Clinic "Mother and Child", Savelovskaya: address and responses

The "Mother and Child" Clinic( Savelovskaya) is part of a network of medical institutions that provide counseling services during pregnancy. High-class specialists are ready at any time to conduct diagnostics of your organism, to detect the presence or absence of diseases, and to prescribe quality treatment.

What is the difference from other clinics?

The "Mother and Child" Center at Savelovskaya is one of thirty institutions providing private medical services. In total, 19 clinics and 4 hospitals function in Russia, as well as branches of the Mother and Child group of companies are on the territory of Ukraine. The leadership of the GC sets ambitious goals - to preserve the health of the inhabitants of the two countries and to introduce ultramodern achievements of medicine in the regular practice of operating medical institutions.

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Doctors of the center and all other divisions of the Civil Code are constantly attending courses on professional development, which are conducted in the leading foreign clinics of the world. Thanks to the exchange of knowledge and techniques, specialists are able to save thousands of lives in a timely manner every year. The centers also employ psychologists who are ready at any time of the day and night to help all those who need it.

Why on Savelovskaya?

If your child is seriously ill, you will be happy to receive the clinic "Mother and Child", the children's department( Savelovskaya) is located near the center of Moscow, so getting to it will be easy and simple. If necessary, the baby can be hospitalized. You can also go to the hospital, however, qualified medical staff will do everything to put the baby on its feet as soon as possible.

You can also contact this center if you need urgent gynecological intervention. Here there is a school for mothers, where pregnant ladies can learn the basics of motherhood, learn to talk with their own organism and get the necessary recommendations from professionals. The Medical Genetics Center will help you conduct research, find out your compatibility with a partner and the ability to have children in common.

What diseases can be treated here?

The "Mother and Child" Clinic( Savelovskaya) conducts a reception for both children and adults. Here you can contact for a complete diagnosis of the body, which will help identify inconspicuous at first glance diseases. Also here you can get a quality consultation on gynecological and urological diseases. It is in this center that they are given special significance, since they can affect the genital function of the body.

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Ladies can visit a women's center that operates within the clinic, and undergo a full examination from a narrow specialist( mammologist, etc.).Also, a gynecologist can be consulted by ladies at the age of 45 years, in this area, individual specialists work. In pregnancy, expectant mothers need to go through a dentist, which is why he is present in this center.


If you choose a medical institution, the clinic "Mother and Child" on Savelovskaya, whose reviews are highly positive, is one of the best candidates. The patients of the center note that doctors approach the treatment very scrupulously, which allows achieving positive results in getting rid of various diseases. The staff of the clinic treats the patients with benevolence and is ready to answer absolutely any questions.

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Positive responses are also more often associated with pregnancy management techniques that are used by the center's physicians. The doctor necessarily works in tandem with several nurses who monitor the condition of the future mother and her baby and give her psychological support. Thanks to this, every year, a large number of children born to women over forty are born.


The most relevant data on which you can get information about the clinic "Mother and Child"( Savelovskaya) - reviews. ECO - one of the most sought-after directions of the center. According to statistics, about 20% of all couples on the planet suffer from infertility, and the causes of this disease can be completely different. In some cases, this is due to the incompatibility of the two partners, and then in vitro fertilization( IVF) comes to the rescue.

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Those couples who participated in the IVF program from the Mother and Child Center were happy: healthy babies appeared. Some people go to the center again to conceive another child. Patients note that doctors are constantly monitoring the health of the baby, born with the help of IVF, until his 16th birthday. This is an undoubted advantage, as it allows you to track all the useful and harmful processes that occur in the child's body. Programs for the treatment of infertility are individual, so the chances that the disease can be cured are high enough.

Children's department

The clinic "Mother and Child" on Savelovskaya, whose reviews are transmitted according to the principle of "word of mouth", has its own children's center, where young patients can undergo a full examination for various diseases. The main difference between the center and others is the presence of narrow specialists: children's nephrologist, urologist, gynecologist, etc. All of them work only on weekdays, therefore it is best to register to them in advance.

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Also in the department work with children who have specific developmental features. According to the doctors, most of these features appear due to the lack of professional neonatal and midwifery skills at the maternity hospitals, which is why staff can not always provide qualified assistance. Modern methods of treatment help to correct existing pathologies and their consequences, which allows children to adapt to the society in the future.

Price policy

The Mother and Child Center( Savelovskaya) provides private medical services, so when you contact there it is best to get acquainted with the prices immediately. The admission of a specialist here ranges from 1100 to 6000 rubles, depending on the profile of the doctor you are going to. You can consult candidates and doctors of medical sciences, such a service is available in the center, but it will cost you 4-4,5 thousand rubles.

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In case of acute pain and calling "ambulance" also have to pay for the work of specialists. In this case, the cost of the call will be from 5 to 9 thousand rubles, it all depends on the complexity of the situation. To get acquainted with the full list of services and rates, you can by contacting the clinic where the administrators will advise you on all the issues of interest.

Where is it?

To the narrow specialists of the clinic "Mother and Child"( Savelovskaya), whose address - ul. Butyrskaya, 46, it is best to record in advance, because they work on a standard schedule. To make an appointment and clarify all the necessary questions, you can call +7( 499) 7531653. You can also arrange with the administrator on duty that he himself called you back at any convenient time.

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You can get there by buses №№ 87,206, as well as trolleybuses №№ 3, 3к, 29, 29к, 47, 56, 78. Also nearby are fixed-route taxis, which can also be used, Butyrskaya, 46. The center is next to the stop, which is very convenient for those with small children. If necessary, specialists leave for the house, but this requires a preliminary agreement.


The "Mother and Child" clinic( Savelovskaya) has opened the doors for its patients back in 2011.For almost five-year history of its existence, it has seriously expanded, and now can provide quality medical services. Men, women and children can improve their health here on an outpatient basis, and in case of emergency, one can insist on hospitalization, since such an opportunity exists.

It is in the clinic on Savelovskaya that there is a center called "The Special Child", which provides highly qualified help to families whose children grow up with various mental disorders. Children who suffer from hyperactivity, attention deficit disorder, and also those who face a lot of learning difficulties can also help here. Highly qualified doctors of various categories will help to cope with any difficult situation that has arisen in your family. From you, you just need to go there in time.