How quickly to stop lactation. Tips and advice from doctors

The most frequent problem of nursing mothers today is the preservation of the constant production of milk in such quantities that the baby does not need to be fed with artificial nutrition. However, quite often there is another situation, when a woman thinks about how quickly to stop lactation. This problem can arise if the child has already reached the time of weaning, or the woman has serious health problems. What to do in this situation? How to stop lactation quickly? We will talk about this in the most detail below.

Tight chest bandaging

This is perhaps one of the oldest methods. It is believed that squeezing the mammary glands promotes less milk production. However, such an opinion is fundamentally wrong. If you tie up the breast, milk will still be produced, and the woman will experience severe pain. If the milk is not decant, then the likelihood of developing lactostasis is great.

Restricting fluid intake

How quickly to stop lactation? Less Drink! This method is currently recognized as one of the most effective. Gradually, as the amount of liquid consumed( including soups, liquid yoghurts and juices) decreases, the amount of milk will decrease. When feeling thirsty, it is recommended not to drink water and tea, but to replace them with decoctions of herbs that are characterized by a diuretic effect. This and parsley garden, and fox cowberry, and bearberry, and even all the familiar basil.

How to quickly stop lactation with herbal remedies

In addition to diuretic herbs, there is a wide variety of plants that significantly reduce the production of breast milk. A great remedy is sage and mint. Literally the day after the reception of the medicinal drink the breast becomes noticeably softer. After only two weeks, the lactation stops completely. Note that in the case when a woman feels painful raspiranie in the chest, it is recommended to express the milk a little.

Drugs that stop lactation

This group has a large number of drugs( most often hormonal), depressing sequentially the secretory activity of the pituitary gland. They include the following drugs: Parlodel, Dostinex, Bromocriptine, Metametil, Utrozhestan and some others. Depending on the type of specific drug, experts say, a complete stop of lactation is observed after 1-14 days. This technique is practiced by doctors extremely rarely( only in cases when a woman's health is at risk), since there are a lot of side effects. Note that self-medication is highly contraindicated.


In this article we have considered only the most popular ways how to quickly stop lactation. In any case, it is not recommended to make a decision on the choice of this or that method, it is necessary to consult with a gynecologist beforehand to prevent possible undesirable side effects and subsequent complications.