Perinatal Center, Lipetsk: address, phone, medical services, reviews

The perinatal center of Lipetsk is a large medical and preventive institution, equipped with the best medical and diagnostic equipment.

The employees of the center are highly qualified medical staff.

A good reputation for the center among patients was created by quality medical and preventive, counseling and rehabilitation help. Doctors and nurses are attentive to the problems of patients. First of all, the institution takes care of reducing the negative indicators of infant and maternal mortality due to timely medical assistance to both newborns, pregnant women and women who have given birth. Due to timely consultative and diagnostic treatment, children's morbidity and disability are reduced.

perinatal center of Lipetsk

Lipetsk Regional Perinatal Center

A new unit of the regional perinatal center was opened in the territory of the Lipetsk Regional Clinical Hospital in July 2016.Necessity arose in him a few years ago, when it was required to organize a specialized institution that meets the modern medical requirements for the provision of inpatient and outpatient services, as well as the protection of motherhood and childhood. The Health Department and the administration of the Lipetsk region contributed to its opening.

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The fourth part of all the funds allocated for the construction of the center was aimed at the latest equipment. The building of the medical center has four main floors, one hundred and thirty beds for patients, in addition to individual pedigrees, with five operating units. A modern branch of the pathology of infants, as well as children born before the PDR, with an extremely low weight of half a kilogram was built.

Lipetsk Regional Perinatal Center

Complex of medical services

1. Women's consultation is hosting women in the city and the Lipetsk region. At the primary reception of a pregnant woman, an outpatient card is recorded to record all stages of the prenatal period.

2. Obstetric hospital fully examines pregnant women in the prenatal and postnatal periods.

3. Genetic consultation predicts congenital pathologies.

4. Family planning issues, infertility treatment and restoration of reproductive function are being addressed.

doctors of the perinatal center of Lipetsk

Consultative and diagnostic department

Preparation of pregnant women, as well as patients of the center for delivery with medication and non-medicament means. The department has modern equipment to check the condition of the fetus and mother in the prenatal period and in childbirth.

In the perinatal center of Lipetsk during the examination of pregnant women accurate laboratory and instrumental techniques are used. In a modern laboratory, blood and urine are collected for general and biochemical analyzes. According to the indications, a glucose-tolerant test is appointed for a competent assessment of the digestibility of sugar by the body.

Department of the pathology of pregnancy

The hospital is equipped for future mothers, who are sent here for certain indications. Patients are observed and treated if there are complications in bearing a child. In the same department they are sent to save the existing pregnancy at any time. The facilities add the presence of shower cabins and a toilet in each room. The department also has observation rooms and procedural rooms. The phone of the perinatal center of Lipetsk can be found on the official website.

For certain indications in the department, there is always an opportunity to conduct an ultrasound scan of the fetal and maternal condition, dopplerometry and cardiomonitoring.

In the department of pathology of the perinatal center of Lipetsk, courses for future mothers for analgesia of labor, subsequent breastfeeding, personal hygiene in pre- and post-natal periods are held regularly.

Lipetsk region

Maternity department

The structure of the department has individual generic chambers. The maternity ward also provides an opportunity for partner births in the presence of a spouse or close relative.

During the birth, the fetus and the mother are constantly monitored using the cardiotocography device( CTG).

Epidural anesthesia during delivery is performed according to indications. If necessary, droppers are placed with the drug for induction. It is also advisable to perform an amniotic surgery in the event that the contractions begin, and the waters do not depart. Of course, everything is with the written consent of the woman in childbirth.

After the birth of the baby, immediately put on the mother's stomach for an early contact "skin to skin."

Having addressed to the address and the phone numbers of the information service of the Lipetsk regional perinatal center, you can find out how much the birth is worth. In the perinatal center, it is possible to contract for paid services and choose an anesthetic for labor.

perinatal center of Lipetsk phone

Postpartum department

Doctors of the perinatal center of Lipetsk after giving birth tell mothers about the benefits of breastfeeding, provide training in caring for the newborn. Healthy kids are with their mothers in the wards. The child can be fed on demand, and in the case of a lack of breast milk, there is always the opportunity to turn to neonatologists for formula.

In the postnatal obstetrics ward, new mothers have the opportunity to stay in the ward with the babies.

Medical assistance to patients is organized round the clock:

  • Monitoring of the status of women in childbirth, daily visits by doctors obstetrician-gynecologists, measurement of pressure and body temperature. Nurses put drugs to ease the postpartum period and conduct regular examinations.
  • Support of breastfeeding. Several times a day, female dairy sisters visit the patients who help with breastfeeding and support.
  • With the consent of the mother, the newborn is provided with a set of primary vaccinations against tuberculosis and hepatitis B from the first to the third day of stay in the hospital.
  • Doctors-neonatologists check vision in children and carry out a special audio test, and also make hereditary blood sampling for the definition of genetic diseases.

The chambers are constantly maintained freshness, the rooms are regularly disinfected, the air is ionized, for babies every day a set of clean diapers is provided.

Full-time four meals a day, for mums with diabetes a separate table is designed.

After natural childbirth, women with children are usually discharged on days 4-5, and after operation of cesarean section - by 5-6.

how many births are in the perinatal center

Doctors and medical staff of the

Center The necessary information on the qualifications and education of the medical personnel of the center is found in its official sources. In the state there are about a hundred high-class specialists. These include:

  1. Obstetricians-gynecologists of the highest qualification category. Anesthesiologists-resuscitators.
  2. Doctors-neonatologists.
  3. Doctors of clinical laboratory diagnostics.
  4. Biologists and Genetics.
  5. Urologists.
  6. Doctors of ultrasonic diagnostics. Ophthalmologists and otolaryngologists.
  7. Epidemiologists.

As well as junior medical personnel of a high level of professionalism.

perinatal center in Lipetsk in the 19th microdistrict

Advantages of the perinatal center

To turn to the perinatal center of Lipetsk undoubtedly is preferable to an ordinary maternity hospital, as it provides a full range of inpatient and outpatient services. They also include high-quality medical devices, which allow to determine the slightest violations in the patient's body. Prices for paid services and conditions are quite comfortable, the quality of care and delivery assistance is quite high and is conducted under the supervision of professionals. The patients of the center are positive about his work. Doctors help the future mothers in a long-awaited meeting with the baby.

Contacts and location of the regional perinatal center

The perinatal center in Lipetsk is located at 19 microdistrict.

Address: 398055, Lipetsk Region, Lipetsk, Moskovskaya st., Building 6,