Inhaler AND CN-231: instructions and description

Each parent is frightened when he discovers a dry barking cough in his baby. Coughing frightened us from the very childhood, we were taught that this is the main symptom of many terrible diseases. Therefore, many adults begin to stuff the child with a huge number of all kinds of medicines, put him mustard plasters and even give antibiotics.

What is a cough

Cough is one of the most common symptoms of an acute respiratory viral infection( ARVI).Most often it occurs together with such symptoms as a runny nose, sore throat, fever, weakness, sleep disturbances.

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Cough is necessary for anyone, even a healthy person - it serves to clear the airways of accumulated mucus. During illness due to the need to neutralize viruses and bacteria, the amount of mucus( sputum) increases, and the runny nose begins. The secret flows down the back wall of the nasopharynx, irritates it and makes the person cough. So does the mucus that gets into the bronchi.

When you cough, the body tries to get rid of the accumulated sputum, which means that it is useful. Nevertheless, it can be caused not only by normal ARVI, but also by more serious bacterial infections, allergies, heart problems and even psychogenic causes. Therefore, any kind of cough should be treated by a doctor.

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Cough is often described by such adjectives: barking, dry, paroxysmal, bothersome, wet. These signs can be characteristic simultaneously for one disease. For example, in ARVI, often initially dry barking cough changes gradually into a paroxysmal wet cough.

Types of cough

Doctors share two types of cough:

  • dry( a painful severe cough that does not bring relief);
  • moist( effective cough, in which the sputum departs, after the attack comes relief).

It is from the correct definition of its type that depends on what treatment the doctor will prescribe. If you start taking expectorants with a damp cough, chances are that it will take a long time to get treatment.

How to treat

There are three main types of medications for treating cough:

  • Means for liquefaction of sputum and its excretion are mucolytics( "Khaliksol", "Ambrobene", "Lazolvan").They are used for a moist, protracted cough.
  • Suppressive painful cough - antitussive( "Bronchicum", "Sedotussin"), used for prolonged and brings severe discomfort cough.
  • Means accelerating the process of excretion of expectoration - expectorant( "Pertussin", "Gedelix", "Licorice root", "Mukaltin").Assign with a dry cough.

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Also for treatment, a doctor can prescribe herbal teas - "breastfeeds", antibiotics and recommend buying an inhaler AND CN-231.

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What is a compression inhaler( nebulizer)

Compressor inhaler( A & D CN-231) is a modern device for home use. Previously, procedures of this level of effectiveness could be carried out only in a clinic or hospital, and now everyone can be treated effectively and simply at home.

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The nebulizer turns a medicine into an aerosol - small particles in the air, which with its flow directly enter the respiratory tract. This method of taking medicines has several advantages:

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  • The medicinal substance that enters directly into the respiratory tract acts more efficiently and faster than any tablets and medicines.
  • No side effects when inhaled, in contrast to oral administration.
  • Can be used to treat and prevent respiratory diseases in the whole family.
  • The AND CN-231 inhaler does not require special breathing regimes( delaying it or taking deep breaths).This allows you to use the device even for newborns and weakened patients.

What is the Compressor Inhaler CN-231

  1. The white compressor is the largest part of the device. It has one button - "Enable-Disable".
  2. Nebulizer and capacity of the CN-231 inhaler. It consists of a "bulb", which is untwisted in the middle, and a sprayer.
  3. Tube.
  4. Two masks( for kids and adults).
  5. Nozzle for breathing by mouth.
  6. Spare filters.
  7. Bag for storage of the device.

What is the advantage of

? The CN-231 inhaler has a number of obvious advantages:

  • Quality goods from Japan.
  • No problem with parts. All inhalers have plastic accessories. And if the container for drugs for the inhaler CN-231 spoils the adult or the child - sits down or step on it, breaks the fasteners or breaks the tube, it will not be necessary to change the device completely. The service center quickly select and replace the necessary part.
  • Two masks included.
  • Overheat protection function.
  • Convenient carrying case for storing and transporting the device. There is even a compartment for medicines.
  • Timer.
  • Warranty five years.

Instruction Manual

The AND CN-231 inhaler is very simple to use. But first you need to collect it. Do not be frightened by a large number of parts, it's very simple:

  • Before use, all parts of the device must be rinsed in a solution of water with soap, rinsed and well dried. If the device will be used by a very small child, the details must be treated additionally with hydrogen peroxide( as written in the manual), Miramistin or Chloroxedine.
  • Connect the tube to the compressor.
  • Insert the nebulizer into the medicine container.
  • Twist the container for drugs.
  • Connect it to the tube.
  • Top with a mask that is more suitable for the patient.

The instrument is ready. Now again untwist the container for medicines and fill the solution according to the labels. For each drug, the doctor will recommend its proportion. But there are several basic rules:

  • Most drugs are diluted with saline solution before use in a nebulizer.
  • A special form of the drug is always used. We do not fill the inhaler with syrups and do not crumble the pills - it can be not only useless, but also dangerous.
  • Never use oil solutions for spraying.

Otherwise, after filling the medicine container, you need to put the mask on your face and turn on the device. The procedure ends when the steam from the tube ceases to go.

Instruction and types of solutions for nebuliser treatment

The A D CN-231 inhaler can be used to treat a large number of diseases with a wide variety of medicines:

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  • Prevention and treatment for mild respiratory diseases( rhinitis, cough, sore throat).In the nebulizer container, fill in the usual saline solution( 2-4 ml) and breathe through the mask up to five times a day( from 5 to 20 minutes).Some doctors recommend using the inhaler AND CN-231 with mineral water( Essentuki or Borjomi).
  • Mucolytic agents( "Lazolvan", "ATSTS", "Pectusin", "Flumucin", "Sinupret" and others) are diluted with saline according to the instructions( usually in a 1: 1 ratio) and used to dilute thick sputum and accelerate the excretion of mucus fromlungs.
  • Antibiotics. In the treatment of bacterial complications of acute respiratory viral infection, as well as other bacterial injuries of the body, inhalations with antibacterial agents are prescribed( Streptomycin, Ceftriaxone, Dioxydin and others).Such treatment is carried out only on the recommendation of the attending physician and under his supervision.
  • Antiseptics. With a cold, sore throat and inflammation in the nasopharynx, use Miramistin( it is used in its pure form).This method of treatment is considered absolutely safe, use it even in pregnant women and newborns. Another antiseptic - "Chlorophyllipt" - is used when a streptococcal infection is found in the swab from the throat or nose.
  • Immunomodulating agents. Such drugs as "Derinat" and "Interferon" are often recommended to be used as a prophylaxis during the cold season. It is worth noting that these funds have no proven effectiveness.
  • Means against inflammation. Hormone-containing anti-inflammatory drugs( "Kromogeksal", "Dexamethasone" and "Pulmicort") are prescribed for false croup, bronchial asthma, obstruction of the lungs.
  • Alcoholic infusions of herbs. Propolis, Malavit, Calendula, Rotokan are used for inhalation to relieve inflammation of the respiratory system.
  • Vasoconstrictive."Naphthyzine" and "Adrenaline" doctors use to stop a cough and runny nose with laryngotracheitis, false croup, bronchial asthma.
  • For the removal of symptoms of painful unproductive dry cough appoint "Tussomag" or "Lidocaine."


Already very many parents have evaluated the inhaler AND CN-231.Reviews are always the best. Someone has found an easy and safe way to treat a sick child often. Someone is saved from asthma and allergies. Many successfully use the nebulizer for the prevention of ARVI and influenza. In each family, the inhaler will have its use. Although, of course, it would be great that no one ever had to get it from the far shelf.