UltriX vaccine: reviews, user manual

Modern medicine in its arsenal has a huge number of vaccines that can protect the human body from infection with various infectious diseases. With the onset of the cold season, the issue of preventing influenza becomes topical. It will help to avoid infection or make the course of the disease easier, the vaccine "Ultrix."The patient's feedback is positive, as it is well tolerated by the body. However, she has contraindications, which everyone should know about.

What is this medicine?

Ultrix is ​​an inactivated influenza vaccine, which is a mixture of surface and internal antigens of Type A( H1N1 and H3N2) and B viruses that have undergone maximum purification. The presence of pseudoviral particles in the preparation causes an increase in both the humoral and cellular response of the defense system, and this, in turn, helps to form a sufficiently long and persistent immunity to the virus.
Ultrick vaccine reviews

Vaccine production is carried out using innovative approaches to the destruction of influenza virus virions, after which they are self-assembled after removal of the detergent. As a result of the painstaking work of many scientists, it was possible to obtain a vaccine that reliably protects a person against infection with a dangerous virus.

"UltriX": indications for use

The vaccine is prescribed for the prevention of influenza. Everyone can take a vaccine, but there are categories of citizens who are especially recommended for such vaccination:

  • Children aged 6 years.
  • Students of professional and higher educational institutions.
  • Workers, especially those who are physicians who often come in contact with already infected people.
  • Employees in the service sector and the transport industry.
  • Teachers of educational institutions.
  • Patients who suffer from a chronic form of somatic pathology.
  • Persons who are often ill with colds.
  • Older patients.
    UltriX vaccine reviews

The "UltriX" vaccine( medical reports testify to this) is very effective for prevention purposes. But we must remember that there are categories of patients who do not recommend it.


The vaccine "Ultriks"( the manufacturer warns about this) has contraindications, and they must be aware of the patient who is going to vaccinate. It is not recommended to vaccinate against influenza in such conditions:

  • I was allergic to previous vaccinations.
  • Intolerance to chicken protein and other constituents of the vaccine.
  • Acute fever or exacerbation of chronic pathologies.
  • Breastfeeding period.

The vaccine against the flu "Ultrix" reviews is mostly positive, because it is well tolerated by both adults and children. It perfectly forms a stable immunity against influenza related to types A and B. After the introduction of the vaccine, the stability of the protective functions lasts about a year. The next season will have to be vaccinated repeatedly.

"UltriX": a way of applying

As a rule, vaccination begins with the onset of autumn colds and can continue until the end of winter. Not always mass infections with influenza begin in the autumn-winter period. Often happens that the epidemic breaks out already closer to the spring. Most often, mass visits to vaccination rooms are observed at the very beginning of the rise in the incidence of influenza.

How is the drug used? The "UltriX" vaccine is administered once intramuscularly at a dosage of 0.5 ml. In severe forms of respiratory and intestinal diseases, the drug is used only after the body temperature is normalized, and the general condition of the person improves. The patient is vaccinated only after full recovery or the onset of persistent remission in the presence of chronic diseases. On the day of vaccination a person must be examined by a doctor. At a temperature above 37 ° C, the procedure is not carried out.
flu vaccine ultriks reviews

The UltriX vaccine( instruction reminds you of this) should not be used if the ampoule and syringe are damaged. In addition, you need to monitor the shelf life of the drug and its storage conditions. The vaccine in the ampoules must be kept at room temperature before use and shaken well.

To open the container it is necessary only with observance of antiseptic: before opening, the knife and neck of the ampoule are wiped with 70% alcohol. Recruit the vaccine in a disposable syringe and remove air from it. The drug can not be stored in an open ampoule, it must be disposed of immediately.

The vaccine in the syringe also needs to be shaken, remove the protective cap from the needle and make sure there is no air left. Before carrying out the procedure, the syringe must be carefully inspected for possible damage.


Do not administer the vaccine intravenously. In the room where the procedure is performed, medicines must be available for antishock therapy and allergy relief. After the vaccination is done, the patient should be under doctor's supervision for at least 30-40 minutes.

Side effect of

The vaccine "Ultrix" reviews is good. They often confirm the absence of side effects. In rare cases, pain, redness and swelling may appear at the site of medication administration. Also in some patients there were such side effects:

  • Increased fatigue.
  • Headache.
  • Dizziness.
  • Nausea.
  • Temperature rise. Runny nose, cough, pharyngitis.
    Ultrix Vaccine Instruction

All of the above described side effects, which causes the vaccine against the flu "Ultrix"( the confirmation of this confirmation), go through three days after the administration of the drug. In very rare cases, if the patient is very sensitive, allergies may appear.

Interaction with other

vaccines "Ultrix" can be used in conjunction with other drugs needed to treat the underlying disease. Also it can be used with other vaccines, but it is necessary to take into account contraindications for each. Different drugs must be injected into different places, and each with their own syringe.

Use during pregnancy and lactation.

No studies have been conducted on the use of the vaccine in pregnant and lactating mothers. Therefore, in order not to harm the fetus and the baby, it is impossible to use the drug during this period.

Ultrix vaccine: childhood use

Every year, children are exposed to a disease such as influenza. Given that children attend pre-school and school institutions, it can be argued that the virus spreads quite actively and quickly. That is why it is very important to prevent infection. When the disease has made itself felt, it is necessary to treat it with the usual means. But in order to protect the child and not wait for the virus to overtake him, you can get vaccinated. The "Ultrix" vaccine for children is used at the age of 6 years and only with the permission of the attending physician.
Ultrrix vaccine for children

By the time the virus reaches the epidemic threshold, a sufficient number of antibodies should be developed in the child's body that can neutralize the influenza virus. There are many drugs that are allowed to be used in childhood, but the Ultrrix vaccine is considered one of the best and has shown excellent results. Parents' comments indicate that after the vaccination, the children began to get sick less often, and in cases when the virus still got into the body, the disease proceeds more easily and without serious consequences.


The drug is available as a solution for intramuscular injection.1 dose contains 0.5 ml of active ingredient. Influenza viruses cultured on chick embryos, inactivated and digested, are represented by several strains. The auxiliary is a preservative( merthiolate).

In a carton box there are 10 ampoules with a knife and a scarifier. If the package contains containers with a vestigial or an opening ring, the knife and scarifier are absent. Also, the drug is available in sterile disposable syringes with a protective cap of 0.5 ml( 1 dose).

The syringe for injections must necessarily be disposable with an injection sterile needle and protective cap.

The vaccine "Ultriks"( instructions for use about this tells) is produced without preservatives, as warned by an inscription on a cardboard package.

Which vaccine should I choose - Ultrix or Grippol?

There are many drugs against influenza, but recently the drug "Ultriks" is very popular. Vaccine reviews have positive, so it is used more often. However, there is another effective drug - Grippol.

ultrasonic vaccine manufacturer

Both vaccines showed good results in their effectiveness. Thanks to them in the body of a person who has been vaccinated, antibodies that fight with several types of influenza viruses are produced in a very short time.

The only difference between the drugs is that the Ultrix vaccine( instructions for use says this) can be used in children from the age of 6, and Grippol is prescribed from an earlier age. For example, a 6-month-old baby doctor will recommend a second drug. Also, in extreme cases and only on the prescription of the attending physician, the drug "Grippol" can be administered to pregnant women, but not earlier than the 2nd trimester.

UltriX vaccine: feedback from

Let's look at what people are saying about the drug. What is good about the Ultrix vaccine? Feedback from those who could already feel its positive qualities, say here about what advantages:

  • Modern vaccines against the influenza virus are able to reduce the likelihood of the disease by almost 80% in all categories of citizens.
  • The incidence of hospitalization is reduced by 30-70% due to serious complications, for example pneumonia.
  • The amount that will have to be spent on the vaccine is incommensurable with the cost of treating the underlying disease, as well as its complications.

"Ultriks" is a vaccine, the reviews speak for themselves. Not only do patients say that after vaccination, they endure contact with people who are infected with the influenza virus without consequences. Also, therapists show that after the vaccination was carried out, the flow of sick people decreased significantly. Therefore, if you want to be healthy, Ultrix( a vaccine) will help you. The instruction( the testimonial to that acknowledgment) considers this preparation excellent preventive maintenance of a flu which does not cause serious by-effects and has a minimum of contraindications.
Ultrrix vaccine

Many patients say that before they became vaccinated against influenza annually, they often got sick. In the autumn weather it was possible not to leave the house at all, as it was felt that the infection was on its heels. But after people began to get vaccinated against the flu, the situation has changed noticeably.

The "UltriX" vaccine helps not to be afraid of an epidemic and live a full life. The drug does not cause any side effects, and after a few hours you can completely forget that you were given an injection. I also want to say that thanks to vaccination, you do not have to spend large sums of money on expensive treatment of influenza and its complications.

Such positive feedback is very large. Anyone who has at least once vaccinated and felt its effectiveness, tries every year in the autumn-winter period again to buy the vaccine "UltriX" and protect against the flu virus not only themselves, but all their loved ones.

The main goal of such prevention is the formation of specific immunity to a particular pathogen. This is due to the introduction into the human body of antigenic complexes( particles of the pathogen, products of its vital activity, killed or inactivated microorganisms).The main thesis of vaccination is that any infection should be prevented better than treated. Be healthy!