The preparation "Silence Forte": reviews, instruction

A snoring is called a specific process that accompanies the breathing of a person in a dream. It is expressed by a low-frequency distinct and rattling sound, as well as vibration. silence forts

The reason for snoring is the involuntary relaxation of the soft palate and tongue. This condition arises from the vibrations of the soft tissues of the larynx and pharynx, which are due to the peculiarities of the anatomical structure of the human body.

It is necessary to get rid of snoring, as it helps to reduce mental activity, destructive changes in the brain and the development of cardiovascular diseases.

The most popular remedy for this ailment is the preparation "Silence Forte".Reviews about it, its features and method of application will be described below.

Composition of the medicine, its packaging and form

"Silence Forte" is a spray produced in aerosol bottles of 50 ml with a special spray nozzle. The composition of this drug includes: glycerin, lecithin extract soy( phosphatidylcholine), dog rose hips extract, carrageenan, mint flavor, sucralose, mandarin flavor, bisodium hydrogen phosphate, sodium propylparaben, distilled water, sodium methylparaben, motor gas and sodium dihydrogen phosphate.

Action of the drug

What is a "Silence Forte" medication? Feedback indicates that this tool helps to regulate the normal breathing cycle, fixing it at a reflex level. In addition, this drug eliminates irritation of the bronchi and bronchospasm, relieves edema and cleanses the bronchi in allergic and infectious inflammation. silence forte reviews of doctors

Active plant components that make up this product help neutralize free radicals, providing an antioxidant effect and increasing the body's resistance to infections.

The preparation "Silence Forte"( negative reviews will be presented below) has a bronchodilator effect, activates enzyme reactions, and also improves the condition of the entire bronchopulmonary system.

Properties of medicament

What is remarkable about the drug Silence Forte? The doctors' comments say that this drug quickly removes perspiration in the throat and overstrain of the vocal cords in the professionals( for example, teachers, artists, lecturers, singers and others).In addition, the medicine in question gives freshness to breathing.

What determines the effectiveness of the "Silence Forte" spray? Reviews say that this drug positively affects the human body due to its plant components.

The elecampane extract helps to relax the muscles of the palate and the larynx. Moreover, it exerts an expectorant effect and softens the cough.

Essential oils of clove, lavender, cinnamon and eucalyptus relieve stress, and also give a pleasant taste and aroma to the product. silence forte reviews are negative

As for the vegetable oils of evening primrose, safflower, grape seeds and apricot kernels, in combination with natural vitamin E they moisturize the throat and nasopharynx.

Features of

The "Silence Forte" spray, reviewed below, affects the cause of snoring, that is, soft-tissue tissue. The sprayer( nozzle) included in the kit ensures the formation of foam. It envelops the mucous walls of the oropharynx and reduces the vibration of the tissues of the soft palate.

It should also be noted that this product, thanks to its bioadhesive formula, has a softening effect throughout the night.

Indications and contraindications

This drug is prescribed for such respiratory pathologies as snoring, apnea and dyspnea. In addition, it is used for acute and chronic diseases of the respiratory tract( pharyngitis, tracheitis, laryngitis), whooping cough, pulmonary emphysema, chronic bronchitis, pneumosclerosis, acute respiratory infections with bronchospasm and laryngitis.

It is also recommended to use this tool for neuroses and asthenia with signs of breathing disorders, professional lesions of the vocal cords, stomatitis, periodontal disease, hypothermia and for prevention before or after the voice load.

Regarding contraindications, this drug is not recommended for use with individual intolerance. silence forte spray

Instruction for use

To get rid of snoring, the preparation "Silence Forte" is injected once into the oral cavity just before bedtime. If the effect was not achieved, then it is used again for 2-3 injections.

The use of this medication should continue until a positive result is observed. Further, the number of injections is reduced( 1 time every other day, two days, etc.), up to one injection once a week.

Special recommendations

This medication is not a tool for apnea therapy. Before using it, consult a doctor.

The preparation "Silence Forte" is prohibited to be used with the individual intolerance of soy, peanuts or any other component of it. It is also not recommended to use a spray for bronchial asthma.

Preparation "Silence Forte": patients' reviews

Consumers who use this remedy for snoring leave different responses about it. Most of them argue that this drug does its job well. It helps to eliminate snoring and the onset of a deep and restful sleep. spray silence forts

There are also negative messages about this tool. Some consumers complain about the lack of any effect. Although experts argue that with prolonged and proper use of the drug, it completely eliminates snoring.