Contact lenses Dailies: reviews

Always wear glasses, but do you want to sometimes stay without them? Then you need to look at the daily contact lenses. An excellent alternative to the glasses will be hydrogel polymers from CIBA Vision. They are presented in three models for daily wearing. Today we will examine each of them. And also find out what people think about these hydrogel polymers.


Contact lenses Dailies are ideal for those people who wear these glasses replacements irregularly. For example, only during sports, on a walk or at work. And when they come home, the person takes them off and puts on glasses.

Produces contact lenses Dailies German company CIBA Vision.

These hydrogel polymers perfectly moisturize the eyes, do not cause irritation or discomfort. Also, they are not noticeable when worn.

Below we will consider 3 popular models of glasses substitutes of this German firm. contact lenses dailies reviews

Aspherical polymer model of CIBA Vision

Contact lenses Dailies Aqua Comfort Plus are the sales leader among all hydrogel polymers of this German company. Aspherical design of substitutes for glasses allows a person to see clearly and accurately.

This form of lenses will be ideal for elderly people who have a history of hyperopia. Also they are suitable for users suffering from astigmatism.

The advantage of these polymers is the specially created triple humidification technology, which is possible due to such constituents of the product as:

  1. Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose - provides constant comfort when donning.
  2. Polyvinyl alcohol - has a moisturizing function that is activated during blinking.
  3. Polyethylene glycol - provides self-hydration all day long.

Contact lenses Dailies Aqua Comfort Plus will be the ideal solution for people who suffer from so-called dry eye syndrome. If a person's vision is sensitive, and not all lenses are shown for wearing, then these will fit lenses dailies

Reviews of people on the aspherical model of glasses substitutes

These contact lenses receive mostly positive reviews of women and men. Users note that such a substitute for glasses has a clear advantage - minimal maintenance. Since these lenses are one-day wearing, every morning a person puts on pure polymers. And do not need to carry around constantly a solution, rinse them with eyeglasses, remember the date of purchase, etc.

People note that these lenses are soft and comfortable. And they are used not only by novice boys and girls, but also by those who already have a year of hydrogel polymers. Many people prefer this one-day lenses, and not those that are designed for 3 months, six months.

contact lenses dailies total 1 review

Cost of glasses replacement Dailies Aqua Comfort Plus

For 15 pairs of these polymers, you need to give an average of 1600 rubles. If you buy 45 pairs of lenses, then the price will be about 3300 rubles.

To save money, it is better to purchase these glasses replacements on the Internet. In optics, the price of these polymers will be 2 times higher.

The updated polymer model of CIBA Vision

After the contact lenses described above, the company continued to expand and created a new product called Focus Dailies All Day Comfort. These contact lenses are made of a special material - nefilkona A. And the increased comfort of polymers is achieved due to a special component - high molecular weight polyvinyl alcohol. contact lenses dailies aqua comfort plus

Focus Dailies All Day Comfort contact lenses are also one-day. They will suit any person. This model of polymers is especially attractive for those who wear them not every day. For example, when practicing sports, traveling, at various events where a person wants to take off glasses, but still maintain a clear vision. It is in such situations that he can use these lenses. They will also become indispensable during seasonal allergies.

Contact Lenses Focus Dailies All Day Comfort can be bought for 1.5 months or 2 weeks. So, for 90 pieces of these polymers will have to give about 1 thousand rubles.

New from CIBA Vision

The latest development of this company is contact lenses Dailies Total 1. These are one-day hydrogel polymers that are distinguished by modernity, convenience, and high standards of quality and safety.

These lenses made a revolution in the world of optics, because they combined the leading materials and production technologies:

  1. Special gradient moisture content system. A moisturizing compound is applied over the whole surface of the lenses, but it is distributed differently. So, on the inside - 80%, and on the outside - 33%.Due to this redistribution, the cornea of ​​the eye is constantly supplied with moisture and oxygen throughout the day.
  2. Use of new material. Contact lenses Dailies Total 1 are made from a new silicone hydrogel Delefilcon A. Thanks to the new material, a person gets not only a new image, but also an excellent comfort from wearing. The user will not experience any burning or dry eyes.
  3. The company made these lenses with a perfectly smooth surface, which allowed the polymers to be in contact with the eyes, but this eliminates friction.

contact lenses dailies total 1

Evaluations of the people of the novelty

Users respond about this model of polymers only positively. There are no negative responses on the Internet. And this means that the developers really succeeded in creating ideal lenses. So, people note the following positive points when wearing such substitute glasses:

  1. Not felt before the eyes. Many women and men are really delighted with these lenses, because they have never met such convenient polymers before. Contact lenses Dailies Total 1 you put on and completely forget about them.
  2. Soft and thin material. And this is additional convenience. In dense lenses, the eyes get tired faster and dry out. And with these new hydrogel polymers, the eyes do not need additional moisturizing.
  3. They are ideal for allergy sufferers. If earlier this category of people was limited only to glasses, now allergy sufferers can wear lenses. Many people who are hypersensitive to certain substances, note that when wearing such a substitute for glasses, they have stopped allergic conjunctivitis.
  4. Saving on the solution. Contact lenses Dailies Total 1 positive reviews are also received because people like to save their money. After all, this model of glasses substitutes does not need to purchase a solution. Each pair of lenses is packed in a separate container, which at the end of the day is ejected with the polymers.

Cost of glasses substitutes Dailies Total 1

For 30 lenses you will have to pay about 2 thousand rubles. And for 90 pieces of hydrogel polymers - about 3 thousand rubles. It turns out that it is cheaper to purchase a package with a large number of lenses. contact lenses focus dailies all day comfort

Who will use the CIBA Vision glasses replacement?

Contact lenses Dailies of all three models will be appropriate if:

  • A person dreams of increased comfort when wearing such polymers.
  • The lenses of other manufacturers do not fit the user.
  • A person suffers from allergies to pollen, ragweed, wool.
  • The user wishes to purchase trendy contact lenses.
  • A person does not want to take care of these polymers on a daily basis.
  • The user wears glasses substitutes not permanently, but under certain circumstances.


In the article you learned a lot of useful information about such polymers as contact lenses Dailies. Reviews of people who use these substitutes for glasses are basically all positive. And this means that such lenses are really comfortable to wear. If you want to wear clean, comfortable, moistened hydrogel polymers every day, then you should pay attention to CIBA Vision products.