How do birth control pills work? Instructions for use, indications and contraindications

Oral contraceptives - this is the only way to protect, which makes it possible to protect yourself from pregnancy, and, as they say, the feeling to save. This is also the best method for those people who have a permanent partner who can be trusted( because of the venereal diseases OK protection is not given).How do birth control pills work?

How Contraceptive Pills Work

Definition of

So, oral contraceptives refer to hormonal drugs. And their direct purpose is to protect the girl from pregnancy. The composition of the tablets includes certain sex hormones, the long-term effect of which makes changes in the work of the ovaries.

Telling about combined tablets, it is worth noting that they contain several different hormones. But the main ones are estrogen and progestin. The first of these is exclusively a female hormone, which is produced by the body itself, to be more precise, the ovaries. And it begins to develop from the very moment that the girl is puberty. And until there is a menopause. And progestin is, so to speak, productive from progesterone. And he, in turn, is a male hormone in the female body.

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Types of hormonal contraceptives

To understand how contraceptive pills work, you need to understand the types of OC that exist. The first is the aforementioned combined OK.In their composition, there is always an analogue of female hormones. Their principle of operation is monophasic. That is, if to express more simply, under the influence of these tablets the level of hormones in the female body does not change. There are also three-phase ones. How does this type of birth control pills work? A little bit different. If the girl takes them, then the combination of her hormones changes throughout the menstrual cycle.

Both one and the other OK are divided into groups. Everything depends on the characteristics of the woman's body. There are micro-dosed tablets - ideal for nulliparous girls and for those who are just starting to take OK.The body easily absorbs these drugs, and they, in turn, do not do him any harm.

There are also low-dose. Usually they are given birth to those giving birth. But still this group of OK is suitable for girls who did not come for some reason tablets of the first type.

And, finally, highly-dosed. Here these preparations not only will secure from pregnancy, but also will correct any hormonal disturbance. But they are usually prescribed by the doctor after the examination.

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Gestagenic OK

The last type of tablets. They are designed for those women who can not take a hormone like estrogen. In these tablets it is not. By the way, they are also called "mini-drunk".They contain only progestin. Also they are prescribed for those women who are breastfeeding.

In general, speaking about how the contraceptive pills work, you can note one thing - they have the principle of work alone. They slow down the process of ovulation, and because of this the egg is not fertilized. In addition, they affect the mucous membrane of the uterus. In other words, the mucus that is in the uterine canal condenses. And so much so that the spermatozoa elementary can not get into the fallopian tube. What to say about fertilization! And this shell is getting thinner. This means that even if the spermatozoon penetrates inward, the embryo will not be able to gain a foothold on the cavity.

About the pros of

Now it is necessary to tell about the undoubted positive aspects, which are covered by the application of OK.In addition to the fact that this is the most reliable way to avoid pregnancy, tablets still perform a lot of other functions. Girls, starting to take them, notice how their skin, nails and hair improve. Another OK intake reduces the risk of cervical and ovarian cancer. They also manage to treat hormonal disorders, if any.

And one more plus: menstruation starts and ends on the same days. That is, it is regular and stable - you can literally watch for hours, when to wait for the start of the cycle. Another OK often begins to drink girls experiencing severe pain during menstruation. Or those in which it lasts a very long time. OK solve these problems. Also, many people say that the desire is much more obvious - that is, the libido increases. And yes, another undoubted plus is saving. With regular and frequent sexual life it is much more profitable to buy a pack of tablets in less than a thousand rubles, than every day to go broke for expensive condoms.

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Naturally, talking about the pros, you can not forget about the negative side. And they are not present, if OK are picked up correctly, under an individual female organism. In vain, many girls believe that you can buy tablets in the pharmacy, ignoring the preliminary consultation with a gynecologist. And then they complain about pimpled skin of the face, on suddenly gained kilograms and decreased libido, as well as downed menstrual cycle and many other "joys".So it's very important to consult a doctor first! After all, what fits one girl - absolutely the other is contraindicated. No wonder there are several varieties of OK.This is "Yarina", and "Jes", and "Lindidet 20", and Cilest, "Zhanin," etc.

After all, there may be both indications and contraindications. To write out these or other tablets, we take into account such nuances as growth, weight, type and condition of the mammary glands and even pubic hair. Not to mention the peculiarities of menstruation and intolerance of this or that hormone. So this is very important.

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How to start reception?

This is another question that interests girls who start drinking OK.Like when the birth control pills begin to function. So, it is advised to start drinking them on the first day of menstruation. If a girl enters into sexual intercourse and during the time she goes, then condoms should be protected. During the first 7 days after the initial intake, the OCs do not function properly - the body only gets used to them. And then you can put condoms aside.

How long does a birth control pill work? Exactly day. One day - one tablet. Take them every day. If there are problems with memory or just unusual every day to drink the drug - then you can put the alarm clock at the same time so as not to miss.

And yes, it's very important not to break the reception schedule. If you treat it carelessly, then you can get pregnant. And if all the same the girl forgot to drink a pill, and came to her senses - then you need to do this as soon as possible. Also, if there is diarrhea or vomiting for 4 hours after taking it, you have to drink it again. Here, in principle, everything you need to know about how and how many contraceptive pills work.

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With what you can not combine OK?

Above it was told about how many contraceptive pills begin to work. Now about what they can not be combined with. Many people think that with alcohol and cigarettes. This is not true. Of course, if you drink a few liters of beer every day or some alcoholic beverages, then yes, the effect of the OC will decrease to a minimum. But if in all respect the measure - then nothing terrible( unwanted pregnancy) will not happen.

And here with tranquilizers, antibiotics and antidepressants to combine OK is not recommended. On whether contraceptive pills work in conjunction with these drugs, you need to ask a gynecologist.

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Much has been said about how and from which day the birth control pills. Finally a few words about the breaks, which must be done between the methods. Usually accepted OK for 21 days. Then, for seven days, a break is made until the next pack. This week just happens menstruation. But in the case of the aforementioned "Jess", for example, everything is a little different. There are 24 regular tablets and 4 placebo in the package. And do not need to take breaks - instead of these four tablets go. After they are finished, we need to start a new pack.

By the way, finally one more plus OK.This is a great way to delay menstruation. If the girl is waiting for a meeting with her partner or goes to the sea for a vacation, she just needs to continue drinking OK, without taking breaks. Menstruation will not come. And to start, you need to stop taking pills. Menstruation usually occurs three days after the end of the OK reception. Because, by the way, breaks are made for a week.