"Signtsef", eye drops: instructions, reviews, composition

The human eye is a paired sensory organ that provides a vision function and is able to perceive radiation( electromagnetic) in the light range of long waves. With age, and also because of a number of other reasons, the work of the visual system is significantly deteriorating. This leads not only to impaired vision, but also contributes to the development of various ophthalmic diseases. signitsef eye drops

Fortunately, today there are many drugs that are designed to treat eye diseases. One of them is the medicine "Signtsef".The price of this facility will be presented further. Also, you will find out whether he has contraindications and analogues.

Form, description, composition, packaging

In what form is the medicine "SIGNITSEF" manufactured? Eye drops are the most common form of this drug. They are a 0.5% clear solution of light yellow color.

Active component of the drug under consideration is levofloxacin, which is used in the form of hemihydrate. Also in the composition of drops include ingredients such as benzalkonium chloride, water for injection, sodium hydroxide, hypromellose, hydrochloric acid and sodium chloride.

This drug is sold in plastic bottles-droppers, which are placed in cardboard packs.

Pharmacological properties of

What is SIGNITSEF medicine? Eye drops have antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. Their active component inhibits topoisomerase and DNA gyrase, and also depresses DNA synthesis, preventing cross-linking of DNA gaps and supercoiling.

It should also be noted that levofloxacin provokes morphological changes in the cytoplasm, cell walls and membranes of bacteria.

This drug adversely affects gram-positive flora and gram-negative aerobes. In addition, it actively acts against Chlamydia trachomatis. signitis price

Kinetic features of the drug

How does the SIGNICEF tool work? Eye drops, or rather their active ingredient, accumulate in the tear film after application. The concentration of the active substance in it within a short time reaches a high level and is held for 6 hours.

Indications for use of a local remedy

What does SIGNITSEF help with? The testimonies indicate that this remedy works well:

  • for the prevention of complications that have arisen after an eye surgery;
  • in the treatment of infectious diseases of the anterior part of the eye, as well as the adnexa, which were caused by microorganisms sensitive to levofloxacin;
  • in a local therapy for eye infections, provoked by bacteria that are susceptible to levofloxacin.

Prohibitions on the use of

The drug "Signtsef", the price of which is quite high, should not be used for hypersensitivity to its elements, as well as for lesions of tendons that occurred during the earlier treatment with quinolones.

In addition, this medication is not prescribed for lactation, epilepsy and pregnancy. With extreme caution, drops are used at a minor age. instructions

"Signtsef": instruction

Eye drops "Signtsef" are used immediately after the appearance of the initial symptoms of the disease. The drug is instilled in the affected eyes in an amount of 1-2 drops at intervals of two hours.

The maximum dose of this medication is 8 instillations per day. After 2 days, the medication is used in the same dosage, but only up to 4 times a day.

The duration of therapy with this remedy depends on the characteristics and severity of the disease. Usually it is 5 days.

How to use

How should I apply SIGNITSEF?Eye drops are instilled in the lower eyelid, after tilting the head backwards. To prevent the drug from entering the systemic circulation and tear duct, the inner corner of the optic for 1-3 minutes is pressed with the index finger.

The remnants of the drug are removed with a clean cloth, avoiding contact with the eyes.

In the event that the patient uses other ophthalmic agents, the interval between their use should be at least ¼ hour. signictsef reviews

Side Effects of

Negative reactions after application of this agent are very rare. Possible ophthalmic disorders, such as pain and burning in the eyes, matting, edema and erythema of the eyelids, deterioration of visual acuity, dry eyes, papillary conjunctival reaction, conjunctival conjunctival follicles, chemosis, pruritus, conjunctival infection, photophobia.

Analogues and cost

The price of eye drops under consideration is about 700 rubles.

How can I replace the medicine SIGNITSEF?Analogues of this remedy should be prescribed only by a doctor. These include the following drugs: Oftakwix, Levo, Abiflox, Zevocin, Glevo, Zolev, Levasept, Lebel, Levobaks, Levobakt, Levocacin,"Levokils", "Levoksa", "Levogrin", "Novoks", "Tigeron", "Leflokad", "Floksium."


Reviews about this drug are more positive. Consumers who use drops speak about their high efficiency. They give a positive result in infectious diseases of the adnexa, as well as the anterior segment of the eye. In addition, this medication has well proven itself as a means for preventing complications after surgery on the visual organs. signites

Regarding the negative aspects, most patients call only the high price of the drug, as well as the inability to use it in pregnancy and breastfeeding.