What is denatured alcohol. Composition, properties, application of the product

Industry and household often use denatured alcohol. This liquid has an unpleasant smell and taste. Mass poisonings are also known from the use of denatured alcohol as an alcoholic beverage.

Composition of denatured alcohol

What is methylated spirit? Translated from the Latin language, its name means "devoid of natural properties."This liquid is bluish-violet, having an unpleasant smell. The structure of methylated spirit is ethyl alcohol( it is the base), kerosene, isopropanol and methanol. Also in its composition may include additional gasoline, pyridine, some dye and other substances. The composition depends on the purpose of the fluid and can vary. Each country establishes its own legislation on the composition of denatured alcohol, depending on the scope of application.

Most often, ethanol is used for the production of methylated spirit, which has not yet passed rectification( purification).Such alcohol contains fusel oils and methanol, which are very toxic. All other additives are also prohibited for internal use. In the end result, ethyl alcohol becomes unsightly as a consumable drink: an unpleasant smell, taste and color. From denatured alcohol it is impossible to separate pure alcohol with simple chemical reactions in everyday life( freezing, distillation, filtration).

Characteristics of methacrylic acid

After the conversion from ethyl alcohol to denatured alcohol with the help of various harmful impurities, the resulting liquid becomes poisonous and very dangerous for humans. Even the inhalation of vapors of this liquid acts poisonously on the body of people and animals. Therefore, the question of what denatured alcohol, you can safely answer: it's poison.

Symptoms of methphenate poisoning:

  • nausea;
  • vomiting;
  • is an intestinal disorder;
  • vision impairment.

In especially severe cases,

  • appears bluish tint of facial skin;
  • shortness of breath;
  • weak rapid pulse;
  • complete loss of vision.

In order to visually distinguish denatured alcohol from pure alcohol, colorants are added. The existing instructions specify the methods of denaturing alcohol for the preparation of products in various industries: paint and varnish, perfume and others.

The ability of denatured to dissolve varnishes and paints used in the manufacture of paint and varnish products. The useful properties of technical alcohol also include the ability to degrease contaminated surfaces, dissolve various resins, varnishes, paints.

The composition of methylated spirit

Application of denatured alcohol in the industry

The scope of denatured alcohol is quite extensive. It is used in the production of:

  • varnish-and-paint products;
  • detergent;
  • chemical-pharmaceutical preparations;
  • additives to fuel( to increase the octane number of internal combustion engines).

In some industries such alcohol is used for laboratory tests as burners.

What is denatured alcohol

It should be noted that for some technical needs full denaturation of ethyl alcohol is not allowed.

For example, when denatured is used as a disinfectant, only formalin or thymol is added to the ethyl alcohol. For the preparation of garden, zoological preparations, formalin, wood alcohol is added. Special additives for the denaturation of chemical-pharmaceutical preparations( chloroform, iodoform, ethers, tannin, etc.) have also been developed.

use of denatured alcohol

For the production of perfume products as a supplement to ethyl alcohol, bitrex is used most often. This substance is not dangerous to health, but it has a very bitter taste. Giving bitterness makes alcohol unattractive for ingestion and not dangerous even if it gets into the body. As part of many famous brands of perfumes and toilet waters contains denatured alcohol.

Use of denatured in domestic and traditional medicine

Denatured alcohol is used in the fight against insects as a repellent because of its sharp unpleasant odor( bugs, cockroaches).It is used in everyday life and in veterinary medicine for the disinfection of objects, plants and animals.

In addition, it is used in everyday life for:

  • removing different spots;
  • kindling of burners;
  • space heating;
  • prevent freezing of windows;
  • cleaning and cleaning of dirty surfaces.

After the conversion of ethyl alcohol into denatured alcohol, it becomes poisonous

What is methylated spirit? It can also be attributed to medicines. Alternative medicine sometimes uses denatured alcohol. Most often it is included in ointments and compresses in the treatment of diseases associated with joints. Apply it and as a lotion for healing wounds.

From the above, it can be concluded that such denatured alcohol. Denatured alcohol is a liquid made from ethanol with the addition of various non-nutritional supplements. It can cause severe poisoning when ingested, but also heals some diseases. Methanol is a flammable substance. Keep it in a tightly closed container in compliance with fire regulations and use it strictly for the purpose.