 the process of rebranding the company began, the results of which customers have noticed right now. This is a significant expansion of the range of medicines and related products, an updated interior and the design of individual pharmacies. Now the customers are surrounded by a more cozy atmosphere.

The total number of drugstores "Doctor Stoletov" - more than 70. In the center of Moscow are pharmacy points at the addresses:

  • st. Arbat, 28/1, building 1;
  • Pokrovka, 11;
  • Shmitovsky Passage, 16, building 2;
  • Tver, etc. 22.


pharmacy chains in moscow reviews

An active player in the pharmaceutical market is the drugstore chain GORZDRAV, which started its journey more than 25 years ago, at the very beginning as a drug manufacturer, and then as a seller.

"Pharmacies GORZDRAV" position themselves as socially oriented. And in fact, the price policy of this company is significantly different from others in favor of the consumer. In addition, pharmacies constantly hold promotions and offer discounts, in conjunction with partner companies often play certificates and gifts.

More than 120 pharmacies have been opened in Moscow, and this figure is growing every month. In the central part of the city you can visit "GORZDRAV" at the following addresses:

  • Nikitsky Boulevard, 9;
  • Bolshoy Ovchinnikovsky lane, 12, p.1;
  • Upper Syromyatnicheskaya, 7, p.1;
  • Suschevskaya, 19, p.4.



Pharmacists of the pharmacy network "Dialogue" in Moscow are not only reliable sellers of medical products, but also good friends for many families.

The company skillfully combines wholesale and retail trade, which means that the partners of "Dialogue" are medical institutions. This fact once again confirms that this pharmacy network is quality and guaranteed service of the highest class.

The market "Dialogue" was released in 2003 as a pharmaceutical distributor of "Witta Company".

You can place an order on the official website, but you can buy at one of the sales points. In Moscow, there are more than 70 branches of Dialog, the addresses of the central sales points are as follows:

  • st. Gilyarovskogo d.36, p.1a;
  • 6th Kozhukhovskaya, 13;
  • Aviamotornaya, 6, building 1;
  • , Yablochkov St., 16.


large pharmacy chains of Moscow

The well-known pharmacy chain Samson-Pharma does everything to ensure that visitors are not only satisfied with the service, but are more likely to recover after visiting the pharmacy. Particular attention is paid to people who need regular medications - they are people with diabetes, hypertension, ischemia, hepatitis, etc. They are provided with special conditions for the purchase of medicines.

Such pharmacies are equipped with devices of electronic queue, waiting areas, which greatly simplifies the functioning of the organization.

There are more than 70 pharmacies in the city, they are located in the central part of the capital at the following addresses:

  • Tverskoy boulevard, 19;
  • Nikolskaya 17, building 1;
  • Earth shaft, д.44;
  • ul. Ostozhenka, 25.

"Capital pharmacies"

One of the largest pharmacy chains in Moscow, which has a state beginning, is called "Capital pharmacies."Initially, the residents of the capital knew "Capital pharmacies" as a state unitary enterprise, however, in connection with the reorganization, it is now a joint stock company.

The network was opened on the initiative of the City Property Department of Moscow, and it is still conducting close monitoring of the firm's activities.

Pharmacy chain of Moscow "Capital pharmacies" has more than 180 points of sales in the city and the region.

Addresses of central branches:

  • ул.Litvin-Sedoy, ow.13, building 4;
  • Polyanka Bolshaya, vl.65 / 74, building 1;
  • Novorogozhskaya, vl.14, building 1;
  • Abelmanovskaya, vv.6, building 1.

Competent location of pharmacies allows you to purchase the necessary goods anywhere in the city. In addition, in the "Stolichny pharmacies" are constantly acting on seasonal drugs, cosmetics and nutritional supplements.

Thus, the Moscow pharmacy market fully satisfies the needs of the city's residents, everyone can choose for themselves the network that will suit all the parameters.