How does estrogen in food affect human health?

The term "estrogens" is used to refer to biologically active substances belonging to the group of female sex hormones. They participate in the regulation of vital processes that take place both in the female body and in the male body. Estrogens are produced by the organs of the reproductive system and the adrenal cortex. In women, production occurs in the ovaries. In men, the hormone estrogen is produced in much smaller volumes. The eggs are responsible for its production. In addition, estrogens can appear as a result of the conversion of the hormone testosterone under the influence of the aromatase enzyme. Substances that have hormonal effects on the body come from outside. Contains estrogen in food. Therefore, the regulation of its quantity is possible by changing the diet.

Estrogens in the life of a woman

The hormone estrogen is produced during the reproductive period of a woman's life. And this hormone affects not only the ability to have children. He is responsible for the normalization of the body as a whole. Due to this hormone, the girl's figure begins to acquire femininity. The distribution of fat tissue is exactly under the influence of estrogen. Also, this hormone is involved in the absorption of calcium and even affects the heart rate. All these factors determine the importance of estrogen in a woman's life. Its inadequate production threatens serious health problems. Therefore, during menopause, it is recommended to eat foods containing the female hormone estrogen.

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The effect of estrogen on the body of a male

Although the production of estrogen by a male body is normal, its overabundance causes health problems. Development of testosterone is inhibited. There is an increase in the mammary glands and the formation of fatty deposits by the female type. There are violations of sexual function. Often, the cause of this phenomenon is estrogen in foods consumed by a man in large quantities. However, it is impossible without estrogen. Its presence in the body of a man is necessary to maintain the following functions:

  • ensuring the normal functioning of the nervous system;
  • regulation of cholesterol in the blood;
  • is involved in building muscle tissue.

How do I determine which foods contain estrogen?

With age, the hormonal background of a person changes. The body begins to produce estrogen with interruptions. In products of animal and vegetable origin contain substances that affect the level of this hormone. Changing the diet, you can adjust your hormonal background. Here are some examples of such products:

  1. Soy. This plant contains a large amount of estrogen. In products that include soy( some meat, dairy and confectionery), there is also a lot of this hormone.
  2. Beer. The drink contains phytoestrogens.
  3. String plants( beans, beans, peas).