"Med Garant" is a medical center( Railway).Reviews, phone, address, opening hours

Probably, each of us has repeatedly had to deal with doctors and service in a polyclinic at the place of residence. Long queues, tired doctors, impatient patients - it's pretty much marred by a visit to a specialist. In order to save your nerves and get competent advice, many people are enrolled in specialized medical and diagnostic centers, where they get a good service on a paid basis, while saving their time. There are many such centers. In this article we will consider one of them. To do this, check in Zheleznodorozhny."Honey Garant" is the name of the center, and it is there. The clinic is quite large, it has several buildings and carries out activities in a variety of directions. About her heard not only the inhabitants of the Moscow region, living in close proximity, but also Muscovites, as well as residents of the central region. The motto of the center was the statement of G. Heine, who called health the only beauty he knew.

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"Honey Garant" medical center( Railway): address, how to get

Finding the center is quite simple. It is located in the Moscow region, in Zheleznodorozhny, in the Savino microdistrict. If you need an adult department, then its address: May 1 st, house 2, building 1. A children's and rehabilitation department are on Prigorodnoye Street, house 6. You can reach the center by public transport. To do this at the station "Zheleznodorozhnaya" it is necessary to take a fixed-route taxi No. 1, No. 4 or No. 14 and go to the stop of the "traffic police".In summer, the center has a lot of flowering flower beds, which gives it a special cosiness and color, and spacious parking will please car enthusiasts at any time of the year.

Recording to the

Reception It's easy to make an appointment, you need to call and choose the time available from a specialist that is convenient for you. Do not forget to take your identity documents with you. For adults, a passport will be needed, and a birth certificate will be suitable for children. Keep in mind that if you visit the center for the first time, you will be asked to sign documents confirming consent to the processing of personal data, as well as a contract for the provision of services. Such rules are in all similar institutions providing services to the population, and "Med Garant", a medical center( Railway), is no exception. In the future, when you receive again, do not forget your passport and certificate. If you have a voluntary health insurance policy, then you will need it too. It is also important to have a health care program with this policy. Before you go to a doctor or give an analysis, report on your visit to the registry staff. So it will be easier to organize your stay in the center, avoiding unnecessary red tape.

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Specialists of the

center "Med Garant" is a medical center that provides services in various areas. You can get advice in the field of gynecology, mammology, neurology, rheumatology, urology, surgery, etc. Children will receive a highly qualified pediatrician and will select the appropriate treatment. If you need to undergo any research, the "Med Garant"( Railway) center will help you in this matter. In addition to laboratory and ultrasound diagnostics, various studies are carried out here, such as colonoscopy, X-ray, SMAD, spirography, as well as ECG and EEG.The center has all the necessary documentation for the issuance of various medical certificates, accepts patients at home and has a room for vision correction.

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Shares of

Center Honey Garant, a medical center( Zheleznodorozhny), specializes for its patients, carries out various actions. You can find out about them on the official website, by phone or from the reception staff. Participating in the action, you can get good discounts for various services. Also in the center there are competitions, prizes in which are certificates for payment of consultations of experts. If you liked the center and you plan to come here again, then the certificate will be a pleasant bonus. The Center regularly updates its website and groups in social networks. To keep abreast of all the events, you can subscribe to one of the groups in the social network where you are registered.

Medical Programs

"Med Garant", a medical center( Railway), reviews of which are mostly positive, offers complex services for the population in the framework of various programs. If you receive these same services separately, the price will be much higher. For example, for expectant mothers, the center offers several packages for managing pregnancy. Consider one of them.

The "Standard" package includes 14 consultations of an obstetrician-gynecologist and the same general urine tests, one consultation of narrow specialists, 10 general blood tests, 3 screenings, 3 ultrasound and various types of smears, tests and sowings. It is worth noting that the equipment used by the center is new, which, of course, positively affects the quality of the studies conducted.

Children's programs

It's no secret that the first year of a child's life is the most important and fundamental for health. For the mother, this period is quite complicated. She learns to understand the baby and meet his needs. Usually there are many questions about the care and health of the baby. Especially for this period the program "The first year without cares" was developed."Med Garant" is a medical center( Zheleznodorozhny), whose children's department has successfully applied it for several years in its practice. It includes 11 pediatrician receptions, 2 doctor's visits to the home, as well as all the studies needed in the first year of life. This, for example, ultrasound of the hip joints, kidneys, bladder, abdominal organs, research on egg-worm, echocardiography, blood test and much more. There are packages designed for older children, for example, "Children's Massage" or "Growing Healthy".If you intend to use the services of the center constantly, joining the program will save you a good amount.

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Program for adults

As for children, for adults, there is also the "Healthy Heart" program, offered by "Honey Garant", the medical center( Railway).Reviews about it are excellent. It helps to quickly pass the necessary minimum of tests for the prevention of heart disease. The program includes 2 consultations of a cardiologist, consultation of an ophthalmologist, ECG, echocardiography, and a detailed blood test. For those people who already have any problems or want to get a detailed examination, the "Healthy Heart +" program is provided. The result of the passage of specialists will be an individual treatment plan that will help keep the heart in a working condition for a long time.

Rehabilitation under the policy of compulsory medical insurance

If after medical illness or surgery a person needs medical rehabilitation, then "Med Garant" offers its services in this direction. It is worth noting that rehabilitation takes place under the policy of compulsory medical insurance, which means that it is free for the patient. The Center offers programs to restore not only physical, but also mental health. Programs, sometimes long and intensive, taking up a lot of money, have become more accessible to the public. When registering a rehabilitation treatment, you need to have a passport, a MHI policy, a referral, all documents on the disease, and fresh tests that are no longer than 30 days, including UAC, OAM, RW and HIV.The rehabilitation department is equipped with spacious rooms and elevators, which allow free movement for people with disabilities. If it is necessary to receive rehabilitation services in a larger volume than provided by the Standard program, then this can be done for an extra fee.

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"Honey Guarantor", medical center( Railway): comments about specialists positive

I must say that the reviews are very different, both very positive and sharply negative. However, there are more positive ones. Particularly praise the specialists of the gynecology department, manual therapy, surgical department, proctology and pediatrics. Very good recommendations can be heard from women leading in the center of pregnancy. The clinic has modern equipment that helps to conduct fetal research with a high degree of accuracy. Since the center pays special attention to the individual approach, patients in addition to treatment feel the careful and attentive attitude of specialists. This is also reflected in the reviews. In particular, this is especially true in pediatrics, when a small child needs to agree before doing any research. Often, the doctors of the center are in contact with children who have a pronounced developmental disorder, such patients need a special approach. Moms of such problem children speak about experts of the center in a positive way.

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Negative responses about the

clinic Along with the positive comments on the work that Honey Garant has, the medical center( Railway), the reviews are sharply negative. Basically they are related to the work of the registry. Patients pay attention to rudeness, rudeness, incorrect behavior of employees. There are reviews that indicate a discrepancy between the service received and its cost and advise you to check the receipts carefully before paying. Some people remain unhappy with the quality of the treatment. So, there are negative reviews about the staff of endocrinology, surgery and pediatrics. However, it is worth noting that the same specialists of the center are both scolded and praised. The website "Med Garant" has a form where anyone can leave a feedback about the work of the clinic. Comments are not deleted, and the administration reacts to messages and conducts checks on claims.

Contacts of the center

If you want to use the services of the clinic, you need to call the phones of the relevant units, which has "Med Garant", a medical center( Railway).The phones of the adult branch, located on the street on May 1: 369-60-90 and 527-26-57( area code - 495);children's department in Prigorodnoye, 6: 369-60-92 or 522-56-86.The rehabilitation department has a separate telephone - 522-56-20, it is also located on Prigorodnaya Street, 6. You can call even on weekends, while "Med Garant" medical center( Zheleznodorozhny) is working. The opening hours of the clinic are as follows: from Monday to Friday - from 07:30 to 20:00, on Saturday from 08:30 to 20:00, on Sunday from 09:00 to 17:00.You can also take the tests daily, but only until 11:00: on weekdays - from 07:30, on Saturday - from 08:30, on Sunday - from 09:00.When you visit the clinic, do not forget to take the necessary documents.

Information on the license

On the site of the clinic, any user can get acquainted with the license, which has "Med Garant", a medical center( Railway).The reviews show that the public posting of official information increases the level of patient confidence in the activities of the center's specialists. The license number is the following - LO-50-01-005940, issued on November 19, 2014.Also on the site you can find out the official address both legal and postal. This is in case you need to send correspondence to the center. Organizing its activities, "Med Garant" is guided by the current legislation of Russia: the Federal Law on the Fundamentals of Health Protection of Citizens and the Law on Mandatory Medical Insurance. These documents are also available for reading on the clinic's website. In addition, you can get acquainted with the program of state guarantees of free medical care to citizens.

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Having reviewed the programs and promotions offered by the "Med Garant"( Zheleznodorozhny) center, reviews about it, as well as official data, we can conclude that the quality and choice of the various services available to the patients of the clinic are acceptable. If you want to save time and get an individual approach to your problem, then a visit to the center will be a good solution to the task. For future mothers who have the opportunity to pay pregnancy, the clinic offers excellent programs, and obstetricians and gynecologists are among the best in their field, which is confirmed by numerous reviews. Children's specialists of the center are also in demand and try to find the best solution for each child.