Cream Artraid: reviews of doctors, description of the drug for joints

Diseases of the joints cause a lot of inconvenience and unpleasant sensations to a person. The treatment of such diseases is considered expensive and time-consuming, as it includes complex therapy, designed for several months of use.

Recently, a new drug for the joints of the Artraid appeared on the pharmacological market. Real feedback about this tool is full of contradictions. What is this - a regular divorce of a pharmaceutical company or an effective remedy that is not suitable for all patients? Let's figure it out.

cream artraid reviews

But before you get acquainted with the positive and negative reviews about the cream of Artraid, let's better know the tool itself, its composition and principle of operation, as well as the declared promises of the manufacturer.

What a miracle tool

According to numerous reviews, Artraid is a cosmetology cream based on natural ingredients with minimal side effects and contraindications.

The product is a flavored light ointment, located in a special tube. The drug is produced by the company "Healthy".The description and reviews about Artraid boil down to the fact that this is one of the most successful projects of the domestic manufacturer. Why? The whole secret is in the active components of the medium and the sphere of its influence.

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A little about the diseases themselves

As the distributor of LLC "Zdorovy" states, reviews about the cream for the joints of Artraid are the most positive. In the shortest possible time, the drug can cure such serious ailments as arthrosis and arthritis. What are the risks of these diseases?

First of all, they cause a person discomfort and pain. Later they can affect the general well-being of the patient, negatively affecting the kidneys, heart, liver, nervous system. If you do not treat such ailments, then they can lead to serious health problems and even disability.

artraid drug reviews

What symptoms can indicate the onset of the development of these diseases?

When to use

According to reviews on Artraid ointment, it is best to start using it at the first signs of serious ailments. These may include:

  • swelling and / or swelling of the skin in the region of the joints( on the foot, arm, forearm or anywhere else);
  • aching, twitching pain in the affected area, worse at night;
  • redness and / or roughness of the skin around the joint;
  • stiffness of the affected area, impaired mobility and flexibility;
  • increase in body temperature( up to forty degrees) in the area of ​​the affected joint;
  • general weakness of the body, muscles, possible weight loss.

As you can see, these symptoms can affect not only the health of the ill, but also on his ability to work, mental health and relationships with loved ones.

artraid reviews

At what diseases are prescription drugs Artraid? Feedback from real users suggests that the tool can be used in almost any pathology of the joints or bones. Why can you say so?

List of specific diseases

Following are specific ailments in which, according to reviews on the cream of Artraid, you can use the drug:

  • Arthritis. This pathology occurs due to a violation of blood supply and nutrition of the cartilage. According to the manufacturers, "Artreid" is able to resume these processes, as well as to repair the damaged cartilaginous surface. The active ingredients of the cream anesthetize the affected joint and improve its elasticity.
  • Osteoarthritis. Characterized by the destruction of cartilaginous tissue due to disruption of biochemical processes. According to the reports, Artraid not only stops the pain syndrome and relieves inflammation, but also restores cartilaginous tissues, and also improves nutrition of the joint itself and periarticular tissues.
  • Osteochondrosis. It is a consequence of lack of collagen, leads to pathological changes in the vertebrae, jamming of the nerve processes and disruption of the intervertebral disc. According to the instructions, "Artreid" not only relieves pain and relaxes muscles, but also promotes the production of collagen, thereby eliminating the cause of the disease.
  • Rheumatism - joint destruction due to autoimmune disorders. According to reviews, Artraid heals injuries, restores joints and increases their elasticity.
  • Radiculitis. It is provoked by the jamming of the nerve processes around the spine, accompanied not only by pain, but also by numbness of the extremities, burning or tingling. In such cases, "Artreid" not only reduces symptoms, but also restores cartilage connective tissue between the vertebral joints, and also removes uric acid in the canals.
  • Pregnancy. Everyone knows that at this time a woman suffers from pain in the lower back and joints caused by unusual loads on the locomotor apparatus. According to the manufacturer, Artraid cream not only removes pain and relaxes the muscles, but also soothes the nervous system, and also prevents the destruction of cartilage and joints.

cream artraid

What is the principle of this cosmetic agent?

Scope of the

According to the assurance of the manufacturers, Artraid for the joints will help to completely get rid of the unpleasant symptoms of the aforementioned diseases. According to the instructions, the cosmetic ointment is able to affect the cartilage tissue of the bones. According to reviews, Artraid removes inflammatory processes and promotes mobility of the joint tissues.

This preparation is also an effective preventive agent, as it can prevent the development of bone pathologies, joint deformities, osteochondrosis, salt deposition.

What is the result of such a result?

A little about the composition of

The following are the active ingredients of the cream, which, interacting with each other, enhance the expected effect:

  1. Olive oil. According to reviews about the preparation of Artraid, it is thanks to this substance that deep penetration of the remaining active ingredients of the drug through the skin to the internal tissues of the joints, muscles and bones is possible. Also, oil helps to remove toxins and salts from connective tissues.
  2. Bee venom. Also, according to manufacturers' reviews, it improves the penetration of the active ingredients of the cream deep to the site of the lesion. Moreover, it increases the immunity and helps reduce inflammation.
  3. Resin of Siberian cedar. According to reviews on the cream of Artraid, this substance is one of the main components. It removes inflammation directly in the joints, cartilages and ligaments, increasing local immunity.
  4. Propolis - another active ingredient in the cream "Artreid".It improves the metabolism in the cartilaginous tissues and has a restorative function for the joints. In addition, it relieves pain syndrome, acting directly on the nerve, reduces puffiness and dilates blood vessels. The oil extract has an antibacterial property, eliminating viruses, streptococci and all kinds of inflammatory processes.
  5. Extract of burdock. Penetrating deep inside, this substance is able to improve blood circulation, remove the decay products and strengthen the walls of the capillaries.
  6. Saber and hops. Extracts of these components, according to reviews on the cream of Artraid, are capable of destroying and removing salt deposits of uric acid.

However, this is not the whole composition of the drug. As you can see from the reviews on the Artraid joint cream, the active ingredients of the remedy are such useful components as vitamins C and E, selenium, hyaluronic acid, potassium, calcium, St. John's wort extract and others.

cream artraid

According to the instructions, there are no preservatives in the composition of cosmetology ointments, since such substances as propolis, beeswax, burdock and St. John's Wort promote the long-term storage of the drug as well as its disinfecting effect.

How to use and dosage

This is a very important question, since it may seem that once "Artreid" is a natural remedy, it can not cause harm to the body due to overdose or incorrect use. However, this, of course, is not so.

According to the instructions for the drug, as well as consumer reviews, when applying this cream, you must strictly follow the manufacturer's recommendations.

According to real reviews, Artraid cream in use is quite simple and convenient. As a treatment, two or three times a day, apply a small amount of this remedy to the damaged area and rub it lightly for ten minutes. Also, you can do an easy acupressure, that is, press with your fingertips to the affected area. But do it with gentle movements, so as not to cause severe pain. You can use the drug for three weeks or until the unpleasant symptoms stop.

For preventive purposes, "Artreid" can be applied once a day, slightly massaging the joint area.

reviews about ointment artraid

How much does this miracle remedy cost? This can be read below.

Cost and terms of purchase

According to real reviews about the cream Artraid, it can be purchased only through the Internet, on the official website of the supplier of LLC "Healthy".The purchase system is pretty easy even for low-ranking users in similar cases.

The first thing to do is to fill out a simple order form on the website of the online store. After some time you need to call back to check or correct the specified data. Then within a certain time, according to the conditions of postal institutions, it will be necessary to wait for the delivery of the ordered goods.

Upon arrival of the parcel, you can visit the post office you specified, where you will have to pay for the goods and pick it up.

As you can see, you need to pay when you receive an order, that is, the probability of cheating or swindling is minimized.

What is the price of the cream "Artreid"?Here it is worth mentioning that it is very difficult to buy a piece by piece. Most often it is sold in small wholesale - for the entire course of admission. In this case, discounts on a fixed amount are applied to the cream. Below is the cost of one unit of the drug according to the supplier's pricing policy.

If you look at the information on the official website, then for the residents of the Russian Federation the cost of the drug is 990 rubles, for buyers from Ukraine - almost 400 hryvnia, for customers from Belarus - 49 national rubles. Residents of Europe can also order the product. For the population of Germany, Romania, Greece, Austria and Belgium, the drug will cost 39 euros. The same applies to buyers from Portugal, Estonia, Lithuania, Italy and so on. With a full list of countries where the product can be delivered, it is available on the official website of the supplier.

So, we got acquainted with the general information about cosmetology cream "Artreid".What can be said about the real responses of people who used this tool? Let's find out.

What consumers think

First of all, it should be pointed out that reviews about the drug are quite contradictory. Some praise the ointment and say that it helped them get rid of serious problems and pathologies. Others describe it as a good painkiller, occasionally relieving inflammation. Still others generally express themselves sharply about the cream, talking about its inefficiency and uselessness.

What is necessary to know when deciding whether to purchase this drug or not?

First of all, the consumer is obliged to own truthful information: according to official documents, "Artreid" is a cosmetic, not a medicine. Therefore, the correctness of its use for medicinal purposes is already being questioned.

Moreover, as stated by the manufacturer, the drug is able to fully restore the joint and cartilaginous tissue. According to the doctors' reviews about the cream of Artraid, it is almost impossible to do this with the help of an external product. The process of recovery is quite laborious, even if it is a question of the use of tablets and injections. It is even more difficult to imagine that the ointment can so positively affect the internal organs.

How, then, should we explain the laudatory reviews about the drug? First, do not forget that this can be pro-paid propaganda. On the other hand, a cream having the above mentioned beneficial composition may very well have a positive effect on the development of the disease, especially if it is used in combination with additional treatment in the form of tablets or injections.

Components of the "Artreid", really can remove pain and inflammation, have a calming and relaxing effect. This is also confirmed by the numerous reviews of satisfied patients.


experts say In public or private clinics you are unlikely to get out "Artreid" as a medicine. However, experts often prescribe ointments or gels similar to the given drug in terms of composition and spectrum of action. Therefore do not hesitate to consult about the cream of Artraid with your doctor.

What manufacturers say

Suppliers assure the possibility of complete disposal of serious pathological diseases, due to the fact that the cream "Artreid" penetrates through the skin and affects the cartilaginous tissue. Is it possible?

Manufacturers explain that the drug is really absorbed by the dermis through the sweat and sebaceous pores, as well as the keratinized cells. There, the components of the cream are carried along the channels by the intercellular fluid, and also absorbed by the capillaries of the joint membrane, thereby affecting the soft and cartilaginous tissues.

Why is this remedy called cosmetic? The manufacturer has an answer to this question. First of all, as official sources explain, medical ointments for joints have a concentrated composition, which can include auxiliary chemicals. Because of this, these drugs have a wide range of contraindications and side effects.

"Artreid" is also created as a cosmetic product because its components are taken in small quantities. This minimizes the negative impact of active substances, so that the drug has no contraindications( except for individual intolerance) and can be used even by pregnant and nursing( of course, with extreme caution).

However, many users may prefer tablets and injections, rather than ointments for external use. The supplier of the cream "Artreid" convincingly states that in the first stages of the disease it is better to use preparations for local consumption that will not have a negative effect on the liver, kidneys or blood vessels. The natural components of "Artreid" practically do not cause allergic reactions.

artraid for joints real reviews

Instead of afterword

As you can see, Artraid cosmetic for joints has a wide range of action due to its unique components. They, supplementing and improving each other, penetrate deep into the epidermis, where they can affect joints, cartilage tissues and even bones. Due to this, the patient can get rid of such serious diseases as arthritis, rheumatism, arthrosis, osteochondrosis and others.

Yes, there are many conflicting reviews about the product of both specialists and patients. Whom to believe is hard to say. Perhaps, it is worth taking a decision on your own, having weighed the pros and cons, carefully studying the instructions for use, and also consulting with the attending physician that you trust.

Be that as it may, the remedy will not harm you and, probably, even promote recovery, especially if used in conjunction with other pharmacological drugs.