How is "Kartalin" psoriasis treated with ointment? Patient Reviews

Psoriasis, or so-called squamous ringworm, is a non-infectious disease of chronic form, which most often affects the skin. kartalin psoriasis reviews

General information

Such a disease is of an autoimmune nature. According to specialists, psoriasis is characterized by the formation of excessively dry, red and raised papules above the skin, which, merging with each other, form large plaques. They are sites of chronic inflammation, as well as excessive proliferation of macrophages, lymphocytes and keratinocytes of the skin.

The appearance of such a disease can significantly worsen the quality of human life. Depending on the localization and severity of psoriatic lesions, patients may experience psychological and physical discomfort, as well as some difficulties with professional and social adaptation.

To get rid of plaques on the skin, experts recommend contacting an experienced dermatologist. The latter is obliged to conduct a complete examination, and also to prescribe the appropriate treatment. As it can serve not only the oral intake of certain drugs, but the use of local ointments. One of the most effective means is the cream "Kartalin".Psoriasis( reviews about the drug will be described further) this medication treats very well. How exactly it should be used, we will tell you a little later.

Description, composition, packaging and form

In what form can I buy the drug "Kartalin"?Psoriasis( reviews about this remedy are mostly positive), this medication should be treated topically. That's why it comes in the form of an ointment. It is a dense and thick mass. Depending on the used batch of solidol, the color of this preparation can range from yellowish to dark brown.

It should also be noted that the ointment "Kartalin" from psoriasis has a specific smell. However, it is less pronounced than that of other drugs based on solidolone. ointment from psoriasis kartalin reviews

The active ingredients of this remedy are:

  • salicylic acid;
  • vitamins D and A;
  • solidol;
  • lysozyme;
  • eucalyptus and lavender oil;
  • chamomile, a turn;
  • honey bee.

The drug is produced in cans of 125 g and in tubes of 100 ml.

Action of medication

How does the ointment of Kartalin's psoriasis work? Testimonials indicate that this remedy has pronounced regenerative, anti-inflammatory and keratolytic properties. It is good and quickly softens psoriatic plaques, and also contributes to the removal of the stratum corneum.

It should also be noted that this medication eliminates peeling and itching, helps to cleanse the surface layers of the skin and restore the epidermis.

As is known, corticosteroids show high efficacy against skin diseases. However, they have a large number of serious side effects. As for the ointment under consideration, it does not cause such reactions. This is due to the fact that this drug does not contain hormones and consists only of natural components. kartalin with psoriasis reviews

Features of the drug

What other properties are inherent in the drug "Kartalin"?Psoriasis( reviews about the effectiveness of this medication are presented at the end of the article) This medication should be treated only after consulting a doctor.

According to the instructions, this drug does not cause drug dependence. It can be used for a long time without harm to health.

The active ingredients of this ointment have a purposeful curative effect on the lesions, effectively purify the skin of dead cells, and also provide a deep penetration of active substances.

Natural elements of this product promote the rapid healing of the epidermis and restore its integrity.

Indications for use

When do you use Kartalin Ointment? Reviews( psoriasis - this is not the only disease that requires the use of the drug) experts say that this medication can be prescribed for the treatment of the following skin conditions:

  • allergic dermatitis;
  • atopic dermatitis;
  • eczema of various origin;
  • neurodermatitis. kartalin psoriasis reviews

If the patient is prone to allergic reactions, the drug should be used in conjunction with antihistamines.

During lactation, the ointment is allowed for use, since it does not have systemic effects on the mother's body, and its components do not penetrate into the milk. However, only an experienced specialist should prescribe such a remedy. Use it is permitted with extreme caution in order to treat small areas of psoriatic rashes.


When should I not use ointment for psoriasis Kartalin? Reviews report that this tool has a bad effect on the patient, if it is used for intolerance of components.

This drug is prohibited from treating the face. If there is an urgent need for this, then you should act with extreme caution. Ointment is applied to the area of ​​the face with a thin layer, avoiding it falling on the delicate area around the eyes.

During the period of use of the substance in question it is forbidden to take sunbaths, in order to avoid excessive accumulation of vitamin D in the body.

It should also be noted that this drug is contraindicated for children under 3 years of age. It is better to abstain from therapy with Kartalin for pregnant women in the early stages. This remedy can only be used from the third trimester to the doctor's prescription and under his strict supervision. reviews of people about kartalin in psoriasis

How to use "Kartalin" ointment?

Psoriasis( feedback on the effectiveness of its therapy, you can find below), the mentioned drug should be treated in stages. First, you need to restore the epidermis, and then fix the result.

After the first use of the ointment, the patient may experience an exacerbation of the signs of the disease( an increase in psoriatic plaques, an increase in pruritus, and others).In this regard, in the first month of treatment, this drug is recommended to combine with the intake of antihistamines.

The course of therapy with this medicine is quite long. It can take 2-4 months.

So how to apply Kartalin in psoriasis? The reviews say that the ointment should be applied to the lesions. In this case, it is not recommended to rub it, and leave it on the skin for more than 12 hours.

The focus of psoriasis in the first 10 days is enough to process once a day. In the future, the drug must be applied to the affected areas twice a day at intervals of 12 hours( until the skin is completely cleansed and plaques disappear).

According to patients, the visible results of therapy are observed after 7-15 days.

First, there is a gradual disappearance of papules, where dark or white dyschromic spots remain. Then, during the fixing treatment, they achieve a firm result and clean skin.

Now you know how to use Kartalin in psoriasis. The experts' comments indicate that during the treatment with this drug there is no need to use bandages and cover the treated areas. ointment kartalin in psoriasis reviews

It should also be taken into account that the medicinal ointment based on solidol rather quickly stains clothes and is heavily washed. In this regard, it is recommended to separate the individual clothes for the duration of therapy.

According to consumers, sometimes during treatment on the patient's body acne and oily acne may appear. In this case, 30 minutes before applying the ointment is recommended to conduct water procedures. To do this, the skin is washed with soap or infusion of string, and then carefully dried with a soft cloth.

In the presence of extensive lesions, treatment with Kartalin should be started gradually( from the feet).After three days, the ointment can be put on your hands, and even after three days - on the whole body.

Side effect of

As you can see, it is quite easy to use "Kartalin" ointment for psoriasis. Comments from consumers say that such treatment can contribute to the development of folliculitis, that is, the appearance of acne. Sometimes the patient has allergic reactions in the form of puffiness, intense itching, irritation and redness.

If this occurs, then the drug should be discontinued and immediately consult a dermatologist.

Reviews of people about "Kartalin" with psoriasis

Reviews of the majority of consumers confirm the absence of drug dependence and the good tolerability of this medication. According to their reports, the ointment under consideration quite quickly eliminates the symptoms of inflammation and promotes the healing of damaged skin. kartalin from psoriasis

Also the advantages of this tool are its availability and relatively inexpensive cost.