Stopgrypan: instructions for use."Stopgrypan": instructions for use in pregnancy, photos, reviews

In the period of increasing the level of colds, each person tries to protect himself from infection. For this, antiviral agents are used with the possibility of increasing the immune defense. However, not everyone can avoid the disease. There is already a question about the use of drugs that ease the patient's condition. Of course, it is better to consult a doctor and get an individual appointment. However, not everyone does this. One of the commonly used drugs is recognized as "Stopgripan".Instructions for using the medication will be provided to you in the article. Also you will learn about the peculiarities of using the composition in the period of bearing of the child. Separately it is worth discussing what responses there are about the medicine.

instructions for use stoppigpan

Type and composition of

What does the user's manual tell us about the application?"Stopprypan" is a powder that is intended for oral use. Before this preparation should be prepared. The abstract says that the drug contains three active substances. This is paracetamol, phenylephrine and phenyramine maleate. In addition, the drug contains ascorbic acid in an amount of 50 milligrams.

Additional components of the drug are citric acid, calcium, sucrose, malic acid, dyes and flavors. Also there are other components. The drug is available in metered-dose sachets. The package can have 10 packs. On the facade of the box there is a mug of tea. By the inscription above it you can determine the taste of the resulting drink. Also there is an inscription "Stopgripan".Instructions for use are attached one to each 10 sachets.

stopgripan instructions for use

Mode of action of the drug

What information does the instructions for use on the Stopgrypan medication still provide? Photo annotation will be presented to your attention in the article. It states that the action of the drug is due to its constituents. Getting into the human body, the drug is rapidly absorbed by the walls of the stomach and intestines.

Paracetamol has an analgesic effect. Also, this substance helps to reduce body temperature and eliminates chills. As a result, a person feels much better. Phenylephrine is a substance that is part of many drugs for intranasal use. It has vasoconstrictive and antihistamine action. The result is a decrease in the separation of mucus from the nasal sinuses. Breathing normalizes and becomes easy. Pheniramine is the next component. It has anti-allergic activity. Also this substance enhances the effect of phenylephrine. Ascorbic acid is presented in a dose of 50 milligrams, which is about 70 percent of the daily rate. This component strengthens the body's resistance to viruses and bacteria, increases immunity. There is also evidence that ascorbic acid enhances and prolongs the action of paracetamol.

stopgripan instruction

Indications for the use of powder

About the drug "Stopgripan" instruction for use says that it is taken for colds. Thus, the following pathologies are indicated in the indications:

  • viral and bacterial infections of the lower and upper respiratory tract;
  • inflammatory processes in the nose( rhinitis, sinusitis, sinusitis);
  • fever of different etiology;
  • pain syndrome( headache, muscle, toothache).

It is worth saying that the described drug is not used for preventive purposes, since it does not have any effectiveness in this case. The action of the drug is aimed at alleviating the symptoms during the period of illness. Its use is not a panacea. To accelerate it is worthwhile to carry out complex therapy with the addition of antiviral and antibacterial agents.

Prohibition on the use of medication

About the drug "Stopgrypan" instruction says that, like any other drug, it has its contraindications. Given that there are several components, it is necessary to take into account the ban on the use of each of them. Immediately it is necessary to say that the drug is not used for hypersensitivity to the components. The drug is not used with the simultaneous use of antidepressants and drugs acting on the nervous system. Medication is not prescribed when receiving funds containing similar active ingredients. Contraindicated in the treatment described composition with hypertension, alcoholism, diabetes. Children under the age of 12 should choose alternative medications to correct the condition. Instructions for use also indicate that the composition is not prescribed during pregnancy. However, doctors present somewhat different information in this regard.

stopgripan forte instructions for use

"Stopgrypan": instructions for use in pregnancy

Physicians report that paracetamol is the only antipyretic agent that is allowed to be used at all terms of bearing a child. Proceeding from this, we can say that "Stopgripan" is safe for expectant mothers. However, the preparation has additional components. Phenylephrine and phenylamine should not be used while being in an interesting position. Especially dangerous is their use in the first trimester. Such therapy can lead to damage in the formation of organs and systems of the child.

In the second and third part of pregnancy, doctors admit the use of the described medication. However, for this it is necessary to take into account the benefits and risks of the drug. Self-use of the drug is strictly prohibited. Do not use the medication immediately before childbirth, as there is a risk of penetration of the described components into breast milk. The dosage and the scheme of application of the medicine in future mothers is selected individually and directly depends on the severity of the accompanying symptoms.

"Stoppregan": instructions for use, dosage and dosage regimen of the preparation

The medication should be poured into a beaker and poured with warm boiled water. Then carefully stir the drink and wait until the powder is completely dissolved. It will take you no more than one minute.

The composition should be taken up to 4 times a day if necessary. A single dose of paracetamol is 375 milligrams. Future mothers are recommended to use the medication no earlier than 8 hours after the first intake.

stopgripan instructions for use reviews

The possibility of adverse reactions

You already know what information about the preparation "Stopgripan" instructions for use. Comments from consumers say that in most cases the medicine is well tolerated and does not cause an adverse reaction. However, the abstract describes situations in which unforeseen phenomena have occurred.

Side effects include allergies in the form of rash, itching, bronchospasm. Less common are nausea, abdominal pain, stools. Also, the reaction can be from the side of the nervous system. It is expressed in the disturbance of mood, increased anxiety, the increase in cases of insomnia. If the described symptoms occurred, you should immediately stop treatment and go to the doctor. Correction is symptomatic. Rarely, gastric lavage or enema may be required.

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Reviews about the treatment of

Consumers say that the instructions for writing Stoppregin are very clear. All items, the intake schedule and dosage are strictly written in it. Patients report that analgesic effect is manifested as early as 15 minutes after admission. Antipyretic effect is observed after half an hour. Women who took the medicine during pregnancy, speak about its safety. After all, nothing new has happened to the newborn baby. It is much more dangerous to endure a fever during the carrying of a child.

There are practically no negative reviews about the drug. Only some consumers experience adverse reactions to treatment due to improper use of the prescribed dose. To avoid this phenomenon, strictly follow the annotation and recommendations of doctors. Only then you will get the maximum effect from the therapy and the absence of unpleasant consequences.

stopgripan instructions for use in pregnancy

Instead of concluding

You have got acquainted with the drug "Stopgripan"( a similar action has "Stopgripan forte").The instruction on the use of the composition is presented to your attention. Despite all the positive opinions about the powder, it should not be taken alone. Be sure to visit the doctor and get the appropriate recommendations. Have a good health and a speedy recovery!