"Fenspiride": instructions for use, indications, contraindications, reviews

In winter, many people endure colds on their legs. At the same time, most of them completely ignore drug therapy. Needless to say, what does this negligent attitude to health lead to? Timely treatment will not only "say goodbye" to the ailment, but also protect against unpleasant complications. An excellent drug that can help get rid of the disease is the drug Fenspiride. Instruction for use makes it possible to study this medication.

fenspiride instructions for use

Description of the medicine

The preparation "Fenspiride" instructions for use describes how a bronchodilator medicine. The medicine is often used for the therapy of bronchial asthma. It is in demand in the treatment of inflammatory diseases of the respiratory tract.

The drug blocks H1-histamine receptors. In addition, it is an antagonist of certain inflammatory mediators. The medicine depresses the development of the body by serotonin, histamine, bradykinin. If the drug is used in large dosages, there is a decrease in production of free radicals, metabolites of arachidonic acid, cytokines. This drug has the same antispasmodic effect as the drug "Papaverin."

As indicated by the preparation "Fenspiride" instructions for use, the product has the following effects:

  • anti-inflammatory;
  • antihistamine;
  • bronchodilating;
  • is anti-asthmatic.

The drug is produced in two forms:

  • tablets;
  • syrup.

fenspiride instructions for use price

Indications for prescription

Fenspiride medication is recommended for use with:

  • rhinopharyngitis, laryngitis, otitis, sinusitis, rhinotraheobronchitis;
  • chronic bronchitis accompanied by respiratory failure;
  • bronchospastic syndrome;
  • bronchitis of various forms;
  • bronchial asthma( complicated or isolated forms);
  • symptoms on the part of the respiratory system for influenza, pertussis, measles.

Dosage Medications

The drug is formulated for oral use. The dosage regimen of this drug depends on the form of the medication and the age of the patient.

For example, "Fenspiride"( tablets) instruction for use recommends the following:

  1. The medication is prescribed for adults and children over 14 years of age. For younger children, the tablet form of the drug is not suitable.
  2. Only a doctor can choose a dosage. Most often it is recommended to take 2-3 times a day for 80 mg of medication.
  3. Pills should be taken before meals. The tablet is washed down with a lot of liquid.
  4. The duration of therapy is determined by the disease and the condition of the patient.

fenspiride syrup user

As already mentioned, in pharmacies the drug is presented in two forms."Fenspiride" -syrup instructions for use advise to apply this way:

  1. For adult patients, the daily dose is 80 mg of the active substance. This is 45-90 mg of syrup. It is recommended to use the medication 3 times a day.
  2. Pediatric dosage depends on body weight. To determine the necessary amount of syrup, use the ratio: 1 kg of weight - 4 mg. Babies, whose body weight is less than 10 kg, is usually prescribed 10-20 mg of syrup per day. The drug is allowed to grow in juice or milk. Children weighing more than 10 kg, daily dose reaches 30-60 ml.
  3. The duration of this therapy is determined only by the physician. In some cases, the doctor recommends continuing therapy for 20-30 days.

But it is important to understand that this remedy is not a substitute for antibacterial treatment.

Side effects of

Now you know which diseases the Fenspiride medication recommends using the instructions for use. The price of the medication is not high. This is why this tool is often used by patients.

But before using the medication, you should familiarize yourself with the side effects that this drug may provoke.

During therapy may appear:

  • nausea, mild indigestion, abdominal pain;
  • drowsiness or, on the contrary, agitation;
  • tachycardia.

fenspiride tablets instructions for use

Sometimes patients develop allergic reactions. Such manifestations are rare.

Allergy can be manifested:

  • hives;
  • sudden itching, rashes;
  • with erythema;
  • angioedema.

To avoid these symptoms, it is recommended that you carefully study the medication annotation. For example, a syrup based on a substance such as "Fenspiride" often contains a yellow "Sunset" dye. This component can cause the development of bronchospasm.


Medication has a number of limitations. Be sure to consider them.

Contraindicated in:

  • with individual sensitivity;
  • for children( for tablets) up to 14 years;
  • for lactating women and pregnant women.

Medication cost

How much does this drug cost? Despite the fact that Fenspiride's medication is quite effective positioning instruction, the price for it is not at all sky-high.

The cost of the medication is as follows:

  • syrup( 150 ml) - 240-300 rub.;
  • tablets( 30 pcs.) Under the name "Erespal"( "Fenspiride hydrochloride") - 350-400 rub.

fenspiride instructions price

Opinion of patients

People who are prescribed medication are interested in not only the preparation "Fenspiride" instructions for use, price. The responses of patients who took the medicine attract special attention.

What do patients think about this medication? Reviews are found both positive and negative. Some patients claim that it was thanks to this medicine that they managed to get rid of the painful cough, symptoms of bronchitis. In this case, the drug "Fenspiride" helped in those cases when other medications were powerless.

However, you can meet reviews about this drug, describing the emergence of secondary symptoms. As a rule, there is weakness, sore throat, drowsiness.