Unpleasant odor from the navel of a woman: the causes and characteristics of treatment

The body of a healthy person does not emit any sharp and unpleasant odors. The only exception is sweat. Its isolation is not a pathology, but a testament to the normal thermoregulation of the body. In the treatment of perspiration does not need, but to mask and prevent its appearance with the help of deodorants and antiperspirants are necessary for every adult.

An unpleasant odor from the navel should be alarming and prompt to visit a doctor. Women can have a lot of reasons for this strange manifestation. By the way, any changes in this part of the body often signal the development of serious diseases.

the scent of the navel from the woman causes

The main causes of

The scar, which forms on the site of the umbilical cord, must remain dry throughout the subsequent life. Among the causes of odor from the navel, a woman should note inflammation or the presence of anomalies in the genitourinary area - these problems in the fair sex are diagnosed most often. By itself, the scar in the central part of the abdomen, as a rule, does not emit any flavor. Regardless of the cause, the smell from the navel in a woman arises from the excretions.

Offensive fluid from the scar is often found in medical practice. The following factors can cause unpleasant odor and discharge from the umbilicus in women:

  1. Inadequate or irregular care of the body and umbilical zone in particular.
  2. Infection with bacterial or fungal infection.
  3. Disorders of the genitourinary system.
  4. Inflammation in the background of chronic diseases.

Before starting treatment, the doctor must understand the reasons why it smells unpleasant from the navel. Despite the fact that this symptom brings a lot of discomfort, do not try to get rid of this symptom yourself. Be sure to consult a qualified technician.

Non-compliance with hygiene

First of all, the doctor should pay attention to the anatomical features of your navel. In some women, the scar is too narrow or too deeply entangled. This structure is most favorable for the accumulation of sebum and dead cells, and hence for the reproduction of bacterial microflora. So, for example, if dust gets into the area of ​​the embroidered scar, clothing particles, rubbish, sand, it is likely that the tissues are injured and infected. At first, there can be no smell from the navel. Most likely, itching and burning sensations in the abdomen will be felt. If the scar is not treated in time and the foreign bodies are not eliminated, rotting processes will begin that will become the very cause of the unpleasant odor from the belly button of a woman.

how to get rid of the smell from the navel

Infections and inflammation of

If the malodorous secretion becomes purulent and other symptoms appear( fever, swelling, umbilical hyperemia, and perepump region), the doctor may suspect omphalitis. This is one of the common diseases of bacterial type, provoked by anaerobic microorganisms. Emerging stinky pus with omphalitis has a yellowish tinge, but as the disease progresses, the liquid can become brown and get a more dense consistency.

Another potential cause of odor from the navel in a woman is covered in a fungal infection. Usually the scar is strongly itchy, it burns, the skin covers are flaky or wet( depending on the type of pathogen).

causes unpleasant odor from the navel in women

Among the representatives of the fungal microflora is the most common candidate. This microbe prefers to live in the navel even in a healthy person, without in the least interfering with normal health. Problems begin when the candidate actively multiplies. This happens in two cases - against the background of a weakening of immunity and in the presence of constant moisture in the rumen area. A characteristic feature of candidiasis is curdled discharge with an acidic milk flavor.

Pathology of the genitourinary system

To provoke the appearance of unpleasant smells from the umbilical area can diseases of the urinary tract and genital organs, as well as the anomalies of their development. At women the reason of a smell from a navel with the big share of probability can be:

  • Cyst of the bladder. This pathology manifests itself in the appearance of painful sensations in the abdomen, persistent subfebrile condition.
  • Endometriosis. A very common disease in women of young and mature age, which is characterized by proliferation of the mucous membrane of the uterus and its penetration into the peritoneum. Pathology can be cured only surgically.
  • Abnormal structure of the urinary tract. Between the navel and the bladder, each person has a peculiar connecting tube - urahus. Normally, after birth, this duct closes, but sometimes for reasons we do not understand, this does not happen. As a result, a cyst or urchus fistula develops, problems with urination are possible, and mucus and an unpleasant odor from the navel appear. As a child, pathology can not manifest itself in any way, it really does happen, but sooner or later it shows up with age. Cure the anomaly can only be surgically done.

unpleasant odor and discharge from the navel in women

What else can cause the allocation of

You can not keep silent about other possible causes of odor from the navel in a woman. The treatment of the problem directly depends on the provoking factor. To inflammation of the umbilical region and the release of purulent fluid can result:

  • Postoperative complications. Most often the navel is inflamed after gynecological procedures of female sterilization( ligation of the fallopian tubes).
  • Diabetes mellitus. This chronic disease is often accompanied by candidiasis. Isolation of a sickly sour smell from the navel is not a rare case in women with such a diagnosis.

reasons why it smells bad of the navel

  • Benign tumors. These include adipocytes and atheromas that do not have a direct effect on the scar, but when infecting or causing minor injury, the development of a painful inflammatory process is provoked. Excess weight. As it was said at the beginning of the article, the allocation of sweat is not a disease. But people with overweight are prone to increased sweating, which makes their body constantly wet, and therefore creates all the conditions for the rapid growth of bacteria on the body, especially in skin folds and the navel.

Navel in pregnant women

Discomfort and an unpleasant odor from the umbilical cavity sometimes worries women waiting to be added to the family. With increasing belly volumes, the expectant mother may notice that the skin around the scar is constantly wet. The cause of this phenomenon is likely to be a slight inflammation due to a change in the stretching of tissues.

unpleasant odor from the navel in women causes

Effects of piercing

Often, a doctor with a symptom such as discharge from the umbilical zone, turn to women of fashion who have decided to piercing. If the puncture was performed without the use of antiseptic drugs and hygiene rules, the consequences may be unpredictable: from severe inflammation to bleeding and blood infection.

Treatment options

Let us also dwell on how to get rid of the odor from the navel. Any of the diagnosed diseases and pathological conditions requires appropriate treatment. For example:

  1. Umbilical fistula or cyst is a direct indication for surgical intervention. Otherwise, serious complications are possible.
  2. In omphalitis and other inflammations of an infectious nature, doctors resort to conservative therapeutic methods. The main principles of treatment for this disease consist in the regular treatment of the umbilical cord with antiseptic and antibacterial drugs, maintaining dryness and cleanliness of the body.
  3. If the discharge from the navel is a consequence of the pathological processes caused by diabetes, a woman needs to undergo a treatment course to reduce the percentage of sugar in the blood.

the smell of the navel in the woman causes the treatment

Prophylactic treatment of the scar

In cases of diseases of the genitourinary sphere, which provoked the smell from the navel, they primarily deal with their treatment. In all other cases, you can get rid of such an unpleasant manifestation by washing the scar every day with a soft washcloth with soap, and after water procedures - disinfecting with "Chlorhexidine" or "Miramistin".A woman, especially with overweight, it is important not to allow the formation of umbilical plugs in the navel.