Nutrition for osteoporosis: what can and can not be? Useful and harmful products for osteoporosis

Osteoporosis affects mainly elderly people, and women are more prone to this disease. When a disease overtakes a person, he has no choice but to fight it.

Of course, when the bones become brittle, you need to take certain medications. In some cases, only medicines leave the hope of completely getting rid of the disease. However, you can also help your bones by adjusting the diet. Proper nutrition in osteoporosis is the basis of treatment and prevention of pathology. Only before taking any action, you need to carefully study the list of products that you can use. An important factor is the factor of those dishes that are not recommended for consumption.

Detection of the disease

Osteoporosis in women over 50 is not uncommon. In old age, the amount of estrogen decreases, which is called to help in the assimilation of calcium. In addition, bone cells slow down their work. It turns out that all calcium is washed out of the bones along with the rest of the minerals, leaving a bare frame.

As a result, we have joint diseases and bone fractures. Nutrition for osteoporosis plays a significant role, so it's worth taking this issue seriously.

nutrition with osteoporosis

To identify the disease, it is necessary to visit a specialist and undergo a survey. However, osteoporosis can be determined from the first symptoms. The appearance of signs depends on the stage of pathology. With the development of the disease, the following symptoms begin to appear:

  • pain in the spine, upper and lower extremities, rapid fatigue;
  • development of stoop, decrease in height by 10 centimeters;
  • appears as a hump due to deformation of the spine.

General rules for the diet

Foods for osteoporosis of bones should be carefully selected. Any doctor will tell you that in order to fight the disease, you should stabilize the diet. If calcium is removed from the body, it must be replenished.

osteoporosis in women

The diet for osteoporosis provides for certain principles:

  • You do not need to change the number of meals per day, you can eat as many times as you are accustomed to.
  • You do not need to give up your favorite dishes, the only thing is that it's better to consume vegetables and fruits in raw form.
  • It is necessary to reduce the amount of protein consumed. Due to this, calcium will enter the body.
  • Walking in the fresh air will help to develop vitamin D, which plays a big role in strengthening bones.
  • Nutrition for osteoporosis in old age is very important to form. However, it is even better that such people often go, because motor activity is the prevention of the disease.

Foods that you do not want to eat

If you have a medical condition, you should immediately discard the products listed below. They not only can damage health, but also reduce the amount of calcium in the body.

So, to harmful products with osteoporosis are:

  1. Table salt. Of course, it is difficult to refuse from it, since it is added to each dish. However, with osteoporosis, it is not desirable to consume it. Salt promotes increased excretion of calcium in the urine. It is better to limit such food to a minimum, and eat something more useful.
  2. Semi-finished meat products. Exclude from the diet sausages, sausages, ham and sunflower oil processed.
  3. Fast food. All other items follow from the first - table salt. It is not recommended to eat hot dogs and hamburgers, because there may be a hidden amount of salt. If you really want to, study the content so as not to exceed the permissible level.

Recommended products

Nutrition for osteoporosis: what can not and what can be? With the first paragraph we have already figured out, it's time to talk about the second. In your diet, you must include dairy products: kefir, cottage cheese, hard cheese, milk. As you know, the fish contains a lot of calcium, especially tuna and salmon. In your diet, add broccoli, lettuce, bananas and bread with bran. Be careful, because the stores sell products with a high content of salt, preservatives and colorings.

products containing calcium in large quantities

For better assimilation of calcium, you can combine the intake with carbohydrates. The latter are found in fish oil and citric acid. It is impossible to fix only on products containing calcium in large quantities. After all, there is food, which, in addition to the main element, includes also phosphorus, magnesium and potassium. Buckwheat, cabbage, rice, peas, bread - an excellent solution.

If you like to drink coffee, you will have to give it up temporarily. The only thing if you add 10 ml of milk there, then the harm from the drink is neutralized. Do not forget about exotic products, which can be easily purchased in any supermarket. Dill, basil, garlic and lentils are very useful for fighting osteoporosis.

Substances needed to combat osteoporosis. Magnesium and phosphorus

These elements are great for taking with calcium. Magnesium has an excellent property - an increase in the level of calcium absorption in the intestine. It is practically necessary for the body, because it contributes to the appearance of smooth muscles. Among the products containing this element, especially cheese, peanuts, millet and oat flakes are distinguished.

As for phosphorus, it also has a huge impact on mastering the main element. It can be found in porridge, oat squirrel, seeds. Once again, we note that it is not necessary to consume foods containing calcium in large quantities. Sometimes maintaining its level will be enough against the backdrop of supporting other elements.


Osteoporosis of the spine arises precisely because of lack of copper. The bones of this organ become fragile, which in principle is unacceptable. Deficiency of copper leads to demineralization, which is the impetus to the development of pathology. Nutrition for osteoporosis is based on the elements that the body needs for normal functioning. Copper is one of them.

osteoporosis dietary advice

The daily norm of the element can be obtained by regularly consuming seafood, cherry, raisins and, of course, meat. The element is indispensable for osteoporosis in women, because it has a favorable effect on the production of sex hormones. If you start to consume food on such recommendations before the disease comes, then problems can be avoided. Copper prevents the development of pathology.

Zinc, manganese, boron and selenium

All these elements are simply necessary, therefore we will briefly describe each of them. Boron several times reduces the loss of calcium, and under its influence the content of oxalic acid in urine decreases, which is a good result.

Selenium serves for another purpose: rapid bone formation after fractures. This element is found in grapes, cabbage, barley and rice.

nutrition with osteoporosis in old age

Bone fragility can also be caused by a lack of essential elements: manganese and zinc. They have an impact on the formation of bone tissue, stabilize the metabolism, as well as reduce the consequences of injuries. Zinc, like manganese, can be found in nuts, mushrooms, crabs, meat, oysters. Nutrition in osteoporosis plays an important role in the recovery of the body, so you need to properly make a diet.


It is difficult to find more versatile substances than vitamins. Especially useful in this particular case is vitamin C. Thanks to him, it is possible to strengthen the connection of cells of bone tissue, and then osteoporosis can recede. It is even better to take vitamins as a preventive measure so that the disease does not even come up. Vitamin C is found in a huge number of products, almost all food of plant origin can boast them in its composition.

Nutrition for osteoporosis involves taking vitamins through foods. Of the most useful is remembered the element A. It can be found in all vegetables and fruits of red, yellow and orange flowers. Vitamin A is dissolved by fats, which is an important note. This means that it is better to consume it with sour cream or vegetable sunflower oil.


The last element that we will consider is simply necessary for the body. It not only strengthens, but also develops all bones of the spine and skeleton as a whole. In other words, the protein inhibits the loss of bone mass. But it is not recommended and too addicted to this element. After all, as already said, the surplus will be clearly superfluous.

Protein promotes excretion of calcium from the body through urine. If its number is exceeded twice, the output of the element will be increased by half. A person who loves food with protein, kills two birds with one stone. Almost all such products contain phosphorus, which we described above.

food for osteoporosis of bones

Simply put, all the listed vitamins, minerals and substances are extremely useful for fighting osteoporosis. The attending physician, in any case, will tell you what foods you can eat and which can not. But do not rely only on him, you can form a diet yourself.

Principles of nutrition

In women over 50, osteoporosis is often found. Recommendations for nutrition, we discussed, now you need to consider the principles of food intake:

  • You need to eat only on schedule. Pay special attention to the diet and its organization. Food can be consumed 5-6 times a day, never overeat. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are best at the same time.
  • Limit protein intake. Of course, this element is useful, but it is very simple to make an overabundance, which worsens the absorption of calcium.
  • Fruits and vegetables are best eaten raw.
  • You can forget about bad habits, at least for a while.

The most important thing is to choose the right diet. If you combine competent nutrition with physical activity, the result will not take long. Only complex treatment can give an effective result.

Instead of concluding

Most of the risk factors for osteoporosis can be eliminated, and then you will protect yourself even more. First, it is worth abandoning a sedentary lifestyle. Second, give up bad habits. Thirdly, to be more careful about your health.

osteoporosis nutrition what can and what can not be

A diet for osteoporosis should not be considered a test of the year, take it easier. For example, as an excuse to make new culinary dishes and experiment.

Treatment of osteoporosis is based on a complex of different methods and methods. Admission of medicines and proper nutrition are the key to success. If you are in doubt about something, check with your doctor. The reception is best recorded when the first symptoms appear, and then undergo therapy.