Types of violation of posture

The spine has minor bends. They are necessary for good depreciation( physiological curves).But due to the violation of posture, the wrong position of the spine may cause certain health problems. There are several types of violation of posture:

  1. Scoliosis - deviation of the spine to the side.
  2. Suture - a deviation in the anteroposterior direction. The forearms are slightly elevated.
  3. Round back. The center of gravity of the body shifts. The stomach protrudes.
  4. Flat back. Reduction of thoracic kyphosis.
  5. Rounded back. Increase in physiological bends. The stomach can protrude considerably. In some cases, hanging.

Specialists say that posture violation , can be both congenital and acquired. It is possible to dwell on this issue in more detail. Congenital problems arise due to developmental disorders( underdevelopment of a large number of vertebrae).Acquired: the emergence of injuries, the wrong position of the body, all sorts of diseases, which include: rickets, pleurisy, tuberculosis.

Treatment: gymnastics, massage

Of course, everyone who encounters these problems shows a great desire to get rid of this ailment. For this, first of all, you need to turn to professionals. An orthopedic doctor will help you solve the problem. Will assign you an individual course of medical procedures. It usually consists of: therapeutic exercises, manual therapy, acupuncture, massage. In addition, you must purchase special corsets. This thing will help a person in the treatment of a disease.

Nowadays, there are modern methods of diagnosing and treating posture disorders. All of them are effective and completely painless. The most important thing is that a positive result is guaranteed to every patient who appealed.

In people who have experienced a violation of posture, the internal organs are displaced. It is for this reason that they can not function normally, in the usual mode. All this can lead to serious health problems.

If you work in an office and spend most of the day sitting at a computer, then you just need to periodically take small breaks. Gymnastic exercises will help you relax a bit and, undoubtedly, will bring a lot of benefit to your posture.

There is a reason why posture disorder often occurs. Many people prefer to carry heavy items, bags in one hand. This is wrong, it is worth the burden evenly divided into two hands. So it will be easier for you to carry packages, and your spine will be more comfortable. Always it's important to keep your back straight.

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