Kalanchoe: benefit and harm to the human body

People have long been studying the benefits and harms to the health of Kalanchoe. The plant is used to treat various diseases. Its irreplaceability in everyday life is associated with healing properties and unpretentiousness, a willingness to help at the right time. Many call Kalanchoe a home doctor, and this is so: a storehouse of vitamins and minerals contained in the plant, contribute to healing. However, it is necessary to apply the Kalanchoe with due care.

Homeland of the plant

Once the tropics presented the world with the Kalanchoe. The island of Madagascar in South Africa is the birthplace of the plant. By storing moisture in leaves and stems to survive in arid climates, the flower synthesizes a whole complex of useful biochemical compounds necessary for life. In the tropics, many species of plants, but at home we grow the Periste Kalanchoe and Degremona, which have medicinal properties.

the use of Kalanchoe

The legend of the flower "Kalanch"

The miraculous healing of a Russian sailor on an island in South Africa is known since the eighteenth century. The most feared fever struck the sailor of a merchant ship, and therefore he had to stay on an African island to die. But fate gave him sympathy from the locals who told that to preserve life, one must eat the leaves of the plant "Kalanch", which in translation meant "health."I must say that this flower grew on the island very abundantly, and the patient, having listened to the advice of the aborigines, was healed. It is not difficult to guess that the Russian sailors, taking the comrade from the island, took with them and a medicinal plant, which later spread throughout the world.

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Kalanchoe benefits and harm

Variety of useful substances

Nature has generously endowed the plant with everything that can prolong life. A storehouse of microelements, enzymes, vitamins and minerals, which determine the energy value of a plant. The use of Kalanchoe for humans is obvious, as it contains:

  • microelements: iron, magnesium, zinc and aluminum;
  • useful acids: oxalic, ascorbic and tanning, fruit;
  • polyphenols;
  • glycosides;
  • vitamins A, B, C, E, P;
  • water.

Knowingly the plant is called home ginseng.

The healing properties of

Kalanchoe, the benefit and harm to which we study, are widely used:

  • for colds and viral infections;
  • for cleaning blood vessels;
  • elimination of external inflammatory processes;
  • healing of wounds and burns, frostbite;
  • strengthening immunity;
  • acceleration of ejection of bile;
  • skin treatment;
  • in gynecology;
  • pain relief;
  • in cosmetology;
  • to slow the aging process.

In addition, the leaves of the Kalanchoe, whose use for the organism is indisputable, purify the air from the compounds of toxic and metals.

the benefits of Kalanchoe for health

Why with caution

Before using the Kalanchoe, the benefits and harm should be studied in detail in order to avoid unpleasant side effects. The plant can cause allergic reactions, including extreme manifestations, when medical care can not be dispensed with. It turns out that the use of Kalanchoe is necessary without fanaticism, starting with small dosages and gradually increasing them. So, juice of a plant start to use from several drops to check up reaction of the organism.

It is better not to experiment with pregnancy. Breast infants of Kalanchoe juice are diluted with water in dosage starting with two drops.

Hepatitis is chronic and liver disease is certainly the reason why treatment with a unique plant is impossible, because the condition of the disease can be exacerbated.

I must say that any treatment in the presence of chronic diseases, in order to avoid complications, should be preceded by a doctor's consultation.

flower of Kalanchoe benefit

Recipes folk

In folk medicine use the juice, ointment and alcohol tincture of the plant. Also, leaves of the flower Kalanchoe, the benefit to the body of which has long been proven, eaten, applied to wounds, joints. Cosmetologists around the world adore the plant and know many recipes for improving the condition of the skin, nails and hair.

It is very important to grow a flower correctly. Soil should be natural, without chemical fertilizers, it is unacceptable to apply various chemical fertilizing, otherwise it can not be used in treatment. Only clean soil and water for irrigation will preserve the curative value of the plant.

How to properly prepare the Kalanchoe juice

Do not water the flower for seven days, and then cut several large leaves, put it for five or seven days in a cool dark place, for example, on the lower shelf of the refrigerator, wrapped in a tissue napkin.

To prepare the juice, grind the leaves in a ceramic dish, bring it to the state of mushy mass, and squeeze it through the folded gauze fabric. The juice of a healthy plant has a bright green color and a pleasant smell, it has positive energy. It is best to use it once, but it can be stored in a cool place for not more than a day.

the use of the Kalanchoe for the organism

When to apply juice

In the people most often the juice of the Kalanchoe is buried with the nose for colds and viral infections, nasal congestion. But the spectrum of its application is much wider:

  • in the treatment of herpes should be lubricated lips with juice five times a day;
  • for the purpose of removing ear inflammation drip by drop in the ear canal;
  • for the treatment of gums rub the juice into the gums three times a day, rinse the mouth, diluting the juice with water;
  • inflamed sinus sinus can be cured without surgery, digging every three hours with three drops of juice, then rinsing the mouth with juice diluted with water;
  • for the treatment of the skin rub the damaged areas of the skin( as warts and pigment spots, dermatitis go);
  • angina is treated by rinsing the throat with juice diluted with water in equal proportions;
  • in gynecology, by treating specific sites;
  • in cosmetology for cleansing the skin, improving color and elasticity;
  • in the treatment of tuberculosis, five milliliters of juice is combined with a hundred milliliters of warm water and is drunk on an empty stomach four times a day for four months;
  • with peptic ulcer of stomach drink juice three times a day on a teaspoon.

Preparation of the

ointment Collect thirty milliliters of plant juice and add fifty grams of Vaseline, heated in a water bath. The composition should be well mixed and allowed to cool. You can add a few drops of sea buckthorn oil. Ointment can be prepared for fat badger, chicken, lamb, fat of melted milk, which will enhance the therapeutic effect. Store at room temperature.

Kalanchoe benefits and harm to the body

Application of ointment

Ointment prepared from Kalanchoe, applied:

  • in the treatment of trophic ulcers and boils is simply irreplaceable;
  • for the treatment of cracked heels and dry skin of the legs;
  • with exacerbation of psoriasis;
  • in cosmetology, for softening of coarse skin areas, calluses;
  • for the treatment of inflamed joints.

How to prepare a tincture of alcohol

Leaves and stems of the plant should be finely chopped and poured with vodka or alcohol, in a ratio of four spoonfuls of pulp to two hundred grams of vodka or one hundred grams of alcohol pharmacy. The resulting tincture must be placed in a ceramic or dark glass container and held for twenty-one days in a dark and cool place.

the use of Kalanchoe for man

Application of tincture of alcohol

Alcohol tincture based on Kalanchoe is applied:

  • with otitis in the ears to drip two drops of tincture at night, sealing with cotton;
  • with varicose veins to rub your feet at night;
  • for improvement of vision tincture to take inside on a tablespoon;
  • for treatment of decubitus;
  • with prostatitis drink fifteen milliliters of tincture on an empty stomach once a day;
  • in case of gastritis, mix fifty grams of tincture with three tablespoons of honey, add one tablespoon of propolis oil, which should be prepared beforehand, mixing 100 grams of propolis with a hundred grams of butter and melting in a water bath( gastritis and the initial stage of peptic ulcer can be treated within thirtydays, when taking the drug twice a day);
  • with hair loss mix fifty grams of tincture with three tablespoons of honey, castor oil and egg yolk( make the composition on the scalp three times a week for two hours for two weeks, and then, after a month's break, repeat the procedure.)

Kalanchoe in the official medicine

Pharmaceutical business also did not ignore the healing properties of the Kalanchoe, which leaves a great hope for mankind to survive in the world of tablets and injections. The juice and tincture of plants, prepared in an industrial way, can be bought in Aptekah without a doctor's prescription. Excellent anti-inflammatory agent used in surgery and therapy for the treatment of wounds of non-healing, purulent sore throats, pressure sores and trophic ulcers, frostbite and burns. In stomatology, alcohol tincture plants are used to treat periodontal disease and other gum diseases.medical institutions are also purchased

The plant is also used for anemia, especially for children. Treatment for blood diseases is not an easy task for doctors. Incredibly, eating calanhoe children helps restore hematopoiesis. In progressive medical institutions officially included in the menu as part of the salad shoots leaves Kalanchoe, in the common people "babes".

Home cosmetics

The use of Kalanchoe for health, as well as for external beauty is proved. A few tips in skin care will help to maintain youth and a good mood.

So, if three times a week to apply to the clean skin before going to sleep, the Kalanchoe juice and gently rub it in the face, neck and décolleté, the skin will receive nutrition and a powerful impetus for renewal. After such a massage, after ten minutes, you should wash with warm water, and then apply a baby or a night cream for the face. Regeneration of the skin is carried out gradually.

Healthy nails are a rarity, especially after coating with gel-varnish. The chance of restoration of the nail plate remains in case of abandonment of this procedure and application of applications from the leaves of Kalanchoe twice a day for a month. Nails will cease to be brittle, their healthy color and growth will be restored.

Hair is the main decoration of a woman and should look healthy. To strengthen the roots of the hair will help the juice or tincture of the plant. If you use juice, then three times a week, plenty of rubbing it into the scalp before going to bed, leaving for the night. So dandruff will disappear, hair follicles will strengthen, a healthy shine will appear. For emergency hair growth enhancement and in case of loss, a composition based on the Kalanchoe tincture should be used. In this case, the egg yolk, honey and castor oil are added to the tincture, the composition is brought to a homogeneous mass and in the warmed form is rubbed into the roots of the hair every other day for a month. Hair will not only strengthen, but will also acquire a natural elasticity, and will begin to grow. Tincture with Kalanchoe, in this case, can be done on cognac, which will strengthen the effect.

The delicate skin of the lips needs care not less than the face. To avoid microcracks and dry skin of the lips, you should use the juice of Kalanchoe leaves, rubbing it with circular movements of pads of ring fingers for two minutes twice a day for a week. Then, after a week's break, repeat the withdrawal. Especially relevant is a massage in winter and in August, when the scorching sun is drying up the skin.