Liver cleaning - proven options

Now very few people doubt that the liver needs to be cleaned regularly. On the walls of the liver passages accumulate yellow-green deposits, similar to plasticine, in the gallbladder can form stones and stagnant bile, and cholesterol clogs the ducts. From all these troubles you need to periodically get rid of, so that the liver can effectively purify the blood and cope with the poisons that enter it.

If a problem occurs with the liver, the person has pain and heaviness in the right ileal region, weakness, headaches, belching and poor digestion. In addition, if the liver does not effectively excrete poisons, they accumulate in the body and are clogged up with fat in the cells. Therefore, there is excess weight, which is heavily discharged.

Cleaning the liver gives the whole body a sense of lightness, chronic fatigue disappears, and the head becomes clear. To feel so good, doctors recommend deep cleaning of the liver and gallstones.

Liver cleaning - where to start?

First of all, it is necessary to perform a number of procedures for cleaning the intestines, so that the slag that will leave the liver, the body does not suck back. Therefore, a week before the scheduled cleansing, a series of enemas is made to normalize the work of the intestine.

In addition, the food should be the most dietary and preferably vegetarian. Alcohol and all harmful products doctors are advised to exclude altogether, and before cleaning the liver - especially.

Cleaning the liver with apple juice and

oil It is necessary to drink apple juice for three days - one and a half liters of fresh juice a day. In addition, nothing can neither be drunk nor eaten. Every day in the morning to put cleansing enemas. In the evening of the third day, you need to lie down on the right side of the hot water bottle and drink a glass of oil, you can have olive, and as much lemon juice. Take in turn: three tablespoons of oil - three tablespoons of juice every quarter of an hour, until the oil and juice is over.

After this, the liver begins to actively make slag discharges. Hot water bottle helps to open the ducts and reduces pain from gallbladder spasms.

In the morning to do an enema.

Contraindications: such aggressive cleaning can not be done if there are severe liver pathologies or cholelithiasis.

Cleaning the liver with sorbitol

This method is carried out in medical institutions and sanatoriums. Two teaspoons of sorbitol should be stirred in half a glass of warm water, drink, lie with a hot water bottle on the right side. Do not get up for 2 hours, try to breathe a diaphragm to enhance the cleaning effect.

Cleaning the liver with dog rose and sorbitol

Brew in the evening in a thermos( half a liter of boiling water for three spoons of berries).In the morning add in a glass of broth two tablespoons of sorbitol and a drink. After half an hour, drink the rest of the dog rose without anything. For a long-term result, a cycle of 6 cleansings must be carried out - one every 3 days.

Daily cleaning of the liver

On an empty stomach, drink a tablespoon of any oil and seize half a slice of lemon. This is the most mild and long-lasting method of purification, in which the stones in the bile are destroyed and gradually removed, and the liver is constantly maintained in good condition.

Cleaning the liver with herbs

In the evening, a tablespoon of corn stigmas mixed with the same amount of immortelle, pour half a liter of water and boil for 5 minutes. In the morning, drink the infusion warm, and after an hour take a laxative mixture( Karlovy Vary salt with alkaline water).Lie on your right side with a hot water bottle. In a few hours, when the intestines are weakened, you need to make an additional enema.

And if you want to do without tedious cleaning, then for prevention, folk medicine recommends eating half a boiled beet a day - a natural hepatoprotector.