Candles with hemorrhoids "Anestezol": reviews, instruction manual

This disease, like hemorrhoids, brings a lot of suffering, both physical and moral. The vast majority of people suffering from this problem for a long time do not dare to turn to a specialist, missing the opportunity to solve it qualitatively, without serious medical intervention or serious consequences. One of the drugs, often prescribed in the treatment of hemorrhoids - "Anestezol"( candles).Instructions, reviews about it will be discussed below.

What is not common to say aloud

Unfortunately, a person's life is so arranged that it is almost impossible to avoid health problems. And some diseases are considered something shameful, about what it is not accepted to speak. To such diseases also belongs hemorrhoids. With intestinal problems, soreness, itching, the appearance of cones in the anus, the doctor is most often treated when the disease is already sufficiently started and requires prolonged medical or even surgical treatment. With veches from hemorrhoids "Anestezol" - one of the most popular drugs in the treatment of hemorrhoids. But we should always remember that high-quality treatment can be prescribed only after an adequate diagnosis is made, and therefore self-medication of intestinal problems should not be dealt with.

candles with hemorrhoid anestezol reviews

What is included in the preparation?

Candles from hemorrhoids "Anestezol" composition have a multicomponent, because in this preparation there are 4 active substances:

  • benzocaine is a widely used anesthetic;
  • zinc oxide is a naturally occurring chemical compound used in pharmacology as an adsorptive, antiseptic, astringent and anti-inflammatory agent;
  • racemtol - a natural substance of plant origin, which has anesthetic and antiseptic qualities;
  • bismuth subgallate is a compound with anti-inflammatory, drying properties.

To give the product a certain shape - conical suppositories, it includes components such as polyethylene oxide 1500 and polyethylene oxide 400 in an amount necessary to give the mass a moldable consistency.

candles from hemorrhoids anestesol

How do active substances work?

Candles with hemorrhoids "Anestezol" reviews from patients suffering from hemorrhoids, are mostly grateful, because the drug is used as a local anesthetic, drying and antiseptic. How does it work, that for several decades remains a claimed antihemorrhoidal agent?

Benzocaine acts on receptors, blocking the sodium channels of cell membranes, which prevents the passage of a nerve impulse.

Racetenthol stimulates the cold receptors of the skin, which makes pain less obvious. Antiseptic properties are manifested by the action of the substance on the cells of microbes.

Zinc oxide has the ability to form albumens and denature proteins, thereby reducing inflammation and irritation on the skin.

The disorder of the subgallat at the site of application induces the process of coagulation of proteins, cell membranes and extracellular fluid. As a result of this , a film is formed, which protects the sensitive nerve endings from irritation, which relieves pain, and prevents the development of edema. It also causes narrowing of local blood vessels, lowering vascular permeability, reducing exudation and reducing inflammation of tissues. This substance, when applied externally, is slightly absorbed into the systemic circulation.

It is on the complex effect of the active substances of the candle in the hemorrhoids "Anestezol" that reviews are received in the overwhelming majority of positive.

candles from hemorrhoids anestezol instruction

When can I use the drug?

The instructions for use with the drug "Anestezol"( suppositories) indicate the appointment of it for problems such as anal fissures and hemorrhoids. Medicinal substances that make up rectal suppositories help to ease pain, have antiseptic and drying effect, which has a beneficial effect on the therapy of these diseases. This drug is often prescribed in conjunction with other means and methods of treatment.

And when candles can not be used?

Often the recommended remedy is the candles from hemorrhoids "Anestezol".The instruction at it specifies some contraindications to their application. This is a children's age - up to 12 years, as well as intolerance to the components of the drug, in particular methanol and benzocaine. The allergy can be established on bismuth and zinc, which also serves as an excuse to refuse such therapy.

During pregnancy, hemorrhoids are a common problem, but due to the fact that bismuth penetrates into the systemic circulation, albeit in a small amount, from there through the placental barrier into the fetal bloodstream, this drug is not recommended for use during pregnancy. The same restriction applies to the period of breastfeeding.

anesthetic gemorrhoids instructions for use

Side effects of

Candles for hemorrhoids "Anestezol" reviews are mostly recommendatory, although some of them mention the appearance of not very pleasant side effects, for example, itching and burning. In addition to these sensations, when used in the treatment of hemorrhoids or fissures of the anus can develop an allergic reaction. It should also be remembered that rectal suppositories can have a laxative effect.

How to use suppositories?

On a preparation such as an anesthetic gemorroe suppository, the instructions for use say that the method of their application is rectal, that is, suppositories are injected into the anus. The algorithm of administration is as follows:

  • after a natural defecation or cleansing enema, it is necessary to wash and dry the area of ​​the anus with a clean cloth;
  • it is most convenient to put candles on your side, but you can do it standing up by placing one foot on the elevation, for example, on a chair;
  • with clean hands should open the contour cell with the drug, get a candle;
  • gently insert it into the anal opening, pushing the finger as deeply as possible;
  • for a while should lie down.

It is not necessary to put suppositories before emptying the intestines, as their administration will cause defecation, and the drug will be removed from the body without having any therapeutic effect. The candle will be used in vain.

Apply this medication 1-2 times a day. One-time or repeated reception is better spent before a dream that the medicine has actively worked during a rest period.

candles from hemorrhoids anestezol composition

How to buy and how to store candles from hemorrhoids?

Candles with hemorrhoids "Anestezol" reviews are positive from those who with this medication got rid of the painful sensations caused by problems with the intestines. Buy this drug can be in any pharmacy, it is sold at the request of the buyer without a doctor's prescription. The price of it is maximally available - the drug package costs from 80 to 120 rubles in dependence on the pharmacy network.

Store suppositories in a cool place, not allowing exposure to high temperatures - above 25 ° C.Keep candles away from small children.

anestesol candles reviews

What do doctors and patients say about the drug?

The anti-hemorrhoidal preparation "Anestezol"( suppositories) reviews both from specialists and from patients is recommendatory and grateful. Doctors talk about the effectiveness of the drug in complex therapy, and patients note that the candles relieve the unpleasant and painful sensations arising from fissures of the anus and hemorrhoids. Very rarely responses to the drug mention side effects - burning and itching. Many of the patients who used this drug in the treatment of hemorrhoids, note its low cost, which is important for such funds, because of this disease affects people of all walks of life.

There are grateful responses from women suffering from postpartum hemorrhoids and cracks. They note a rapid withdrawal of soreness, as well as a cure for the problem.

With , eyelids with hemorrhoids "Anestezol" reviews from doctors also have positive, because experts base their opinion on the state of patients, the course of the disease, the rate of disappearance of painful symptoms.

anestesol candles

Are there any analogues?

Hemorrhoids are a serious disease that can cause a serious deterioration in the quality of life, and often leads to far more serious problems than the occasional pain and discomfort. Therefore, the disease must be treated on time. With , eyelids with hemorrhoids "Anestezol" reviews have positive, like many similar medicines.

For example, rectal suppositories "Anuzol", having the same properties as "Anestezol", but as active components including xerobes( bismuth tribromophenolate), krasavka thick extract and zinc sulfate. Another of the available drugs for the treatment of the "silent problem" is "Olesesin", in which benzocaine, sulfaethyldol and sea buckthorn oil work.

There are, undoubtedly, drugs for hemorrhoids that are in a different price category, for example, Proctosideil, Relief, Proctoglivenol. What rectal candles to choose for the treatment of a painful and serious disease - hemorrhoids, the attending physician should say after a thorough examination and the establishment of an adequate diagnosis.

anestesol candles

The feeling of discomfort in the anal passage, the appearance of itching, hemorrhoids, bleeding requires a mandatory visit to the proctologist. Health is the most important, and it is not necessary to hesitate to contact a doctor with your problems, because the time for medication can be missed and then you will have to resort to surgical intervention. In addition, the symptoms of hemorrhoids can have oncological diseases of the rectum. Therefore, first - a visit to the doctor and a thorough examination, and only then - the use of medicines and physiotherapy, appointed by a specialist.