Herpes on the lips: causes, symptoms and treatment

Probably every person at least once in life, waking up, felt discomfort in the area of ​​the lips. They itched, itched, throbbed and slightly ached."Again this hateful herpes," we thought, digging into the home medicine cabinet in search of an effective drug against the infection. Unfortunately, doctors say that the disease is incurable. And if it is activated more than three times a year, you can talk about weak immunity. What are the methods of "lulling" the body with herpes on the lips? Causes of the disease, considered in this article, can serve as a response to an important and urgent issue.

Characteristics of the disease

What is this ailment-herpes on the lips? The causes of the appearance and ways of treating the disease are described in detail in any medical reference book. It says that this is a very common virulent infection, which is characterized by the appearance on the skin of bubble and painful rashes. In especially severe cases, they cover not only the entire lip, but also the area around them - cheeks and chin, thus forming one continuous ulcer littered with crust.

herpes on the lips causes Once in the body, herpes there remains to the end of a person's life. Usually he is in a "dormant" state, but in some periods may become aggravated. Awaken hated infection is capable of stress, illness, hypothermia. Therefore, in order to prevent the activation of the virus, the individual should lead a maximally healthy lifestyle: to eat right, play sports, temper. Such manipulations herpes is afraid, as they not only strengthen the body, but also increase immunity. And he, in turn, is the main enemy of the disease.

The main causes of

Various factors create fertile soil on which the herpes on the lips safely thrives: the causes can be primary and secondary. The first consist in getting the virus into the body. You can get infected at birth, as well as in any public place, by contacting people. As for secondary causes, they are associated with regular activation of the infection. Most often, relapse occurs due to exacerbation of chronic diseases, intoxication, psychological stress, poor nutrition, physical exhaustion, bad habits, hormonal disorders.

In primary infection, the main symptoms may not be observed. Often such a phenomenon is observed when a patient "picks up" a virus of a different type. In this case, due to the protective functions of the body, so-called annihilation occurs-the transformation of bacteria into antibodies. Secondary manifestations of the disease are manifested not only because of weak immunity. In some people, they can get out even because of commonplace reasons: for example, prolonged exposure to sunlight or drinking strong coffee.

Methods of transmission

Herpes on the lips, the reasons for the appearance and treatment of which in each case are purely individual, has common ways of infection. Sometimes an infection enters the body when a person has a close contact with a sick individual - during sexual intercourse or when kissing. But in most cases it is possible to get an unpleasant gift at ordinary household contacts: through utensils, towels, washcloths. In addition, there are other ways of transmission of herpes: at birth - from mother to baby, as well as airborne way. In the latter case, it is not necessary that a person near you sneezes or coughs. It's enough just to talk to him at a distance of less than a meter.

Herpes on the lips causes and methods of treatment All people are equally susceptible to the virus. However, doctors say that 3% of the entire population of the planet never suffer from it, since they have congenital and permanent active protection mechanisms. Moreover, these representatives can not even get infected: their organism is "not allowed" by harmful bacteria. Simply put, their illness always bypasses.

Risk group

People with weak immunity fall into it. Sometimes relapse happens for absolutely different reasons. For example, it can cause various injuries and illnesses - especially HIV.The relationship between diabetes mellitus and the constant activation of herpes is also traced. It also occurs against the background of other somatic diseases, with prolonged intake of drugs, regular abuse of alcohol and drugs. The risk group also includes pregnant women and nursing mothers: during this period, their body is particularly susceptible to infections. Often sick young children and senior retirees, overly emotional people and workaholics.

Causes and Treatment of Herpes on the Lips The first infection most often occurs in 3 years. It is at this age that kids begin to communicate actively with peers and adults. They attend children's educational and recreational facilities, where it is very easy to pick up a different infection. Most are acutely ill and feel all the characteristic signs of ailment. Others become carriers of the pathogen, which causes herpes on the lips. Causes, prevention, treatment of the disease for them irrelevant.

Stages of the disease

Herpes on the lips, the causes of which are indicated above, has several periods of development. The cycles of the disease are as follows:

  • Initial stage. Symptoms occur after the incubation period, which lasts from 7 to 30 days. In the area of ​​the lips, a person feels a slight itch and tingling sensations. Discomfortable feelings last for several hours. If you take medication at this time, you can avoid further disease progression.
  • Prodromal period. The place that itched, swells. On the skin appear small transparent bubbles, which after a while grow turbid and begin to ache.
  • Acute stage. Characterized by rupture of blisters and the formation of ulcers.
  • The healing period. Ulcers are covered with crusts, which subsequently disappear.

herpes on the lips causes and treatment Restoration of the body lasts about a week. If the disease is not fully treated, the relapse occurs a few days later. Bubbles can not be combed, otherwise they will heal very long, and small scars may remain in place of especially large formations.

Treatment of

Herpes on the lips, the causes and treatment of which are known to every qualified physician, can be overcome with aciclovir. This substance, which is a component of DNA and an analogue of deoxyguanosine. The creator of the drug on its basis under the same name received the Nobel Prize in the field of medicine.

herpes on the lips causes prevention of treatment Nowadays, many herbal medicines are produced, the main component of which is acyclovir:

  1. "Zovirax".Very effective in the initial stages - before the appearance of bubbles. If you lubricate his lips before the appearance of the main symptoms, you can avoid further development of the disease. Similarly, "Panavir" works - if it is used at the stage of bubble formation, it, like Zovirax, will not guarantee the achievement of the desired result.
  2. "Valaciclovir" and "Famvir".More aggressive drugs are sold exclusively on prescription. The first medicine is available in the form of tablets: they are taken only in case of severe disease. When the first signs of infection you need to drink 4 capsules. After 12 hours, repeat the reception in the same amount.

Among the drugs are also allocated "Famciclovir", "Dexpanthenol", "Allomedin", "Alpizarin", "Gerperax" and others.

Other therapies

Not only do antiviral drugs help forget what herpes is on the lips. Causes and methods of treatment, outlined in the medical encyclopedia, supplemented by interesting facts. First, it is necessary to eradicate not the ailment itself, but factors that provoke its activation. Most often it is weak immunity. Accordingly, a person needs to raise it, strengthen it to muffle the symptoms of the disease and avoid further relapses. It is not surprising that the patient is often prescribed immunomodulating medications based on echinacea: homeopathic capsules Aflubin, Genferon in the form of suppositories, Aerosol Probifor and so on.

causes herpes and methods of treatment Secondly, patients are recommended to take lysine - an amino acid, which helps the skin regenerate, it is advised to treat lips with zinc-based ointments that have drying, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties. Interesting is the fact that the vaccine was often used to treat complex forms of herpes. But conducted studies have shown that it does not properly affect the infection, therefore in developed countries abandoned this method of treatment.

Home Treatment

Herpes on the lips, the causes of which are often associated with a weakening of the protective functions of the body, can be treated with folk medicine. For this purpose, valocordin is often used - they are treated with a damaged tissue site. The usual toothpaste also helps. A thin layer of it is applied to the blisters and left overnight. No less effective is fir oil: they smear their lips every two hours. Some people note that after using the remedy they have an unpleasant burning sensation. If it increases, the oil must be washed off.

Against herpes helps propolis tincture. The liquid must be burned seven times a day, observing the interval of one and a half hours. After manipulation, the lip is moistened with a moisturizer. By the way, to suppress herpes and alleviate the condition of the patient helps and ordinary teaspoon. It is dipped in hot tea and applied to the affected area. The procedure is quite painful, but it is very effective: especially at the first stage of the disease.

Some more methods of traditional medicine

How to treat herpes on the lips? The causes of the disease may be different, but the methods of therapy are often similar. More than once it has been proven that the aloe juice works well with the ailment, which needs to be lubricated several times a day with the lips. If the bubbles are due to hypothermia, then the real salvation will be cooking salt. Several grains should be applied to the required area and left for a few minutes.

how to treat herpes on the lips of the cause Herpes can also be processed with sea buckthorn and tea oil, garlic juice, a mixture of honey and apple cider vinegar. Be sure to try all the folk remedies, they are especially relevant when the formations on the lips have not yet appeared, and the place of their future localization is already beginning to worry with itching. Urgent measures should be taken early, otherwise the disease will progress. The virus can cause serious complications: if it gets into the cervix, it is fraught with infertility for a woman. When bacteria begin to attack the nervous structures of the body, it can cause various kinds of neuritis.